Person:Maria Reid (2)

  1. Margaret Reid1844 - 1894
  2. Michael Reid1846 - 1885
  3. Rosanna Reid1848 - 1938
  4. John Reid1849 - 1928
  5. Maria Reid1851 - 1917
  6. Stephen Reid1853 - 1935
  7. William Reidabt 1858 - 1924
m. 21 Sep 1870
  1. John Kelly1871 -
  2. Julia Mary Kelly1875 -
  3. Margaret Kellyabt 1878 -
  4. Maria Theresa Kelly1882 -
  5. Theresa Kellyabt 1884 -
  6. Lydia Kelly1888 -
Facts and Events
Name Maria Reid
Gender Female
Christening[1] 25 Jan 1851 Drumcree, County Armagh, Ireland
Marriage 21 Sep 1870 Dublin, County Dublin, IrelandSt Kevin's Roman Catholic Church, Harrington Street
to Robert Kelly
Census[2] 3 Apr 1881 Liverpool, Lancashire, England48 Ascot Street
Emigration[3] 14 Aug 1883 New York, New York, United StatesSS Wyoming
Census[4] 1 Jun 1900 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States244 East 34th Street
Census[5] 1 Jun 1905 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States432 Thirty Third Street
Emigration[6] 23 Jul 1910 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United StatesSS Haverford
Immigration[6] 4 Aug 1910 Cobh, County Cork, IrelandSS Haverford
Census[7] 2 Apr 1911 Rathgar, Rathfarnham, County Dublin, Republic of Ireland4 Abercorn Terrace, Harold's Cross Road
Emigration[8] 20 Aug 1911 Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandSS Caronia
Immigration[8] 28 Aug 1911 New York, New York, United StatesSS Caronia
Death[9] 3 Apr 1917 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States


Maria Reid was baptised on 25th January 1851 in the Catholic Church in the parish of Drumcree in County Armagh. She was the fifth of seven children of a mason and bricklayer named John Reid and his wife Julia Hanlon. John appears to have worked building the railway network in Ireland - baptisms have been found for six of the couple's children, with each baptism in a different county of Ireland, generally in an area close to where a railway was being built at the time. In 1851, a major railway junction was being built in the town of Portadown, which is in the parish of Drumcree - indeed, Drumcree Catholic Church is actually in the centre of Portadown. The family is therefore more likely to have lived in Portadown town than Drumcree village. The family did not stay long in Drumcree. By 1853 the family was living in Dublin.

Maria's next sighting is in 1866, when she was godmother to a Maria Theevles, daughter of Michael Theevles and Elizabeth King.[10] Maria's connection to the Theevles appears to be as a neighbour - the Theevles lived at 8 Lower Kevin Street, which is certainly the address where Maria was living by 1870, suggesting she was probably living there by 1866.


On 21st September 1870, aged 18, Maria married a Robert Kelly. They had a son the following year in Dublin, although he may well have died young.[11] Some time between 1871 and 1875 Maria and Robert moved to England, where they lived in Liverpool, Lancashire. Whilst in Liverpool, they had three daughters.

In 1882, Robert emigrated to America, settling in New York. Quite likely he was going ahead to get established and then send for his family - Maria and the children followed him in 1883. Maria and Robert went on to have at least two more children in New York. The family lived in Manhattan, appearing in the 1900 census at 244 East 34th Street and in the 1905 census at 432 33rd Street. In the 1900 census, Maria reported that she had had a remarkable 16 children, although only 9 were still living.

In 1910, Maria returned to Ireland for the first time since emigrating to America in 1883. Her husband Robert stayed behind in New York, living with their married daughter Lydia. Maria visited her sister Rosanna in Dublin and stayed with Rosanna's daughter, Julia Farrell. The 1911 census finds Maria living with her niece Julia at 4 Abercorn Terrace, Harold's Cross Road in Rathgar, in the southern suburbs of Dublin. Maria returned to New York in August 1911, having stayed in Ireland for about a year. Her passenger record from when she returned in 1911 tells us that she was 5 feet 2 inches tall, of brown complexion and with brown hair and blue eyes.

Maria died on 3rd April 1917, aged 66.

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    Date of baptism / birth: 25 Jan 1851
    Parish / district: Drumcree
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    Denomination: Roman Catholic
    Father: John Reid
    Mother: Julia O'Hanlon
    Sponsors: Malendine Diens & Sara Jane Devlin

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    Maria Kellywifemarriedfemale281852/3Ireland
    Julia Kellydaughterfemale61874/5ScholarLiverpool, Lancashire
    Margaret Kellydaughterfemale31877/8Liverpool, Lancashire
    John Joneslodgerwidowermale521828/9Labourer DockQuebec, Canada
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    Address: 244 East Thirty-fourth
    Rented house
    Robert Kelly, head, white, male, b. Nov 1849, married 30 years, b. Ireland, father b. Ireland, mother b. Ireland, immigrated 1882, naturalized, Printer, 1 month out of work
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    Maria Kelly, daughter, white, female, b. Nov 1881, single, b. England, father b. Ireland, mother b. Ireland, immigrated 1883, Dress-maker, 2 months out of work
    Teresa Kelly, daughter, white, female, b. May 1884, single, b. New York, father b. Ireland, mother b. Ireland, Cash-girl, 0 months out of work
    Ciddick [possibly mistranscribed Liddiar?] Kelly, daughter, female, b. Nov 1888, single, b. New York, father b. Ireland, mother b. Ireland, At school
    plus seven roomers and a servant

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    Address432 Thirty Third Street, Manhattan, New York, New York
    NameRelationColorSexAgeNativityYears in USCitizen or alienOccupation
    Kelly, RobertHeadWM56Ireland22CitDay Laborer
    Kelly, MariaWifeWF51Ireland22CitHousework
    Kelly, MargaretdaughterWF24England22CitOperator
    Kelly, TheresadaughterWF21U.S.CitOperator Belts
    Hilliard, LidiadaughterWF17U.S.CitHousework
    Hilliard, CharlesSon in LawWM20U.S.CitCable splicer
    Hilliard, Robert L.GrandsonWM1/12U.S.CitAt home
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    Name of Ship: Haverford
    Date of Arrival: Aug 4 1910
    Whence Arrived: Philadelphia
    Port of Arrival: Liverpool
    Steamship Line: American
    Names and Descriptions of BRITISH Passngers
    Port of Embarkation: Philadelphia
    Name of Passenger: Maria Kelly
    Class: 3rd
    Occupation: Wife
    Irish, female, aged 45
    Port at which Passnger landed: Queenstown

  7. Census Office. Ireland Census 1911. (Dublin: National Archives of Ireland), County: Dublin / Urban District: Rathmines & Rathgar / Parish: Rathfarnham / District Electoral Division: Rathmines & Rathgar West / Street: Abercorn Terrace, Harold's Cross Road / Schedule 4, 2 Apr 1911, Primary quality.

    Address: 4 Abercorn Terrace, Harold's Cross Road, Rathgar, Rathfarnham, County Dublin
    Form A (about the people):
    Julia May O'Farrell, Head, Catholic, Read & write, female, 34 [1876/7], Lady Clerk D.B.C., Single, born Dublin City, Speaks English
    Marie Kelly, Aunt, Catholic, Read, female, 55 [1855/6], married 7 years, 5 children born, 5 still living, born Downpatrick, Speaks English
    Robert Joseph May, Boarder, Catholic, Read & write, male, 20 [1890/1], Student of Medicine College Surgeon, single, born County Louth, speaks Irish & English

    But for Maria's passenger list returning to America that August, there would be some doubt as to whether this was her, given the discrepancy in years married, place of birth and number of children. We know Maria's niece Julia filled in the form, so may have been less sure of her aunt's details. The place of birth of Downpatrick is probably easily confused with Portadown for someone unfamiliar with the area.

  8. 8.0 8.1 National Archives and Records Administration. New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957. (Washington, D. C.: National Archives and Records Administration), 1911 August 28 / Caronia / Image 58, 28 Aug 1911, Primary quality.

    SS Caronia sailing from Liverpool 20 Aug 1911 arriving at Port of New York 28 Aug 1911
    Name: Kelly, Maria
    Age: 55y, 3m
    Sex: female
    Married or single: married
    Occupation: Wife
    Read and write: can't read or write
    Nationality: Britain
    Race: Irish
    Last permanent residence: New York USA, Non immigrant alien
    Name and address of nearest relative or friend in country whence alien came: Sister Mrs John Farrell, 19 Upper Stephen St, Dublin
    Destination: New York, NY
    Whether having a ticket to such final destination: Yes
    By whom was passage paid: Daughter
    Whether in possession of $50: None
    Whether ever before in the United States: Yes - 1883-1910, New York
    Whether going to join a relative or friend: Daughter Mrs L. Hilliard, 244 7th Av. New York
    Polygamist: No
    Anarchist: No
    Condition of health: Good
    Deformed or crippled: No
    Height: 5'2"
    Complexion: Brown
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue
    Marks of identification: None
    Place of birth: Dublin, Ireland

  9. New York, United States. New York City Municipal Deaths, 1795-1949. (FamilySearch), Primary quality.

    d. Maria Kelly, 3 Apr 1917, Manhattan, New York City, New York, United states
    Address: 188 West End Av.
    Age: 58
    Occupation: HW
    Born: Ire.
    Buried: 5 Apr 1917, Calvary Cemetery
    Father: John Reid, b. Ire.
    Mother: Julia Hanlan, b. Ire.

  10. Baptisms register in Source:Dublin, County Dublin, Republic of Ireland. Parish Registers of St Kevin's Roman Catholic Church, Harrington Street, Primary Quality b. 25 Oct 1866, Maria daughter of Michael Theevles & Elizabeth King, of 8 Lr Kevin St, sponsors Ricaredus Reverd & Maria Reed
  11. John does not appear with Robert and Maria in the 1881 census, when he would have been only 9, therefore unlikely to be away from home.