Person:John Snoddy (4)

John Snoddy
b.1720 Scotland
m. 7 October 1741
  1. James Snoddy1742 - 1826
  2. Jane Snoddy1743/44 -
  3. John Snoddy1746 - 1810
  4. Mary Snoddy1748 -
  5. Samuel Snoddy1750/51 - 1768
  6. Elizabeth Snoddy1753 - 1822
  7. Carey Snoddy1755 -
  8. Robert Snoddy1757 - 1820
  9. Alice Snoddy1759 -
  10. Thomas Snoddy1761 - 1839
  11. William Glasgow Snoddy1763 - 1834
Facts and Events
Name John Snoddy
Gender Male
Birth? 1720 Scotland
Marriage 7 October 1741 Philadelphia, PAto Agnes Glasgow
Death? 1784 Washington County, VA
Alt Death? 1786 TN



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Analysis:Which John Snoddy Married Agnes
Notebook:Snoddy Family in Buckingham County, VA
Data:Oath of Office First Officers of Washington County, VA, 1776
Google Books See: Source:Munsell and Hughes, 1887-1899
The Two John Snoddy's of Southwest Virginia by Emory Hamilton


This article is for John Snoddy, the Gentleman Justice for Washington County, who lived near Abingdon. His wife is commonly identified as "Agness Glasgow" but direct evidence for that is absent. In 1741 a John Snoddy married Agnes in the First Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, PA. Agnes' last name is not given in the marriage record, but many genealogists trace their descent to this couple, and identify her as "Agness Glasgow". A discussion of this is given at Analysis:Which John Snoddy Married Agnes, but it is highly likely that this John Snoddy is a different person from the Gentleman Justice of Washington County.

A survey for 196 acres was recorded for John Snoddy in what was then Albemarle County Virginia in 1745. [1]The adjacent image shows the approximate location of John Snoddy's land c1770, later owned by son James (2) in Buckingham/Cumberland County Va, on Willis River. Subsequent changes in country boundries this property successively in Buckingham County, and then Cumberland County.

Just before the Revolution John moved to southwest Virignia, settling near Abingdon in what is now Washington County. He became one of the first Justice of the Washington County. Some believe that he died here in 1784, while others show him moving on to Jefferson County TN, dying there in 1786. In either case his wife is said to have died in Jefferson County in 1791, or alternatively December 30, 1801. While it is unclear whether John and wife ever moved to TN, several of his sons did, and it would not be unreasonable to think that either he or his wife lived in later life with one of these sons, or perhaps a daughter in Tennessee. The location where some of his children settled in Tennessee is shown below.

Key c.1784:
---person:John Snoddy (4)
---Person:James Snoddy (2)
---person:Thomas Snoddy (1)


Name DOB POB DOD POD Spouse DOM POM Dispersion and Notes
person:James Snoddy (2) 3 Aug 1742 27 NOV 1826 VARemained on the family homeplace
Jane SNODDY9 Mar 17441816William Gibson
John Snoddy 15 Sep 1746 27 OCT 1810 Elizabeth SampsonMar. 17. 1779Pittsylvania County VASome genealogists show wife dying in Washington County VA in 1797, and children as having been born there. This isn't particularly confirmed by Document:Family History of Titus Banks Snoddy (1893), but it is at least consistent with that work.
Mary E. SNODDY 18 Sep 1748October 1819Robert Patton1790
Samuel SNODDY 4 Jan 1751 1 FEB 1768 Buckingham County, VADied age 17
Elizabeth SNODDY 12 Jun 1753 12 August 1821_____ Jones
person:Carey Snoddy (1) 6 Aug 175512 June 1822Mary Hazelwood Wilkerson/WilkinsonA daughter, Elizabeth, (1803-1870) married a John Toney of Buckingham Co. This implies that Carey Snoddy remained in Buckingham.
Person:Robert Snoddy (2) 10 Nov 1757 Buckingham County, VA 16 Sept 1820Barren County, KYSophia Shaile/Shartle8 jan 1790Robert Snoddy will written August 26, 1820; proved Barren Co KY October 1820, lists wife: Sophia; children: Nancy Lewis (husband John Lewis), Elizabeth Thurman (of Virginia), Caray, John, Polly, and Robert . Per Deborah Thurman Parks
Person:Thomas Snoddy (1) 26 Jan 1761 26 JUN 1839Snoddyville, Jefferson County, TNHannah DavisMoved to Jefferson County TN
William Glascow Snoddy 22 Jun 1763 3 MAR 1834VASarah DAVIS22 DEC 1785


From "The 1st Militia Roster of the Clinch River Area of Russell County, Va. in 1774", THE FIRST MILITIA ROSTER OF THE CLINCH RIVER AREA OF RUSSELL COUNTY, By Emory L. Hamilton - 1978 (

4.Person:John Snoddy (1) JOHN SNODDY - This was Captain John Snoddy, born circa 1739 and who was a militia captain on the Clinch until his removal to Kentucky around 1780. He had married Margaret Walker, a daughter of John Walker who lived at the "sink" of Sinking Creek on a farm he called "Broad Meadows". Snoddy at one time owned Moore's Fort at Castlewood, which he sold prior to his removal to Kentuckyto Frederick Fraley. He was a brother-in-law to Patrick Porter, and the Cowan brothers, David, William and Samuel, all having married Walker sisters. John Snoddy died in Madison Co., Ky. in 1814, and should not be confused with an older John Snoddy who served on the Washington Co. Court who lived at Abingdon. The older Snoddy married Agnes Glasgow in Philadelphia in 1741 and moved to Tennessee where he died in 1786.


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