Person:Mary Parkhurst (1)

Mary Parkhurst
m. 29 Mar 1610
  1. Phoebe Parkhurst1612 - 1688-1700
  2. Mary Parkhurst1614 - 1687
  3. Samuel Parkhurst1615/16 -
  4. Deborah Parkhurst1619 - 1675/76
  5. George Parkhurst1621 - 1697/98
  6. John Parkhurst1623 -
  7. Abigail Parkhurst1625/26 -
  8. Elizabeth Parkhurst1628 - 1657
  9. Joseph Parkhurst1629 - 1709
  • HDalton
  • WMary Parkhurst1614 - 1687
m. 5 May 1652
  1. Rev. Samuel Carter1640 - Bef 1693
  2. Judith CarterBEF 1642 - BEF 1678
  3. Mary Carter1648 - 1688
  4. Abigail Carter1649/50 - 1676
  5. Thomas Carter1655 - Aft 1722
Facts and Events
Name Mary Parkhurst
Gender Female
Christening[1] 28 Aug 1614 Ipswich, Suffolk, EnglandSt Lawrence parish
Alt Marriage 1638 Massachusettsto Rev. Thomas Carter, (of Woburn, MA)
Marriage 5 May 1652 Of Ipswich, Suffolk, Englandto Rev. Thomas Carter, (of Woburn, MA)
Death[2] 28 Mar 1687 Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States

That the Mary who was wife of Thomas Carter of Woburn was daughter of George Parkhurst appears to be derived from the following:

"The Family of George Parkhurst," by Henry Fitz-Gilbert Waters, NEHG Register, 1914, pp 371-373[1], which references an earlier Register article:

"In 1873 the late William H. Whitmore, Esq., contributed to the Register (vol. 27, pp 364-369) an article entitled "The Dalton and Batcheller Pedigree," in which he expressed conclusions as to the names of seven of George Parkhurst’s children, resulting from a study of copies of records, letters, and documents. The chief of these was an indenture of 22 Mar. 1663/4 between Ruth Dalton of Hampton, Mass., widow of Rev. Timothy Dalton, and Nathaniel Batcheller, her "constituted heir," whereby all her lands were conveyed to Batcheller upon his agreement to pay her L10 per year during her life and stipulated sums to others after her death. Among the latter were six persons, who, the writer thought, were very probably the issue of George Parkhurst, as follows: Deborah Smith, wife of John; Elizabeth merry, wife of Joseph; Phebe Arnall, wife of Thomas; Joseph Parkers; George Parkers; and Mrs. Mary Carter, wife of Mr. Thomas of Woburn."

"...In the parish registers at Ipswich, co. Suffolk, Engl., the following baptisms of nine children of George Parkhurst have been found, the first in the parish of St. Stephen, the second in that of St. Mary-at-the-Qyay, the third to the seventh, inclusive, and the ninth in that of St. Margaret, and the eights in that of St. Mary-le-Tower: ... 1614 Mary ye Do: of Georg Parkhurst was baptized at St. Laens 28 August..."

... six of these nine Christian names agree with the six mentioned in the indenture between Ruth Dalton and Nathaniel Batcheller, and that the name of the mother of the first was Phebe. Very probably all of them were her children."

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    CARTER. Mrs. Mary, d. of ---, March 28, 1687.