Person:James Woods (25)

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m. abt. 1754
  1. James Woods1755 - 1797
  2. Elizabeth Jane Woods1756 -
  3. Thomas WoodsABT 1758 - 1841
  4. Joseph Woods1769 - 1848
  5. Margaret Woodsabt 1768 -
  6. Archibald Woods, Jr.1771 - 1855
  7. Andrew Woodsest 1760-1770 - BEF 1818
  8. John WoodsABT 1775 -
m. Abt. 1777
  1. Margaret 'Peggy' WoodsABT 1778 -
  2. Archibald Woods1784 - 1850
  3. Mary 'Polly' WoodsABT 1785 -
  4. James WoodsABT 1786 -
  5. Samuel WoodsABT 1788 -
  6. Elizabeth WoodsABT 1790 -
Facts and Events
Name James Woods
Gender Male
Birth? 1755 Albemarle Couty, Virginia
Marriage Abt. 1777 poss. Botetourt County, Virginiato Jane 'Jenny' McCoun
Death? 1797 Fayette County, Kentucky


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Analysis. Children of Archibald Woods (2)


Some identify this person as a child of Family:Archibald Woods and Isabella Gass (2).
Source:Ward, 1943 does not include them in her list of children for Archibald and Isabella, nor does she include him as a "believed by some" child.
It is likely that this Archibald is a child of one of the other "Woods" in the Albemarle/Old Augusta region. Further work is needed.

Record in Botetourt County, VA

THIS INDENTURE made this 24th day of September, one thousand seven hundred and ninety nine between Jane Woods, guardian to Peggy Woods, Joseph Archibald, Polly, James, Samuel and Elizabeth Woods, Infants and Heirs at law to James Woods of the one part and John Woods, Archibald, Andrew and Joseph Woods of the other part. Witnesseth that whereas a suit was instituted in the County Court of Botetourt on the Chancery by John, Archibald, Andrew and Joseph Woods against the name Heirs of James Woods for a certain Tract of land as hereafter described and the heirs of James Woods appearing by their guardian Jane Woods at the August Court in the year 1797 held in and for the said county of Botetourt where and when it was decreed by said court that the defendants Infants Heirs at law of James woods should by their guardian Jane Woods convey by deed or deeds of Bargain Sale the tract of land claimed by the Complainants Bill to the said Complainants and their heirs forever with a general warranty all of which will appear fully on the records of Botetourt Court reference therewith being had the said Jane Woods as Guardian to the Heirs of James Woods doth this day in conformity with and obedience to the above mentioned complainants and by these presents doth grant bargain sell and confirm the said complainants to all and every of them, their heirs and assigns forever a part of that parcel of land decreed to them by the County Court of Botetourt being that tract or entry of land conveyed by James McCoun to Archibald Woods deceased as will appear from the records of Botetourt Court reference thereunto being land lying and being in the county of Botetourt on Catawba, a branch of James river and Bounded as follweth (viz), Beginning at a large white and red oak on the side of a stony hill and runneth thence N. fifty eight W, fifty two poles to a chestnut on the top of as hill south forty two west one hundred and forty six poles to a hickory and black oak grub S: forty five E; sixty two poles to two large chestnut oaks N; thirty eight E one hundred and sixty poles to the beginning containing by survey fifty acres together with all and singular the appurtenance and To have and to hold the said land with the tenements and heridatiments and all and singular the appurtenance and To have and to hold the said land with the tenements and heridatiments an all and singular other the premises here before Mentioned or intended to be Bargained Sold and every part and parcel thereof with every of their right and appertainences unto the said John Woods, Archibald Woods and Joseph Woods their heirs and assigns forever to and for the only proper use and behoof of them the said John, Archibald and Joseph Woods their heirs and assigns forever. The said Jane Woods for the said Heirs of James Woods their Heirs and assigns the said land with all and singular the premises and appurtenances before mentioned unto said John, Archibald and Joseph Woods their assigns free from the claim or claims the said Heirs of James Woods their heirs assigns and of all and every person or persons whatsoever shall will and do in behalf of the said Heirs as their guardian warrant and defend forever by their presents, In testimony whereof the said Jane Woods hath hereunto set her hand and seal the day and year above written.
(signed) Jane Woods [her seal]
Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presence of Mark... (unreadable)
State of Kentucky, Mercer County set.
At a court of Quarter sessions held for said county at the Courthouse on Tuesday the 24th day of September 1799. This indenture was acknowledged by Jane Woods a party thereto to be her_____and deed and ordered to be certified.
In testimony whereof I as clerk of said county have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed the seal of the county this 7th day of October 1799.
Tho. Allen, C.C.
I do certify that Tho. Allen is clerk of Mercer County given under my hand one of the Judges of the court of quarter sessions of Mercer County.
Geo. Caldwell
At April Botetourt Court 1800
This Indenture of Bargain Sale together with a certificate from the county court of Mercer State of Kentucky respecting the acknowledgement thereof was exhibitied and ordered to be Recorded.
(Present day stamp showing
Recorded in deed Book 7 page 218
Botetourt County Circuit Court Clerk's Office)
(Note: Archibald Woods and James McCoun mentioned in the record above appear to be the father and father-in-law of this James Woods).