Person:Joseph Walker (51)

Joseph Walker
b.21 October 1758 Augusta County, Virginia
m. 5 DEC 1740
  1. Barbara Walker1741 - 1811
  2. Katherine Walker1743/44 - 1814
  3. Jane Walker1746 - 1822
  4. Capt. Samuel Walker, Jr.1748 - 1830
  5. Elizabeth Walker1750 - 1825
  6. James Walker1752 - 1791
  7. John Walker1755 - 1830
  8. Joseph Walker1758 - ABT 1816
  9. Joel Walker1764 - 1823
  • HJoseph Walker1758 - ABT 1816
  • WSusan Willis1760 - AFT 1816
m. 1787
  1. Samuel S. Walker1780-1799 - ABT 1852
  2. John M. Walkerest 1788-1799 -
  3. Lucinda 'Lucy' Walker1790 -
  4. Jane P. Walker1791 -
  5. Joel WalkerABT 1797 -
  6. Joseph Rutherford Walker, Mountain Man1798 - 1876
  7. Susan WalkerABT 1802 - ABT 1860
Facts and Events
Name Joseph Walker
Gender Male
Birth? 21 October 1758 Augusta County, Virginia[area became Rockbridge County in 1778]
Marriage 1787 Goochland County, Virginiato Susan Willis
Death? ABT 1816 Roane County, Tennessee
Vital Records

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Joseph Walkier was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia



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Revolutionary Pension File

In the Revolutionary War Pension File of a different Joseph Walker (1753-1834), the following information is listed:

Query letter in file states Virginia Revolutionary War soldier Joseph Walker born 10/21/1758 in Augusta County, Virginia, & married 7/1787 to Susan Willis, also:
(1) James Moore born abt. 1710 in Ireland, came in 1726 to America with wife's father John Walker & settled in Chester County, Pennsylvania, thence to Rockbridge County, Virginia, near Mount Jump, married 3/1734 to Jane Walker (born 5/1712), died abt. 1791, & wife Jane died in 1794, also
(2) John Walker (cousin to above Jane Walker) born abt. 1706 in Scotland, married Mary Culton, came in 1726 to America with uncle John Walker, made guns for Revolutionary War troops (known as "Gunstocker") & was member of New Providence Church & died in 1794, also
(3) Joseph Walker, son of above (2) John, moved from Lancaster County, Pennsylvaia to Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, near Lexington, then to Buffalo Creek, was Justice of the Peace, high sheriff & ruling elder in Presbyterian Church at Falling Springs, Virginia, 1781, married cousin Jane daughter of above (1) James Moore abt. 1770, & was one of 3 grantors of land, on which Liberty Hall Academy was built, also
(4) John Rodgers born abt. 1740 & resided in Rockbridge County, Virginia.


John Walker (abt. 1714-1797), known as John "Gunstocker" Walker.


From White, 1902:180

JOSEPH Walker (1095) (Samuel, John); b. Oct. 21, 1758; m. Susan Willis August, 1787. 9 children, viz :

1139. Lucinda Walker; b. Feb., 1790; m. Ambrose Toomy.
1140. Jane P. Walker; b. Dec. 2, 1791; m. Abraham McClelland, and d. in Missouri in 1824.
1141. Samuel S. Walker; m. Barbara (or Eebecca) Toomy.
1142. Joel P. Walker ; d. young.
1143. Joseph A. Walker; d. young.*[1]
1144. William Walker; d. young.
1145. John M. Walker.
1146. Susan Walker; m. a Mr. Clark of Madison County, Ky.
1147. Joel Walker; b. March 1, 1764 [s/b 1794?]; m. Margaret Ann Armstrong. 11 children +.


  1. White is in error on this point. This entry refers to Joseph Rutherford Walker, aka "Mountain Man", a well documented, historical figure in the opening of the west who definitely did not die young.