Person:Elizabeth Gray (89)

Elizabeth Gray
m. 1 May 1733
  1. Elizabeth Gray1734 - 1818
  2. John Gray1736 -
  3. Edward Gray1739 -
  4. William Gray1741 -
  5. Mary Gray1743 -
  6. Ann Gray1748 -
  7. William Gray1752 -
m. 1 Apr 1755
  1. Mary Turner1757 -
  2. Elizabeth Turner1758 - 1764
  3. Ann Turner1760 - 1761
  4. Philip Turner1762 - 1773
  5. John Turner1765 - 1839
  6. Edward Turner1767 - 1848
  7. Elizabeth Turner1770 - 1815
  8. Ann Turner1772 -
  9. Lucy Turner1774 -
  10. William Turner1776 -
Facts and Events
Name Elizabeth Gray
Gender Female
Christening[1] 12 Feb 1734 Heckington, Lincolnshire, England
Marriage 1 Apr 1755 Heckington, Lincolnshire, Englandto Philip Turner
Burial[2] 30 Nov 1818 Heckington, Lincolnshire, England

Elizabeth Gray was baptised on 12th February 1734 at Heckington in Lincolnshire, daughter of Mary Gray, formerly Whitehead, and her husband John Gray, a shoemaker. They had married just over nine months before Elizabeth's baptism.

On 1st April 1755, when she was 21 years old, she married a farmer named Philip Turner. They had a daughter, Mary, in 1757, followed by a daughter Elizabeth in 1758 and another daughter Ann in 1760. Sadly, Ann died as a baby of about nine months old in 1761. In 1762 the couple had their first son, Philip, named after his father. In 1764 their second child, Elizabeth, died aged about six years old, leaving them with just two surviving children. In 1765 they had a son named John, followed by a son named Edward in 1767. In 1770 they had another daughter, who they named Elizabeth, using again the name of one of the daughters they had lost. Similarly, in 1772, their next daughter was named Ann, using again the name of the other daughter they had lost. In 1773 their eldest son, Philip, died aged 10 years old. At the time of his death he was described as a labourer, so was already working. In 1774 they had a daughter named Lucy and finally in 1776 they had a son named William. Overall they had ten children, but no more than seven alive at any one time.

In 1780 Elizabeth's daughter Mary was married to a John Clarriecots. In 1797 her daughter Lucy married a John Creasey. In 1802 her daughter Ann married a Thomas Pocklington.

Elizabeth's husband Philip died in 1803, aged 76. He left a will, describing him as a farmer of Heckington, although the contents of his will have yet to be researched.

In 1811, Elizabeth's son John married a Sarah Allen. Elizabeth's daughter Elizabeth never married, and she died as a woman of 45 in 1815. Elizabeth's other two surviving children, Edward and William, have yet to be traced after their baptisms; quite likely they left Heckington.

Elizabeth died in 1815, aged 84. She was buried at Heckington, where she appears to have lived her whole life, on 30th November 1818.

  1. Church of England. Parish Church of Heckington (Lincolnshire). Parish registers, 1559-1968. (Lincoln, England: Lincoln Archives Office, 1993), Primary quality.

    Anno 1733
    Elizabeth Daughter of John Gray Shomaker & Mary his Wife bap[tize]d Feb[ruary] 12 [i.e. 12 Feb 1733/4]

  2. Burials register, in Church of England. Parish Church of Heckington (Lincolnshire). Parish registers, 1559-1968. (Lincoln, England: Lincoln Archives Office, 1993), Primary quality.

    BURIALS in the Parish of Heckington in the County of Lincoln in the Year 1818
    No. 157
    Name: Elizabeth Turner, Widow
    Abode: Heckington
    When buried: November 30th
    Age: 84 years [1733/4]
    By whom the Ceremony was performed: By Tho[ma]s Mitchinson, Vicar of Helpringham