Person:Conrad Wall (1)

Conrad Wall
b.abt. 1713 Germany
m. abt. 1710/12
  1. Conrad Wallabt 1713 - 1793
  2. Adam Wallabt 1717 - 1763
  3. Apfel 'Appleona' Wallest 1720-1730 -
  4. John Wallabt 1725 - abt 1760
Facts and Events
Name Conrad Wall
Gender Male
Birth[1] abt. 1713 Germany
Death[1] 1793 Botetourt County, Virginia

Conrad Wall was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - MAY 20, 1766. - (154) James Cloyd appointed surveyor from lower end of John Bowyer's plantation of James River by Cedar Bridge to Mathew's Road, to work these tithables: Of Christopher Vineyard, John and Wm. Hall, John Logan, James Skidmore, Geo. Wilson, John Berry, John Jones, James McClure, Mathew Hair, John Bowyer, George Skillern and Conrad Wall.
  • Page 85.-- May, 1768. Ferdinand Lair's estate appraised and settlement of estate recorded 18th May, 1773--To cash in Bands of Andrew Hudlough (Herdlough?); to cash in hands of Conrad Wall; paid Barbara Lair; paid an old account from Germany by Fred Hanger; paid Joseph Cowley, Conrad Weeble, Mathias Rodes, William Stalp, Peater Tirkels bond.
  • Page 379.--22d March, 1770. John Donnelly, Sr.'s, estate settlement recorded--William Preston, administrator, 1765. 1765, cash paid Saml. Piper for making a coffin. 1765, 29th October, cash paid Joseph Cloyd for rum for vendue. Cash paid Drewry Puckett, James McAffee, David Fleming, Joseph McDonald, Conrad Wall, James Cloyd, administratrix of Abraham Biss. Has paid the widow her thirds, and three of the children. Estate sold at vendue to, viz: Danl. McCormick, Walter Stewart, Drury Puckett, Archd. Fisher, Michael Reesener, James Laughlin, Elizabeth Hance, George Darr, Wm. Thornton.
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    Conrad Wall came to America in 1736 on the ship St. Andrew's Galley from Rotterdam, Holland, the principal shipping port of that era. He was born about 1713, died 1793 in Botetourt Co., Va. He had at least 9 children.