Person:James Montgomery (16)

James Montgomery
d.before 18 August 1758 Augusta County, VA
m. 1682
  1. Catherine Montgomery1684 - 1760
  2. James Montgomery1690 - before 1758
  3. Jane MontgomeryABT 1700 -
  4. Thomas MontgomeryABT 1700 -
  5. Mary MontgomeryBEF 1713 - 1777
  • HJames Montgomery1690 - before 1758
  • WAnne Thompson1695 - 1756
m. 1715
  1. Mary Montgomery
  2. Robert Montgomery1717 - 1789
  3. Hugh Montgomery1720 - 1779
  4. Margaret Montgomeryest 1721-1735 -
  5. Samuel Montgomery1721 - 1797
  6. William Montgomery1723 - 1785
  7. John Montgomery1725 - 1805
  8. Capt. James Montgomery1729 - 1809
  9. Anne Montgomery1731 - 1808
  10. Joseph Montgomery1733 -
  11. Elizabeth Montgomery1737 - 1775
Facts and Events
Name James Montgomery
Gender Male
Birth? 1690 Donegal, Ulster, Ireland
Marriage 1715 Irelandto Anne Thompson
Death? before 18 August 1758 Augusta County, VAwife Ann is identified as his widow, and as having left the County, on 18 Augusta 1758. Source:Chalkely's Chronicles

James Montgomery was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 123.—19th June, 1746. Zeruiah Borden (as in p. 120) to James Montgomery, £20 current money Virginia; 654 acres, part of 3,553 acres patented to Benjamin (Borden), Sr., 9th March, 1740.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 267.-- 11th April, 1751. James Montgomery to Benj. Borden, 654 acres on Cataba Creek.

Note: this land coincides with the deposition of James Montgomery, Jr., listed below.

This same 654 acres on Cataba Creek was acquired 17 days later by Robert Montgomery, James Montgomery's son (this is debatable, contrary to the published accounts. This Robert might have been James's brother:

  • Page 271.--28th May, 1751. Benj. Borden to Robert Montgomery, on Cataba Creek, same 654 acres as above.


Estate Records of James Montgomery in Augusta County, VA

  • Page 183.--16th March, 1757. James Mountgomery's appraisement, by Francis McKowan, John McKowan, Jacob Anderson, Jno. Buntin.

Note: James Montgomery apparently died intestate.

Note: This James Montgomery, who lived a few miles west of Fincastle, has been confused with James Montgomery who lived on the Jackson River more than thirty miles north of Fincastle. There is reason to believe this James Montgomery was NOT the James killed in the Indian attack on the Jackson River in 1756, contrary to most published accounts.

However, the following record from 82 Chalkley's Chronicles tells us that by 19 Aug 1758, Ann, widow of James Montgomerie, has removed out of the County.

Presumably this Ann is the Ann Thompson who married James Montgomery. Perhaps there are two Ann Thompsons married to two different James Montgomeries, or perhaps the one who lived near Fincastle is not married to Ann Thompson. Q 13:13, 5 March 2012 (EST)

Why should this be presumed? If James Montgomery of Catawba Creek near Fincastle had a living spouse named Ann, then why did she not release her dower rights on the 654 acres when it was sold by James Montgomery in 1751, then immediately purchased by Robert Montgomery the following day? Virginia required the spouse's release of this right, yet no record is found in the Augusta County, Virginia records of an examination of the spouse or the release of her dower rights. Also, if there were dower rights attached, how do you know that they weren't released by his wife? Court records, especially if you are drawing from Chalkley's version, are not necessarily complete, and depending on the circumstances, a court interview concerning dower might or might not have occurred.

How do you know this particular parcel was the one to which dower rights were attached? Not all land a man owned had dower rights to the wife.

None of the people associated with the settlement of James Mountgomery's estate of 1756-1757 lived anywhere near Catawba Creek, a tributary of the James River. All the people mentioned in the estate settlement lived at what is today Lexington Virginia, in lands commonly known as the Beverley Manor and the Upper Borden Tract (present day Rockbridge County, Virginia). The estate settlement mentions James Simpson (lived on Jackson River), John Dickinson (lived on Jackson River), Francis McKowan (lived in Beverley Manor), John McKowan (lived in Beverley Manor), Jacob Anderson (lived in Beverley Manor), Jno. Buntin (lived in Beverley Manor). All these people lived miles and miles away from the confirmed location of James Montgomery, who lived three miles west of Fincastle.

Page 176.--19th November, 1756. Ann Mountgomery's bond (with John Dickinson and James Simpson) as administratrix of James Simpson[Mountgomery;transcription error]. How do you know this is a transcription error? Because it doesn't conform with the presumption that Ann Montgomery was the wife of James Montgomery? If the original document said "Montgomery" that's one thing, and this would be a transcription error. If, on the other hand, it said "Simpson", your emendation would be in error. Have you looked at the original document?

Page 183.--16th March, 1757. James Mountgomery's appraisement, by Francis McKowan, John McKowan, Jacob Anderson, Jno. Buntin.

Image:654_acres_purchsed_at_Mouth_of_Catawba_Creek.jpg Image:80_acres_three_miles_west_of_Fincastle.jpg Image:1441325_537433396351270_1355659394_n.jpg Image:Fig8a.jpg Image:Upper_Borden_Tract.jpg

This story simply does not conform to logic. The James Mountgomery killed by Indians in 1756 on the Jackson River was the James Mountgomery who owned lands in the Beverley Manor and on the Jackson River above present day Covington, Virginia. p 12:18, 27 November 2013 (EST) :Perhaps. We're all just trying to find the right answers, supported by facts. But perhaps its your logic that's in error. See above.

By the way, I liked your map additions. Those are always useful. Unfortunately they are Google maps, and the terms of use for Google maps pretty much prevent their use on WeRelate. If you use the GNIS system (USGS) for mapping, you'll no longer get a link to a Google map. That's probably because of the terms of use of Google Maps, and USGS removed them, as they have others in the past that made it difficult to use US Government product. There are, however, links to ESRI map's that don't seem to have those onerous terms of use attached. So I think we can use those freely. Q 12:45, 27 November 2013 (UTC)


From Augusta County, Virginia Circuit Court Records:

  • Page ___--James Montgomery, aged 68, deposes, in Wythe County, 6th November, 1797, that he lived with his father, James, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. His father sent deponent's oldest brother, Robert, to Virginia to buy lands, and bought 654 acres on Catawba Creek, but one Clarke had bought part of the tract. Robert contracted as part payment to bring two uncommon large bells from Pennsylvania. Robert left his brother John on the land, returned to Pennsylvania, and then the father and family came. John was then about 21 years old.
  • Page ___--Joseph Montgomery, aged 64, deposes, ditto. Brother to James above.

From "Southwest Virginia Families" - page 269":

James Montgomery, according to family tradition, was born about 1690 near Donegal, Ireland, and moved to America about 1733, perhaps at the same time as his sister Catherine and her husband, Patrick Calhoun. He was living in Lancaster Co, PA probably at Chestnut Level, in 1746 when he sent his sons Robert and John to Virginia to buy land. On June 19, 1746, they acquired 654 acres on Catawba Creek in Augusta Co (now Botetourt) VA from Benjamin Borden for 20 lbs. They then returned to PA to bring back two large bells as partial payment for the land and to bring the remainder of the family to VA. The 654 acre tract was sold to Robert on May 28, 1751.

He served as a justice of the Augusta County Court, a militia captain, and an officer of the New Derry Presbyterian congregation. He was one of the most prominent men in the Catawba community. He died in 1756 and on November 19, 1756, his widow, Anne with John Dickenson and James Simpson, posted bond to administer his estate. Shortly afterward, Anne moved away from the area with some of her children.


James Montgomery was on Catawba Creek as early as 1746, according to R.D. Stoner's _A Seed Bed of the Republic_, (1962). His sons were John and Robert. Stoner also quotes a court order of 13 May 1796 which names many Presbyterians associated with the Sinking Spring Congregation, including Samuel Montgomery

From Chalkley's:

  • Brown vs. Smith.--Capt. James Montgomery, gent., living at the Cutappa (Catawba) prior to 15th July, 1747.

Family Group Record FamilySearch® Ancestral File™ v4.19

Husband's Name James MONTGOMERY (AFN:1Z00-8BG)

Born: < 1691 Place: <Donegal, , Ireland>

Wife's Name Anne (AFN:1Z00-8CN)

Born: < 1695 Place: <Donegal, , Ireland>



Born: 1717 Place: Donegal, , Ireland Died: 1802 Place: Fort Chiswell, Wythe Co., VA Buried: Abt 1802 Place: Crockett Ceme, Ft. Chiswell, Wythe, VA