Person:Jacob Varner (3)

Jacob Varner
m. 10 FEB 1834
  1. Jefferson Varner
  2. Louisa VarnerABT 1836 -
  3. Jacob VarnerABT 1839 - 1881
  4. Matilda VarnerABT 1841 -
  5. Erastus Perry Varner1846 - 1932
  6. Cynthia VarnerABT 1848 -
  7. Alfred VarnerABT 1849 -
  8. Jane Varnerabt 1851 -
  9. Aaron Jessie VarnerABT 1859 - 1885
m. 12 Nov 1863
  1. Sarah N. Varner
  2. Harvey Varner
  3. William A. VARNERabt 1864 -
  4. Alice VARNER1867 -
  5. Charles VARNER1869 -
  6. Albert A. VARNER1873 -
Facts and Events
Name Jacob Varner
Gender Male
Birth[2][3][23] ABT 1839 Salem, Stokes, North Carolina
Marriage 12 Nov 1863 Shelby, Indiana, United Statesto Louisiana BRACKEN
Death[4][7] 10 Apr 1881 Saline City, Clay, Indiana
Burial? Moss Cemetery, Ashboro, Clay, Indiana

Jacob Varner was the son of Alexander Varner and Eunice Johnson of North Carolina. Jacob was born in Salem, North Carolina about 1839. Jacob married Louisiana Bracken[24] on 12 November 1863 in Shelby County, Indiana.[1][4] Jacob had at least six children, three of which died as children.



Jacob was 5 feet, 8-1/2 inches to 6 feet tall, with a fair complexion, blue eyes, and dark brown hair.[2]


It's known that before 1861 and the outbreak of the Civil War, Jacob was a brakeman on the railroad.[2] According to the 1870 Federal Census (Shelby County, Indiana), and his invalid pension application, he was a laborer after the war.[3]

Military Service

Jacob served in several outfits during the Civil War. He enlisted in Company I, 27th Indiana Infantry, the Warren Union Guards, on 1 Sep 1861 and served under Captain Joel McGrew and Captain Tighlman Nance.[3][4] He was discharged on 26 Oct 1862 to serve in Company C of the 1st Engineer Battalion, U.S. Corps of Engineers under 2nd Lt. George L. Gillespie (later Chief of Engineers and Acting Secretary of War).[2] He enlisted in the 1st Engineer Battalion on 27 Oct 1862 in Sandy Hook, Maryland.[2][25] On 28 Nov 1862, Jacob was with the 1st Engineers at the Rappahannock River after the Bristoe campaign.[26] While carrying a pontoon in the construction of the bridge across the Rappahannock between Falmouth and Fredericksburg, VA, he suffered from an inguinal hernia, and received a medical discharge by 4 Apr 1863.[2][3] The resulting hernia evidently affected him for the rest of his life.[4] He returned to Shelbyville, Indiana where he married Louisiana Bracken on 12 November 1863.[2] In January 1865, he returned to service as a Private in Company I, 16th Indiana Mounted Infantry, and Company B, 13th Indiana Cavalry. He was mustered out of the 13th Cavalry on 30 Nov 1865.[3] The designation Co. I 1" U.S. Vet. found on some documents probably indicates Company I, 1st Regiment, Veteran Reserve Corps (Organized at Convalescent Camp, VA, 1 Sep 1863. AKA 39th Co., 2nd Battalion).





1840 Federal Census, Randolph County, North Carolina[17]
Alexander Varner
White males: Under 5: 1, 20-30: 1
White females: Under 5: 2, 20-30: 1
Slaves: 0
Total: 5
Persons in Agriculture: 1
Persons over 20 who cannot read and write: 2

1840 Census detail
1840 Census detail
1840 Census
1840 Census

Notes on 1840 Census

Ages for the family would be: Alexander, about 27; Eunice, about 25; Louisa 4; Jacob 1; possibly Matilda as an infant under 1.

Living next to Andrew Varner (p.109, line 3, age 40-49), Susannah Varner (line 4, age 20-29), and William Varner (line 5, age about 47). Alexander was on line 6, age 20-29.
These three were children of John Varner (son of John Adam Varner and possibly the grandson of Johannes “Hans” Adam Varner.


1850 Federal Census, Davidson County, North Carolina[18]

30 453 459 VARNER EUNICE 35 F NC X
31 453 459 VARNER LOUISA 14 F NC X
32 453 459 VARNER JACOB 11 M NC X
33 453 459 VARNER MATILDA 9 F NC X
34 453 459 VARNER ERASTUS 5 M NC
35 453 459 VARNER CINTHIA 2 F NC
36 453 459 VARNER ALFRED 1 M NC


1860 Federal Census, Putnam County, Indiana[19]

3 391 391 Alex Varner, 47, M, $300 value personal estate, b. North Carolina, cannot read and write
4 391 391 Eunice Varner, 45, F, b. North Carolina, cannot read and write
5 391 391 Jacob Varner, 21, M, , Farm Laborer, b. North Carolina
6 391 391 Erastus Varner, 14, M, b. North Carolina
7 391 391 Cynthia Varner, 11, F, b. North Carolina
8 391 391 Minerva J. Varner, 9, F, b. North Carolina
9 391 391 Aaron Varner, 7, F, b. Indiana

1860 Census
1860 Census
1860 Census detail
1860 Census detail


1870 Federal Census, Shelby County, Indiana[20]
36 160 160 Varner Jacob, 36 , M, W, Laborer, b. North Carolina
37 160 160 Varner Louiza, 28, F, W, Keeping House, b. Indiana
38 160 160 Varner William, 6, M, W, At Home, b. Indiana
39 160 160 Varner Alice, 4, F, W, At Home, b. Indiana
40 160 160 Varner Charles, 1, M, W, At Home, b. Indiana

1870 Census
1870 Census

Notes on 1870 Census

Previous census records as well pension records saying he was 25 in 1865, indicate that Jacob was born in 1839 or 1840. He would have been about 31 in 1870, not 36.


1880 Federal Census, Clay County, Indiana[21]
Jacob Warner, b. North Carolina, 44, Farming, Married, White, head of household, father b. NC, mother b. NC
Louisiana Warner, b. Indiana, 32, Keeping House, Married, White, wife, father b. KY, mother b. NC
Docia Warner, b. Indiana, 13, At Home, Single, White, daughter, father b. NC, mother b. IN
Charles E. Warner, b. Indiana, 11, At Home, Single, White, son, father b. NC, mother b. IN
Albert Warner, b. Indiana, 6, Single, White, son, father b. NC, mother b. IN

Notes on 1880 Census

The transcript has Warner rather than Varner. Again, Jacob's age seems off. He should have been about 41, not 44. In addition, Louisiana was 28 in the previous census, and only 32 here, a four year difference for a ten year period.


According to Jacob's widow in her statement related to his war pension, Jacob died on 10 Apr 1881 in Saline City, Indiana from lung disease, probably pneumonia, associated with the measles.[7]


Jacob is buried in the Moss (or Ashboro) Cemetery in Ashboro, Clay County, Indiana.

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