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John Gillespie
d.aft. September 1834 prob. Tennessee
m. BET 1770 AND 1771
  1. Jacob Gillespie, Jr.1772 - bef 1821
  2. Alexander Gillespie1773 -
  3. John Gillespie1777 - aft 1834
  4. Rachel GillespieABT 1779 -
  5. Jemima Jane Gillespie1785 -
  6. Mary Jane GillespieABT 1786 -
  7. Margaret 'Peggy' Gillespie1788 -
  8. Thomas GillespieABT 1789 -
  9. Elizabeth Gillespie1791 -
  10. Samuel GillespieABT 1795 -
  11. Sarah GillespieABT 1797 -
  12. Rebecca GillespieABT 1798 -
  13. Nancy GillespieABT 1800 -
  14. James W. GillespieABT 1801 -
m. 8 January 1799
  1. Elizabeth Gilliespieest 1799-1807 -
  2. Mary 'Polly' Gillespieest 1799-1807 -
  • HJohn Gillespie1777 - aft 1834
  • WNancy Porterbef 1791 -
m. 9 February 1808
Facts and Events
Name John Gillespie
Gender Male
Birth? 1777 prob. Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage 8 January 1799 Bath County, Virginiato Mary 'Polly' McDannald
Marriage 9 February 1808 Bath County, Virginiato Nancy Porter
Death? aft. September 1834 prob. Tennessee

John Gillespie was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Identity of John's 1st Wife

Note: John Gillespie's first wife, Mary McDonald is thought to be a probable daughter of Samuel McDonald, Sr. John Gillespie and Mary McDonald's daughters, Elizabeth and Polly were named in the will of Mary's Aunt, Elizabeth (McDonald) Sitlington, written 15 August 1817 in Bath County, Virginia:

to nieces Elizabeth Gillaspie and Polly Gillaspie, daughters of John who lives in Ohio, bonds of ___ Woolf who purchased land from her.

Records in Virginia

17 July 1804: THIS INDENTURE made the 17th day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and four, BETWEEN Jacob Gillespy Sr. of the County of Bath and State of Virginia of the one part and John Gillespy of the County and State aforesaid of the other part.
WITNESSETH that the said Jacob Gillespy for and in consideration of the sum of one dollar in hand paid by the said John Gillespy at or before the ensealing and delivery of there presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hath bargained and sold and by these presents doth bargain, sell and convey unto the said John Gillespy and to his heirs and assigns forever two certain parcels of land lying and being in the said county of Bath and joining said Jacob Gillespy’s land, one hundred acres part of four hundred acres first granted to the said Jacob Gillespy the 29th day of May 1783 and bound as followeth to wit:
BEGINNING at two white oaks by the creek North twenty degrees West sixty poles to two pines in flat ground North fifty one degrees West eighty two poles to two pines South seventy nine degrees West forty six to three white oaks saplins by a path then crossing the old tract South five degrees West thirty poles South twenty three degrees West thirty four poles to two cherry saplins South thirty three West thirty two poles South forty six east ninety poles to the old line and with the same thence north sixty degrees East one hundred poles to the BEGINNING.
The other parcel containing one hundred and twenty acres joining the former being part of a tract of one hundred and sixty six acres granted to Jacob Gillespy Sr. by patent dated the 10th day of August 1801 and bound as followeth to wit:
BEGINNING at two beeches by a branch South twelve degrees East eighty poles to three white oaks to Conrods land North seventy five West thirty seven poles to a pine South fifty eight degrees West one hundred and forty poles to a white oak and pine thence crossing said tract North forty six degrees West one hundred and fourteen poles thence North sixty degrees West one hundred poles to two white oaks by the creek and up the same North eighty five degrees East one hundred and forty poles to the BEGINNING
together with all the appurtenances there unto belonging to the sole use and behoof of him the said John Gillespy and his heirs and the said Jacob Gillespy Sr. for himself and his heirs doth covenant that he the said Jacob Gillespy Sr. and his heirs the said two parcels of land with the benefits and endowments there unto belonging to the said John Gillespy and his heirs forever will warrant from the claim of all persons and persons whatsoever will forever warrant and defend. In Witness whereof the said Jacob Gillespy Sr. hath hereunto subscribed his name and affixed his seal this day and year first above written.
Jacob Gillespy (seal)
Bath County February Court 1805
This indenture of bargain and sale from Jacob Gillespy Sr. to John Gillespy was acknowledged in Court and ordered to be recorded.
Teste Charles Cameron, Clerk
[Bath County, Virginia Deed Book 3, page 25].

4 October 1806: Marriage Bond: John Burner and Jane Gillaspy
Surety: Jacob Gillaspy
Jacob Gillaspy, Sr. consents for daughter, Jane
Witness: John Gillaspy
[Bath County, Virginia Marriage Bonds and Ministers Returns]

1829: James Gillespie vs Jacob Gillespie heirs
Circuit Court files - Suit, James Gillespie vs Jacob Gillespie, Heirs
To the Honorable Allen Taylor, Judge of the Superior Court of Chancery holden at Lewisburg James Gillespie of the County of Pocahontas respectfully states that on the 19th day of December 1825 a certain Jacob Gillespie (who departed this life not long since), your orator's father, executed to him a title bond for Two Hundred and Forty Six acres of land on Deer Creek in the County of Pocahontas which title bond your orator prays may be taken and read (Marked A) as part of this his bill. Your orator states that he was the youngest and only child who lived with his father until his death. His mother died some years since. All his other children being provided for after they had left him and in order to make provision for your orator and for an in consideration of the natural love and affection which his father has and possessed towards him gave him the title bond aforesaid for the land aforesaid who afterwards departed this life intestate leaving the following children and grand children, to wit: John, Betsy, Patsy, James, Polly, Rachel, infant children of Jacob Gillespie who was a son of Jacob Gillespie the elder, Alexander Gillespie, Rachel Sutton wife of John Sutton, Peggy Burner wife of Adam Burner now of the State of Ohio, John Gillespie of the State of Ten(n)essee, Jamima Tallman wife of James Tallman, Thomas Gillespie of Kanawha County, Joshua Burner son of Jane Burner who was a daughter of Jacob Gillespie, dec'd, Samuel Gillespie of Ten(n)essee, Rebecca, Robert and Jacob Stuart, infants and children of Elizabeth Stuart dec'd who was the daughter of said Jacob Gillespie, Rebecca Beale wife of Thomas Beale, late Rebecca Gillespie, Sarah Sammons wife of Richard Sammons late Sara Gillespie, Nancy Kerr wife of William Kerr late Nancy Gillespie. To the end therefore that the aforesaid named persons may be made Defendants to this bill and upon their corporal oaths true and perfect answer make to the several allegations herein before stated the same as if again repeated and interrogated, and that they may be compelled to convey in fee simple all their right and title in and to the aforesaid tract of land to your orator and that your Honor will grant unto your orator such other and further relief in the premises as may be consistent with equity and the nature of his case an in duty bound will our prayer GEO. Mayse P. (?). John A. North, Esq. Will issue subpoenas for the above named persons who reside in this state. G. Mayse
[Source: Pocahontas County, Virginia Chancery Court].

29 Sept. 1834: This indenture made the 29th day of September 1834 between Henry M. Moffett of the county of Pocahontas and state of Virginia of the one part and James Gillispie of the county and state aforesaid of the other part whereas by a decree of the circuit superior court of law and chancery for Pocahontas County pronounced on the 3rd day of October 1833 in a cause there depending therein between James Gillaspie plaintiff and Alexander Gillaspie; John, Betsy, Patsy, James, Polly and Rachel Gillaspie infant children of Jacob Gillaspie Jun’r decd’, John Sutton and Rachel his wife, James Tallman and Jemima his wife, Thomas Gillaspie, Joshua Burner, Robert and Jacob Steward, Thomas Beal and Rebecca his wife, Richard Sammons and Sarah his wife, William Kerr and Nancy his wife, Samuel Gillaspie and John Gillaspie, Adam Burner and Peggy his wife children and heirs of Jacob Gillaspie dec’d defendants it was decreed and ordered that Henry M. Moffett who was thereby appointed a commissioner should convey the 246 acres of land in the bill mentioned to the plaintiff James Gillaspie --- special warranty this indenture therefore wit ---- that the said Henry M. Moffett for and in consideration of the sum of one dollar to have in hand paid by the said James Gillaspie the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hath granted bargained and sold and surveyed and by these presents doth grant bargain sell and convey unto the said James Gillaspie his heirs and assigns the said tract or parcel of land containing 246 acres and lying and being on Deer Creek in the county of Pocahontas and bounded as follows: beginning at Joseph Woodells line near the great --- crossing Deer Creek thence up said creek to a cross fence through he meadow thence with said cross fences to a bank near the lane thence up said bank turning to James Tallmans line thence with said line turning to --- line thence with said line turning to William Arbogast line thence with said line turning to William Kerrs line thence with said line to the beginning together with the appurtenances thereunto belonging to have and to hold the said tract of land with its appurtenances to the said James Gillaspie and his heirs to the only proper use and behoove of the said James Gillaspie and his heirs forever and the said Henry M. Moffett for himself his heirs executors and administrators doth hereby covenant and agree with the said James Gillaspie and his heirs that he will forever warrant and find the said tract of land hereby conveyed with its appurtenances unto the said James Gillaspie and his heirs against the claim of him the said Henry m. Moffett and all persons claiming through or under him but against the claim of no other person. in witness whereof the said Henry M. Moffett hat thereunto set his hand and affixed his seal the day and year herein written.
H. M. Moffett
Pocahontas County December Court 1834
This deed from Henry M. Moffett commissioner to James Gillaspie has presented in court and being acknowledged has admitted to record.
Teste John Tallman D.C.
for H. M. Moffett Clk.
[Pocahontas County, West Virginia, General Index to Deeds and Miscellaneous, 1834 Book 2, page 268, Grantors from 1822].
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