Person:Mary Porter (98)

Mary Porter
m. Bef. 1730
  1. John Porter1730 - Bef 1804
  2. Jane 'Gean' Porter1731 - 1814
  3. Margaret PorterAbt 1733 - 1795
  4. William Porter, Jr.abt 1735 - bef 1804
  5. Mary Porter1736 - 1814
  • HJohn Mackeyabt 1703/17 - 1773
  • WMary Porter1736 - 1814
m. abt. 1757
  1. Henry McKeeAbt 1758 -
  2. Mary McKee1759 - 1819
  3. William McKeeabt 1760 -
  4. Jean 'Jane' McKeeABT 1760 - bef 1802
  5. Elizabeth McKeeabt 1765 - 1800
  6. Esther McKeeabt 1766 - 1834
m. 19 April 1785
Facts and Events
Name Mary Porter
Gender Female
Birth? 1736
Marriage abt. 1757 poss. Augusta County, Virginiato John Mackey
Marriage 19 April 1785 Rockbridge County, Virginiato Joseph Little
Death? 1814


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This may be a the will of a different person than Mary (98). Mary (98) married John Mitchell.

Rockbridge County, VA Will Book 4, p. 31.
Mary Mackey, alias Little, Will (abstract), Will written 3 Sep 1810
Son Henry Mackey
Son Wm. Mackey
Daughter Mary Willson
Daughter Esther Walkup
Daughter Betsey Baily, wife of Wm. Baily
Grandaughter Phebe Elliott
Grandaughter, Nancy McCorkle
Grandaughter, Polly Hamilton
Grandaughter, Polly Davis
Grandchildren: James, William, Graham Walkup and Polly Mackey Walkup
Grandaughters Esther Porter and Elizabeth Taylor
Also mentions Samuel McCorkle Mackey, Polly Baily and William McCorkle.
Daughter Jean's sons: John, Alexander, Henry and Abner.
Henry Mackey and Arthur Walkup executors.
Proven 31 Jan 1814
Signed: Mary Macky, alias Little (x her mark)


From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Mackey vs. Mackey--O. S. 296; N. S. 106--Will of Mary Mackey, alias Little, dated 3d September, 1810. Aged and infirm. Sons, Henry Mackey, William Mackey; daughter, Mary Willson, and her children; daughters, Esther Walkup and Betsy Bailey, and husband Wm.; granddaughter, Phoebe Elliott; granddaughter. Nancy McCorkle; granddaughters, Polly Hamilton and Polly Davis; grandchildren, James Wilson, Graham and Polly Mackey Walkup; granddaughters, Easter Porter and Elizabeth Taylor; two daughters-in-law; legatee, Saml. McCorkle Mackey; legatee, Polly Bailey; legatee, Wm. McCorkle; daughter Jean's sons, viz: John, Alexander, Henry and Abner. Executors, Henry Mackey and Arthur Walkup. Recorded in Rockbridge, 31st January, 1814.


Mary Porter Mackey Little D/O Wm. and Jean Porter, b. 1736 d. 1814
Her will was written in 1810 and recorded 1/31/1814.
She was first married to John Mackey who died in 1773 in Augusta.
Married (2) Joseph Little abt. 1785.
Mother of: Henry, William, Jean, Esther, Betsy and Mary Mackey.