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Bazaleel Maxwell
  1. Bazaleel MaxwellAbt 1708 - Bef 1799
m. 1723
  1. Captain John MaxwellAbt 1723 - Bef 1798
  2. Virginia Maxwell1726 -
  3. Bazaleel Maxwell1727 -
  4. Robert Maxwell1731 -
  5. William Maxwell
  6. James Maxwell
  7. Thomas Maxwell1746 - aft 1795
  8. Anna Maxwell1762 -
  9. David Maxwell - 1794
Facts and Events
Name Bazaleel Maxwell
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1708 Scotland or Northern Ireland
Marriage 1723 Scotlandto Rebecca Boyd
Death? Bef 21 Jun 1799 Albemarle, Virginia, United StatesCourt settlement of estate


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Analysis. Parents, Wife and Children of Bazaleel Maxwell (2)
Place:Covesville, Albemarle, Virginia, United States
Transcript:Records for "Maxwell" in Maxwell History and Genealogy


Grey line marks Three Chopt Road, Dark grey line marks the Great Philadelphia Wagon Road.
Grey line marks Three Chopt Road, Dark grey line marks the Great Philadelphia Wagon Road.
Bazaleel Maxwell is commonly identified as the immigrant ancestor of the Maxwell's who settled in Albemarle County by about 1750. According to Source:Maxwell History:56
Bezaleel Maxwell emigrated from Scotland to Philadelphia. After a short residence in Pennsylvania, the family removed to Albemarle County, Virginia.... He married Rebecca Boyd...

While Maxwell History has considerable to say about his descendants, it provides surprizingly little information about Bazaleel himself. The extracts from Albemarle county records it provides, do provide some additional information. The accompnaying analysis article provides basic information about Bazaleel and his immediate family which can be substantiated through these records.

Based on the on the information in the analysis article it seems likely that Bazaleel was born sometime prior to 1715. Where he was born is not known. He may have passed through Old Chester, in Pennsylvania, or not. Another alternative is that he came to Albemarle from eastern Virginia, possibly Westmoreland County. He may have been the immigrant ancestor of the family, or might be a descendant of the immigrant ancestor. In short, we have no solid records so far for Bazaleel prior to his appearance in 1751 in Albemarle County. At that time he purchased 400 acres in Rich Cove from Charles Lewis, a land speculator from eastern Virginia. We know from various land transaction Bazaleel, and several of his sons, lived on this property, or nearby, on Cove Creek (aka Green Creek). The history of the Rich Cove area is well described in the Historic District Application for Covesville, Albemarle, VIrginia. According to that document the none of the original settlement era buildings of the area survive intact, but remanants of the Bazaeel Maxwell homestread circa 1750, are still visible.

We assume Bazaleel and his children were subsistance farmers, as were most settlers of this period. The area, however, has been known from an early date for its fruit orchards, and is still heavily used for that purpose. It is possible that Bazaleel and his sons shipped fruit from their farms to the growing towns of Tidewater Virginia, making use of Three Chopt road that pass through Charlottesville to the Williamsburg area.

Sometime before c1736 Bazaleel married Rebecca. We can confirm that his wife's first name was Rebecca through local land records. Source:Maxwell's History gives her last name as Boyd. We do not know where this marriage occurred, or whether it took place in America, or prior to the immigration of this couple to America. There is no substantiating documentation to support that Rebecca's last name was indeed "Boyd" but there is circumstantial evidence to support this view, as discussed in Analysis. Parents, Wife and Children of Bazaleel Maxwell (2). Bazaleel and Rebecca are believed to have had eight children, five of whom can be documented as their children, to one degree of certainty or another. Three children Ann and Virginia, and a child whose name and sex are not known, are identified in Source:Maxwell History, but little or no information about them is provided, nor has any evidence been found to show that they were indeed the children of this couple.

Bazaleel is believed to have died sometime after 1783 when he transfers the last portion of his land to son, Bazaleel (3):

September 4 1783 Bezaleel Maxwell. Sr. for love and good will, to his son, Bezaleel Maxwell. Jr., 250 acres, "on which I and have lived for many vears," in Rich Cove, "without any consideration whatever."

While there are numerous records for a "Bazaleel Maxwell" after this date, none can be firmly associated with Bazaleel (2), and most are clearly references either to his son, Bazaleel (3), or to namesake grand children, of which there were at least three. "After 1783" would seem to be the most accurate DOD to use for Bazaleel (2)




Two of the children currently shown (June 2012) have not been verified with original source documentation: Robert and David. Maxwell History gives one child of Bazaleel (2) with an unknown given name, and a spouse of unknown given name. Its possible that this unknown child is Robert or David.