Person:John McCollum (11)

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John McCollum
b.Abt. 1731
d.Prob. 27 April 1758 Prob. Virginia
m. Abt. 1730
  1. John McCollumAbt 1731 - 1758
m. Est. 1754
Facts and Events
Name John McCollum
Gender Male
Birth? Abt. 1731
Marriage Est. 1754 Prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Elizabeth McDowell
Death? Prob. 27 April 1758 Prob. Virginia

John McCollum, Jr. was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of John McCollum in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 527.--19th August, 1777. David Dryden's estate settled by Samuel Lyle--1773, March 2, paid John McCollom, Jr.; legacies paid August 27th, to James Dryden, Elliner Dryden, Thomas Dryden, Nathan Dryden, Wm. Dryden, Dorothy Dryden, David Dryden; 1772, September 10th, received from Thomas Leekey; October 31st, Mathew Elder; 1776, August 27th, Dominick Moran. (Note: this may not be a record belonging to this John McCollum, since he most likely died abt. 1758, as indicated below. Perhaps John had a son prior to his death that may be the one mentioned in this record).

Probable Demise of John McCollum

This John McCollum, married Elizabeth McDowell, daughter of Ephraim McDowell sometime around abt. 1754. He appears to have died just a few years later by about 1757 or so, when Elizabeth McDowell married David Ayers (although records of their first child on familysearch do not begin until 1771). Although there are no apparent records of any will or estate records of this John McCollum, Jr. in Augusta County, there is an ominous a record of a "John McCully, at South Branch, killed" by Indians in April of 1758, listed in a list of those killed or captured in a list of Indian Attacks of 1755-1758 in Augusta County, VA, which appears to indicate that this John McCollum, Jr, was most likely killed in one of the many Indian attacks during that time period.

Information on John McCollum, Jr.

8. Elizabeth McDowell (Ephraim ) was born about 1737 in Bedminster, Somerset, New Jersey. She died on 13 Feb 1815 in Northhampton, Pennsylvania . She was buried in Three Churches, Lower Mt Bethel, Northampton, Pennsylvania.
Elizabeth married (1) John McCollum. John was born about 1731.
Elizabeth married (2) David Ayers about 1757. David was born on 8 Jan 1743/1744 in Basking Ridge, Somerset County, New Jersey. He died on 25 Jan 1835 in Northhampton, Pennsylvania . He was buried in Three Churches, Lower Mt Bethel, Northampton, Pennsylvania.
They had the following children:
24 F i Elizabeth Ayers was born about 1771 in Bedminster, Somerset County, New Jersey.
25 M ii David Ayers was born about 1771 in Somerset County, New Jersey.
26 F iii Mary Ayers was born about 1775 in Bedminster, Somerset County, New Jersey.