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Patterson Patriarchs

The following table identifies known Patterson Patriarchs who entered Old Augusta from earliest settlement (c1734) to the immediate post colonial period (c1790). Color coding (see key at bottom of page) is used to denote records for persons according to their to specific patriarchical lineages. See James Patterson Records in Chalkley's Chronicles for an example. There are a number of other Patterson's in Old Augusta that we can not presently attach to any of these lines.

William (61), The PA Patriarch1675-1745Janet ErwinWilliam died in PA in 1745, and never came to old Augusta. However, Son Robert Purchased land on Cathey's River (now Middle River) in 1745. He may be the Robert Patterson who appears in 1742 militia roster, but that may be Robert (51). Documentation identifying of William (61) as the father of Robert of Cathey's River is based on the work of a variety of genealogists. Documentation confirming this relationship has not be located.
William (75); Irish Patriarch1680-1715Margaret William is clearly identified in testifimony by Robert of Linville Creek, as his father. William is believed to have died before the family moved to America. Apart from Robert's reference to him to him in a land transaction the reference was probably intended to distinguish between him and Robert of Cathey's River) we have no documentation showing his existence.Patterson R1b1-A
John (86) Borden's Agent1690-1749AgnesWas present on what became Borden's Grant when Borden first came to the area in 1737. He had several male line descendants, but their descendancies have not yet been traced on WeRelate.
James (65)
of the Long Glade
1695-c1741Ann Corydied in Chester County PA c1741; Before his death he secured land in the "Long Glade" south of the modern Augusta Rockingham border. Ann remarried; We presume that the couple settled on James' land in the Long Glade. References to James appear in Old Augusta in 1745, in court case involving the welfare of his children who are mostly underage, and living with his relict who has remarried.
James (84) the Indian Trader 1717-1771 Susanna Howard (8)James (84) was an early Indian Trader in Pennsylvania. He had several children including sons. None of the sons have been traced to Old Augusta, but at least one daughter is believed to have relocated there after her marriage. Its possible that some of the Patterson men in Old Augusta are her kinsmen, but we have no evidence to support this.
James (64)1725-1810Abigail CraddockThe presence of James (64) in Old Augusta is based soley on the presence of Abigail who married James Calk in 1793 per Chalkley's Chronicles 2:362. The connection by some genealogists to James Patterson and Abigail Craddock appears to be driven by a marriage record for a couple by this name in Massachuesetts, who had a documented daughter Abigail. So far, I've seen nothing to justify the belief that this couple, and their daughter moved to Old Augusta. The fact that the daughter Abigail would would have been 40 years of age at marriage suggests that this James (64) is not really her father. The identity of her parents, if not in fact James and Ann, is unknown.
James (87), The Saddlerc1725-1807Sarah SproulJames (87) left a will dated 1790 or 1793, probated 1807, identifying four children:Joseph, Mathew, ELizabeth, and Elin, plus numerous grandchildren. He has not been associated with any other Patriarchical line in Old Augusta, and probably represents the head of an independent lineage.
James (122)1733-1810ElizabethThis James Patterson has been identified by various genealogists as living in Blue Springs, WV about the time of the Revolution. He is probably represented in Chalkley's Chronicles, but no specific records have been associated with him to date. He may represent an independant Patriarchical line, or may in fact be a member of one of the other Patterson Patriarchial lineages in Old Augusta. John (93) 1759-1844 of Blue Springs WV is likely his son. HIs pension record states that he moved with his unidentified father from Bucks County Pa, to the Greenbriar area of Old Augusta, prior to the Revolution.
James (74)1744-1815Deborah GivensMay have lived in same area as James (87), and records for these two James Pattersons may be somewhat confused with each other. Both James' left wills identifying different women as their wives, so the confusion does not extend to the possibility that they are the same person. They may or may not be related, but James 87, who died first, does not mention a son James in his will, so they are not father and son.

Settlement Overview

The earliest Patterson that can be documented in the area is Person:John Patterson (86) who was living in the area of Borden's Grant when Borden came to layout the boundaries of his grant c1737. Where John came from is unknown, though some speculate that he was born in Ireland or Scotland. While John (86) died in the 1740's, he left several children who remained in the area, but of whom little is currently known, at least in terms of what's on WeRelate. Another John Patterson (Person:John Patterson (61)), settled on Beverley's Manor by 1748. This John has, on occasion, been confused with John (86), but belongs to the line of William Patterson (61), the PA Patriarch, see below) who came into the area sometime after John (89).

Person:Robert Patterson (51) is believed to have been born in Ireland and immigrated to Sussex Delaware in the 1730's. While Robert identifies his father as a William Patterson (William 75, known as the Irish Patriarch), in Augusta County land records the Irish Patriarch, he is blieved to have died in Ireland. Robert (51) is as far as we know, his only male line descendant in Old Augusta. Robert (51) settled on Linville Creek in Old Augusta by 1740. He had numerous sons who reached adulthood in this area after it became Rockingham County. Unfortunately, the presence of these sons is poorly documented because of the loss of early Rockingham records. It is believed that Robert left the area settling on the border between North and South Carolina, near King's Mountain. His sons also left the area, either at the same time or shortly thereafter. It is not believed that any of the line of William the Irish Patriarch remained in Old Augusta at the start of the Revolution.

A third line of Pattersons present within Old Augusta at an early date are thought to be descended from Person:William Patterson (61) the Pennsylvania Patriarch of Old Chester PA. These include, John (61), Robert (39), Erwin (1), Nathaniel (5), William (60), Edward (4), and James (69). These Pattersons are believed to be sons of William (61). Unforntunately, our current documentation for their connection to William (61) is weak, consisting primarily of a network of connections to the Erwin/Irvin/Irvine family who are thought to have come from Old Chester as well. We have no no direct original source evidence that links any of these Pattersons to William (61). YDNA evidence might confirm or refute these relationships; unfortunately, the publically available information on Patterson YDNA project provides us with little basis to confirm these relationships. Many (perhaps all) of these Pattersons settled, and largely remained, in the Old Augusta area. Most of the Pattersons of referenced in Chalkley's Chronicles are of this particular lineage.

Other Patterson individuals can be identified in Old Augusta but have not been attached to any of the major lineages. They nominally represent independent lineage, but future work may link them to one of the other main lineages.

Image:Patterson Patriarchical Lines in Old Augusta-5.jpg

Color Key

Major lines William (75); Irish Patriarch
1680-1715; =Margaret
salmon ...........Patterson R1b1-A
William (61), The PA Patriarch
=Janet Erwin
John (86) of Borden's Grant
1690-1749; =Agnes
Minor lines John (93) of Greenbriar
James (65)
1695-c1741; =Ann Cory
James (64)
1725-1810; =Abigail Craddock
James (87)
1725-1807; =Sarah Sproul
James (122)
1733-1810; =Elizabeth
James (74)
1744-1815; =Deborah Givens