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Person:William Campbell (141)1697 1754 Sarah Gay DOB often given as 1674, probably based on Drumaboden genealogy.
Person:William Campbell (137)c1709 Alexander (46)
Person:William Campbell (129)c1715 William (125) Calfpasture
Person:William Campbell (123)c1720 Margaret Buchanan Patrick (11) Elizabeth Taylor
Person:William Campbell (85)1745 1781 1767 Elizabeth Henry Charles (31) Margaret BuchananKing's Mountain
Person:William Campbell (140)1747 Hugh (25) Esther McGill
Person:William Campbell (136)17481845 c1770 Mary Allison David (55) Jane Cunningham To Kentucky
Person:William Campbell (133)c1770 David (48)
Person:William Campbell (188) Charles Mary Trotter
Person:William Campbell (x)

Records for William Campbell in Old Augusta

Vol 1

83MAY 17, 1759. (264) Wm. Campbell's will partially proved.
85NOVEMBER 22, 1759.... Jacob Clements, witness to will of Wm. Campbell, is dead.
137AUGUST 20, 1767.... (235) Anthony Fewell, run away servant of Wm. Campbell
141NOVEMBER 18, 1767. (346) Hemp certificates: Christopher Wiiliams, John Moffett, John Mills, Thos. Turk, Wm. Blanton, Wm. Robertson, Wm. Campbell, John Patrick, John Mitchell, Saml. Hamilton, Rob. Stuart, Wallas Estil.
144MARCH 15, 1768.... (490) Hemp certificates: John Patterson, John Moore, John Parks, Tim. Caul, Wm. McClellon, Wm. Bear, Wm. Campbell, Michael Coulter, Nathan Peoples, James McCrary, Rob. Whitley, James Hays.
162NOVEMBER 20, 1770....Page (149) Elizabeth Campbell complains of her father, William Campbell, that he does not provide for her and his other children--to be summoned.
166MARCH 20, 1772.... (338) William Campbell, security for Mary Donald (admx. of husband, Michael O'Donald, since intennarried with John Adair), counter security.--Division between the orphans of Michael ordered.
184MARCH 20, 1775....(53) Called Court--William Campbell.
298FEBRUARY AND MARCH, 1748....Campbell vs Campbell.--Bond of Patrick Campbell to Maryan (Marion) Campbell, widow and relict of William Campbell, dated 1745. Assignment on back to John Campbell, dated 1747, and signed Maryan Buchanan.
4011771NOVEMBER, 1793 (A to L).... Samuel Hunter vs. Hugh Torbett and Alexander Mitchell.--Chancery.

Spa. 25th July, 1777. Deposition of William Bryan, of Fauquier, taken Friday, 22d August, 1777, aged thirty years. He is son-in-law of David Kaile (Haile?). David Kaile deposes at same time he is sixty years and upwards. James Cunningham deposes, 16th August, 1783, that in May, 1777, Hugh Torbett was selling his land with intention of going to Holston. After Nathaniel Torbett came from Northward. Alexander Mitchell's answer says: In 1771 he and other defendant bought a tract of land from Col. William Campbell, 614 acres, "After the defendants came to Virginia" (1773). Hugh Brawford and Rachel Brawford were son and daughter of Samuel Brawford. Rachel was married to William Wallace before 21st November, 1780, and on that date is about to leave these parts. Susannah Hunter was wife of Samuel.

519SEPTEMBER, 1802 (A to G). Court of Rockbridge versus Steele.--List of delinquents and insolvents in the County Levy for 1796 in the Northeast District, by J. Purris, D. S. for S. Keys, S. R. C.: Abednego Casteel, runaway; William

Campbell, removed to Amherst;

Vol 2

88-89Torbett's heirs vs. Campbell--O. S. 47; N. S. 16. Bond 18th November,

1771, by Wm. Campbell and John Tate to Hugh Torbet, of Chester County, and Alexander Mitchel, of Pennsylvania, Lancaster County. Answer of Sarah Buchanan Preston, 1805, that she is only child now living of Wm. Campbell, deceased. She married Francis Preston. Her father died August, 1781. Defendants are, viz: Arthur Campbell, surviving executor of Margaret Campbell and Francis Preston; and Sarah, his wife, late Campbell, heiress of Wm. Campbell, deceased. Plaintiffs are, viz: Saml. Torbett, Anthony Black and Catharine, his wife, late Torbett; Hugh and David Torbett, Andrew Lockridge and Easter, his wife, late Torbett; Jane and Nathaniel Torbett, Mary Torbet, an infant, heirs-at-law of Hugh Torbett, deceased. Bill says: Charles Campbell died 1767 testate, leaving wife Margaret (father and mother of Gen. Wm. Campbell). Margaret died about November, 1777. Genl. Wm. Campbell died about 1782, leaving only one child Sarah, since married to Francis Preston. Thomas Tate married one of the daughters of Margaret Campbell, deceased. Arthur Campbell says Genl. William died August, 1781. Charles Campbell died January, 1767. Copy of Gen. William Campbell's will dated 28th September, 1780, proved in Washington County, 16th April, 1782. Wife Elizabeth, son Charles Henry, daughter Sarah Buchanan Campbell. Copy of Margaret Campbell's will dated 13th October, 1777, proved in Washington County 18th March, 1778. Son William; daughters Elizabeth Taylor, Jean Tate, Margaret Campbell, Ann Poston; son-in-law Arthur Campbell.

123 Roberts vs. Campbell--O. S. 136; N. S. 47--Bill, 17th September,

1809. Orators, Richard and John Roberts, sons of Billingsly Roberts, who prior to 1780 bought from Arthur Campbell a tract on North Fork of Holston in Washington County, 500 acres, for which he was to pay £10,000 in two installments--1st November, 1779, and 1st November, 1780. Billingsly lived in Maryland and died there in 1790 testate. Margaret Campbell, wife of Arthur, was daughter of Charles Campbell, to whom the land was granted 22d August, 1753. Thomas Tate deposes. John Epperson (Apperson) deposes. Gabriel Epperson deposes (brothers). George Hayton deposes. Genl. Wm. Tate deposes he settled there in 1783. John Campbell. Deed 8th January, 1800, by Arthur Campbell and Margaret to William Campbell of Lee County, 773 acres in Washington County. Recorded in Washington County. Deed 16th November, 1781, by Arthur Campbell to Billingsley Roberts. 300 acres, part of tract granted Charles Campbell in 1753, and devised to his daughter Margaret by his will, 24th August, 1761. Recorded in Washington County, 20th November, 1781.

172-173Drake vs. Campbell--O. S. 214; N. S. 75--Bill, 8th June, 1807.

Orator is John Drake of Kentucky. John Buchanan of Augusta died testate, leaving remainder to three younger daughters or the survivors of them come of age. Orator's father, Joseph Drake, in 1773 married Margaret, one of the daughters of John Buchanan. Prior to 1778 Joseph moved to Kentucky, where in that year he was killed by the Indians, leaving orator infant of very tender years. Margaret afterwards married _____ Jones. Josiah Ramsey deposes, 1809, that the Indians were troublesome in Washington County from 1776 to 1779. Col. Robert Sawyers deposes at Fort Chesel in Wythe County, 1808. He was present at marriage of Joseph Drake and Peggy Buchanan. John Buchanan, son of Col. John Buchanan, deceased, grandfather of orator, was second lieutenant in same Company with deponent in Seventh Regiment of Virginia line on Continental Establishment and in spring of 1777 was detached under command of then Col. Morgan from Middle Brook, New Jersey, against Burgoyne, and was killed at battle of Saratoga. John Floyd sailed in a privateer against the enemy in the fall of 1776, and returned in 1779. Widow of Col. John Buchanan, deceased, married William Anderson shortly after marriage of Joseph Drake and some time before the death of her son John. Patent 23d December, 1779, to Wm. Campbell and Wm. Preston, executors of John Buchanan, deceased, assignee of James Patton, deceased, by survey 1749-50, 1,150 acres part of order of Council to James Patton et als on Sinking Creek waters of Middle Branch of Indian River. Mary Boyd, wife of Andrew Boyd and daughter of Col. John Buchanan, deposes in Wythe, 18th November, 1809. Col. William Preston died in 1784. Anna Buchanan married Ephraim Drake in Kentucky. She was born 28th November, 1765. Joseph Drake and Margaret Buchanan were married in March, 1773. Thomas Boyd deposes. Andrew Boyd deposes. Daniel Young, son of Jacob Young, deposes in Nashville. Col. John Buchanan's will. John Drake lived in Nicholas County, Kentucky. Answer by John and Francis Preston, John Breckenridge, and John Brown, executors of Wm. Preston and administrators with will annexed of John Buchanan, and also of Elizabeth Madison, John Preston, Francis Preston, James McDowell and Sarah, his wife, William Preston, Nathaniel Hart and Susannah, his wife, James P. Preston, John Lewis and Mariah, his wife, and Letitia, Thomas and Peggy Preston, infants, by John Preston, their guardian; which said John, Francis, Elizabeth, Sarah, William, Susannah P., James P., Mary, Letitia, Thomas and Peggy are children of William Preston, deceased. Col. James Dysart, aged 65 years, deposes in Lincoln County, 22d June, 1808. In 1776 on account of Indians, Joseph Drake moved to New River near his father's. In 1778 or 1777 he moved to Kentucky. In 1769 deponent and Joseph made a hunting tour of seven months in Kentucky; again in 1771 a tour of nine months, and in 1772 a tour of eleven months. Deponent and Col. Buchanan came from same neighborhood in Ireland and were remotely connected. When Joseph moved to Kentucky, Anna Buchanan was about 10 or 12 years old. John Campbell deposes in Washington County, 18th March, 1808, he is 66 years old. James Buchanan, power of attorney dated Bourbon County, Virginia, 26th June, 1787. Col. Wm. Donalson deposes in Davidson County, Tennessee, 5th July, 1808, is 48 years old. Deed 8th July, 1788, by Thomas Madison, attorney for James Buchanan, son and heir to John Buchanan, deceased, to John Campbell, 1,150 acres in Washington County on Indian, now called Holstein, River. Recorded in Washington County. James Newell deposes in Wythe County, was present at marriage of Joseph Drake. Deponent and Joseph were in 1774 on the Shawnese expedition together. Col. Robert Craig deposes at own house in Knox County, Kentucky, 18th June, 1808. James Buchanan deposes 21st March, 1799, at house of Patton Anderson in Fayette County, Kentucky. James Thompson deposes in Abingdon, 19th October, 1809, was present at Joseph Drake's marriage; none of Margaret's people was present except William Buchanan. They were married at the town house about 17 miles east of Abingdon; there were present, viz: Ephraim Drake, William Anderson, Widow Cartey, Peggy Campbell, Anna Campbell et als. Ephraim Drake deposes in Bedford County, Tennessee, 26th June, 1809. Joseph and Margaret were married agreeable to the established custom by Mr. Wolsey, a Baptist preacher; her elder brothers were present. Col. Mathew Willoughby, aged 59, deposes 26th March, 1813, in Washington County, Virginia. John Young, son of Jacob, was notorious for bonestealing; also Daniel Young, son of Jacob. Deed 23d October, 1810, by Margaret Jones, now living in Franklin County, Tennessee, widow and relict of William Jones, deceased, also of Joseph Drake, to John Drake, of Bedford County, Tennessee. Recorded in Washington County, July, 1811. John Campbell answers. When Joseph moved to Kentucky, Margaret had three brothers, viz: William, killed in Kentucky; John, killed at Saratoga in 1777; James, now living in Kentucky. Margaret, widow of Col. Jno. Buchanan, married _____ Anderson and was living with him in Botetourt in 1777. John Buchanan's will of Augusta County. Sons, James, William and John; wife, _____, daughter of Col. James Patton; daughter, Mary Boyd; three younger daughters; nephew, William Campbell.

186Walker vs. Reyburn's executors--O. S. 241; N. S. 65--John Walker

of Augusta County, in 1798, bought land from Robert Reyburn of Kentucky, son of John Reyburn of Augusta. Robert Campbell set up claim and is dead, leaving heirs, viz: Hugh Campbell, James, John, Robert, William, Wilson, Stephen, Sally Campbell, Jane, wife of William Stephenson; Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Rochester. Robert Reyburn is also dead, leaving, viz: John, William, Robert, James, Polly, Betsy, Susan, Rebecca and Sally Reyburn.

261 Campbell vs. Campbell heirs--O. S. 399; N. S. 145--Bill, 1814.

Alexander died, intestate, leaving widow Jane Campbell and children, viz: Robert, James, Mary, wife of William Blair Donnell, and infants, viz: John, Samuel, William, Alexander, Jane, Addison Campbell. Joseph Campbell was son of Dugald Campbell.

3381800--August 9, Wm. Campbell and Wm. McPheeters, surety. Wm.

Campbell and Elizabeth McPheeters, daughter of above Wm. McPheeters.

368 1781--September 24th, Catherine and John Spoon, children of Conrad

Spoon, absconded, to be bound. James Wait's will proved; widow Catherine qualifies executrix. William Campbell's will proved; Eliz. Campbell qualifies executrix. Gatlive Airy's estate committed to Anthony Reader, his son-in-law, widow Mary having refused. Isaac Hankle recommended and qualified Captain, vice Andrew Johnston, resigned, and Wm. Aberman as Lieutenant vice Robt. Menzies. Robert Harrison qualifies Ensign. John Ruddle qualifies Lieutenant. Michael Baker qualifies Captain. Saml. Skidmore, orphan of Saml. Skidmore. Ann Skidmore, widow, has dower assigned in land sold by her husband to Samuel Skidmore, deceased, father of the orphan Samuel.

4061769--... page 108, William Campbell, Lick;
4191766--Mr. Gilbert's list: Francis Bishop, not found, one; Wm.

Bowhannon, not found, one; Wm. Campbell, not found, one; Robt. Eastham, no estate, three; David Glasburner, not found, one; Robert Jones, not found, one; Jacob Miller, twice charged, one; Cellun Price, not found, one; John White, not found, three; Jno. Breading, no estate, one; Volintine Boyers, not in this county when listed; Martin Crawford, not found, one; James Fowler, Constable, one; Sam Isham, not found, one; Henry Lung, gone to Carolina, one; Henry Miller, overcharged, one; Jacob Shull, twice charged, one.

426Insolvents and Delinquents, 1790: Arthur Connelly, Jr., removed to

Kentucky; Wm. Edmundson, to Kentucky; Richard Jones, to Kentucky; Ro. McKitrick, to Kentucky; Thomas Parker, to Pendleton; Joseph White, to French Broad; Ro. Campbell, to Kentucky; Jno. Johnston, to Philadelphia; Jno. and Wm. Campbell, to Kentucky; William Hook, to Kentucky; Adam Liner, to Carolina; Jacob Pearey, to Kentucky; Wm. Shackelford, to Kentucky; Mary Stuart, to Kentucky; William Davis, to Hampshire; John Barne, to Russell, Tenn.; Wm. Allison, to Kentucky; Joseph Beck; William Christian, to Holstein; Robert Gibson, to Pennsylvania; Wm. Kenady, Jr.; Sam'l Rankin, to French Broad; Zac. Taliaferro, to Amherst; Mary Teas, to Carolina; John Waddle, to French Broad; John Waddle, Jr., to French Broad; Peter Waddle, to French Broad; Joshua Taggart, to Kentucky; James Hamilton, to Amherst; Squire Baldwin, to Penna.; George Cochran, to French Broad; Cutlive Gabbert, to French Broad; John Hager; Robert Mays, to Pennsylvania; Henry Sensebaugh, to Holston; John Sensebaugh, to Holston; John Sterling, to Holston; James Wiley, to Holston; Thomas Lessley, to Georgia; Harmon Lovingood, to Georgia; John Patterson, to Long Island.

441 Page 154.--1755: John Risk and John Shields processioned as follows,

viz: For Robert Campbell, for James Hunter, for James Trotter, for John Shields, for James McCutchion, for Widow Campbell, for Widow Campbell, for Wm. Hunter, for Saml. McCutchen, for Thos. Berry, for John McCutchion, for David Campbell, for Wm. Campbell, for Wm. Ledgerwood. for James Moffet, for Nathl. Davies, for Nichs. Leeper, for Danl. Downey, for George Peny, for Saml. Sprowl, for Thos. Kirkpatrick, for Jno. Kirkpatrick, for Jno. Risk, for Jno. Risk, for Jno. Risk, for James Clark, for John Shields, Jr., for David Cunningham, for Chas. Berry, for James Callison, for James Marten, for Josiah Richarts, for David Hays, for Alex. McFeeters, for James Gilmore, for James Lockhart, for Alex. Richey, for Jacob Lockhart, for John Peny, for Mathew Willson, for John Willson, for Widow Patterson, for John McCillery, for James McCillery, for Arter Hamilton, for Wm. Buntin, for Robert Gamel, for Jno. Buchanan, for Patrick Cooks (deceased), for David Richey; Wm. Brown (said he was going to leave his land and didn't care about it).

455 4561767[1767]Page 441.--Processioners' returns, by Thos. Shields and Jas. Meteire,

viz: For Patt. Campbell, for Wm. Campbell, for Robt. Willson, for Thos. Brown, for Wm. Thompson, for Pat. Hays, for John Ward, for Wm. Purrens (Purvens), for James Henry, for Nathl. Steele, for Geo. Bright, for Roben Mitchel, for Robt. Alexander, for Wm. Walker, for Roben Willson, for John Mitchell, for James Mitchell, for John Buchanan, for David Cunningham, for Wm. Campbell, for Thomas Mitchell, for James Meteire, for Hugh Hays, for Reuben Steele, for Thomas Steele, for Thomas Shields, for David Doake, for John Teate, for Samuel Doake, for Samuel Brawford, for James Cowan, for Saml. McCutchen, for Alex. Campbell, for James Moffett, for Wm. Cunningham, for David Doake, for Hugh Fulton and James Fulton, for Saml. Steele, for Alex. Brownlee, for John Brownlee.

4621759 Page 260.--1759: Processioned by James Gilmore and Samuel McCutcheon,

viz: For David Cunningham, for Mathew Wilson, for John Buchanan, for Charles Berry, for Robert Gaml, for Thos. Berry, for David Hays, for James Bower, for Alex. Campbell, for Wm. Campbell, for James Moffett, for Arthur Hamilton, for Samuel Downey, for James Callison, for Alex. McFeeters, for David Campbell, for James McCutcheon, for John McCutcheon, for Wm. McCutcheon, for Wm. Sprowl, for Wm. Martin, for James Trotter, for Samuel McCutcheon, for Wm. McCutcheon, Jr., for James Hunter, for Robert Campbell, for John Risk, for James Gilmore, for Francis Donalay, for Wm. Ledgerwood, for Capt. James Lockhart, for Wm.

469Samuel Bell's Declaration, July, 1834: Mentions George Moffett, Joseph

Patterson, Andrew Anderson, John Dickenson, Samuel McDowell, _____ Arbuckle, Robert Renick, John Wilson, William Anderson, James Mitchell, Joseph Brown, Thomas Smith, John Bell, George Craig, Robert Fulton, Col. Campbell, Robert Kirk, James Bell, George Keller, Col. William Campbell.

502Henry Cartmill's Declaration, September 7th, 1832: Born in Chester

County, Penna., in 1754; his father removed to Augusta when declarant was an infant. In 1761 he removed to James River in the present County of Botetourt. In 1779 he was commissioned Ensign of Militia; marched against the Indians under Capt. James Smith to Noly Chucky, a branch of Holstein. On the road he was joined by the Company of Capt. James Barrett from Roanoke. They found 400 men at Noly Chucky under General William Campbell. In 1780 he was commissioned Lieutenant of Militia and marched under Capt. James Smith to Yorktown. In 1779 he marched under Capt. Hugh Logan as Ensign to the relief of Fort Donnelly. On the road Capt. Hall met them and they returned.

5081742[1742] Capt. John Christian's List: John Christian, Captain; William Christian,

Lieutenant; Fran Betty, Ensign; Jhn. Holms, Josep Read, Finley McClewr, George Camble, George Caldwell, Wm. Caldwell, Alex. Thompson, Jas. Caldwell, Isaac McCulough, Jas. Armstrong, Wm. Armstrong, Thos. Henderson, Wm. Henderson, Rob Conigham, Wm. Conigham, Thos. Black, Wm. Johnston, Joh Davison, And. Cowin, Jas. Moody, Jas. Willson, Niol. Leeper, Jno. Turk, Wm. Adams, David Mitchel, Rob. Ramsey, George Breakinsed, John Mitchel, Jas. Fulton, John Fulton, John Brownlee, Chas. Camble, Jas. Camble, Will Camble', Jno. Buchanan, Nathan McClewer, Jas. Robinson, Antho Black, Will Long, Thos. Bell, Jas. Bell, Jno. Black, Wm. Robinson, Thos. Shields, And. McCord, Thos. Beans, Arth. Hamilton, And. Scott, John Maxwell, Pat. Barney, Alex. Brackinsedg, Rob. Brackinsedg, James Brackinsedg, _____ McCoulough, Jas. Miler, Rob. McClenachan, Jno. Doacke, Sam Doacke, Patt Hayes, And. Boyd, Jas. Black, Alex. Fordice, David Steel, Moses Thompson, John Thompson, And. Russell, Rand McDonel, Hug Martine, Joh Robinson, Jas. Beans, Rob. Alexander, Ths. Lewis.

5091742[1742] Capt. John Willson's Lists: John Wilson, Captain; Sam Calehison,

Nathan Lusk, John Shields, John Greer, John Patterson, George Davison. John Hunter, Wm. Hunter, James Hunter, John Rusk, James Clark, Wm. Vance, Rob Croket, John Trumble, Wm. King, Sa. Walace, John Spear, Thomas Peery, Alex. McConnel, Rob. Young, James Young, Jacob Lockard, Patt. Cook, James Lockard, William McCutcheon, James McCutcheon, Rob. McCutcheon, Alex. Crocket, Wm. Camble, Nathl. Davis, James Philip, John Barclay, James Lusk, James Trumble, Benj. Walker, Wm. Leadgerwood, Morris Offral, Rob Davies, John Brown, Wm. McClantok, Wm. Johnson, John Young, Hugh Young, Thos. Kirkpatrick, David Camble, John McCutcheon.

Vol 3

49Page 259.--2d March, 1753. Alexander Campbell's will--To son (youngest)

Alexander, plantation testator lives on; to wife, maintenance; to daughter Florence; to daughter Mary; to daughter Jane. Executors, son William, and William Ledgerwood. Teste: Pat. Cunningham, Robt. Campbell, Walter Davis. Proved, 16th August, 1758, by Cunningham and Davis. Executors qualified with Hugh Young, Pat. Campbell.

56Page 343.--5th October, 1754. William Campbell's will--To sons James

and John; to daughters Mary Clements, Margaret Gillham, Elizabeth Price, Mary Ann Ashton, Rachel Carlile; son-in-law Thos. Gillham; daughter Margaret Gillham's children, 100 acres, part of testator's home plantation; son, Samuel. Executrix, Sarah. Teste: Jacob Clements, Chas. Gillham.

(No certificate of Probate.)
Person:William Campbell (141)Executrix given as "Sarah", presumably the wife, implying Sarah Gay wife of WIlliam Campbell (141)
84Page 334.--25th June, 1757. James Moffett's will, farmer--Sons, John

and James Moffett, the plantation to be divided between them by a line beginning at middle of Wm. Ledgerwood's pasture, cross the Hasle Bottom, thence to James Carr's land; to daughter, Elizabeth; daughter, Mary; son-in-law, John Berryhill, and his wife, Rachel Berryhill; son James is infant; daughters, Martha and Elizabeth; daughter, Jane; to son-in-law Wm. Campbell and his wife Margrett; to Ann Miller, 1 dollar. Executors, Wm. Ledgerwood and James Mitchell. To son-in-law James Berryhill. Teste: Wm. Edmiston, Arthur Hamilton, Robt. Alexander. Proved, 26th March, 1764, by Edmiston and Hamilton. Executors refuse to execute and James Moffett is granted administration, who qualifies with Arthur Hamilton and Walter Smiley.

110Page 234.--26th August, 1769. William Preston's bond (with Robert

Breckinridge, John Mills, David Robinson, Wm. Campbell, George Skillern, John Taylor, Patrick Campbell) as executor of James Patton.

139Page 316.--18th January, 1775. William Campbell's bond (with Daniel

Smith, John Davis) as executor of Hugh Campbell.

140 Page 342.--19th March, 1771. Hugh Campbell's will--To wife, Esther;

to 3 sons and 2 daughters, William, Hugh, Charles, Esther, Marthew; to son, Robert. Executors, John Magill, Wm. Campbell. Teste: Andrew Scott, Robert Fowler, John Davis. 18th January. 1775--Dedimus to Danl. and Abraham Smith to examine Robert Fowler. Executed 6th February, 1775. Proved, 17th January, 1775, by John Davis. Dedimus for Robert Fowler who is very sick. Administration granted to William Campbell, no bond. 22d March, 1775--Proved by Fowler's deposition and recorded. John Magill qualifies with Abraham Smith, Saml. Gibson.

152 Page 49.--19th June, 1775. Charles (mark) Campbell's will--To wife,

Mary; to son, William; to son, Robert, three children--Hugh, Robert, and Sarah; to other children, division to be made by son John, and Charles, executors. Teste: John Wilson, William Campbell. Proved, 17th November, by the witnesses, and Charles Campbell qualifies.

189Page 237.--12th June, 1789. Thomas Stuart's estate appraised by Walter

Davis, Samuel Long, Joseph Colter.... Page 244.--List of book debts due Thomas Stuart--By John Allison (Middle River); James Bates, Jr.; Manis Burgey; James Buchanan (near John Tate's); ditto (Burden's Land); John Bell, son to the widow; Wm. Burbridge; Wm. Barnett (Rockfish); John Caldwell (son Samuel); John Cock (Mason); Jno. Campbell (son to Henry); Robt. Campbell (son to widow); Robt. Cowan (son to James); William Campbell (Sander's son); Robt. Campbell (Smith);

231Page 156.--26th August, 1807. William McPheeters' will--To wife,

Rachel; daughter Rebecca Gamble, wife to Jno. Gamble; to daughter. Polly Kelso, wife to Charles Kelso, daughter, Patsey Walker, wife to Joseph Walker; daughter, Rachel Logan, wife to John Logan; son, William; daughter, Elizabeth Campbell, wife to William Campbell (to be paid to Rev. Samuel Brown, Jacob Kinney, Wm. McPheeters as trustees); to Sophronia McPheeters, daughter to son James, deceased; to Philander McPheeters, son to son James, deceased; to Theophilus McPheeters, son to son James, deceased; to Jas. Augustus McPheeters, son to son James, deceased. Executors, wife Rachel, Jacob Kinney, Wm. McPheeters, Jr. Teste: Jno. Young, Jno. Moffett, Jr.; James and Robt. Trimble. Proved, 23d November, 1807. Jacob and William qualify.

248 Page 375.--25th June, 1769. John Buchanan's will--Lands on Reed

Creek called Anchor and Hope, and 500 acres on New River where Adam Harman lived; to sons, James, William, and John (all under 30); to wife and children, tract where Walter Stewart lives; to daughter, Mary Boyd, wife to Andrew Boyd; to three youngest daughters; to George Wilson; to relative, James Buchanan, merchant in this county. Executors, Col. Andrew Lewis, Col. Wm. Preston, and nephew Wm. Campbell. Teste: John Smith, Robt. Breckinridge, Wm. Thompson, Jno. McClellan. Proved, 16th August, 1769. Preston and Campbell qualify; and 23d February, 1818, the will not having been recorded a certified copy is now ordered to be spread on record.

283Page 532.--28th February, 1749. Same to James Rosebrough, 240

acres in Beverley Manor. Patent line of Beverley Manor. Teste: Arthur Hamilton, William Campbell.

294Page 300.--28th May, 1751. Alexander Campbell to Michael Rally, 166

acres in Beverley Manor; corner Wm. Campbell in James Moffett's line; Widow Mitchell's corner; James Patton's corner. Delivered: Jas. Mitchell, 18th May, 1773. Teste: Walter Davis, William Campbell.

297Page 438.--27th August, 1751. Jacob Clemence and Mary, to John

Campbell, 202 acres on Calf Pasture where Jacob lives; corner Wm. Campbell. Teste: Thomas Gillham, Loftes Pullin.

361 Page 309.--4th October, 1760. Robert Brooke and Mary, of Essex

County, to John Hunter, £40, 500 acres conveyed to Robert by Beverley, 26th November, 1741; corner Wm. Campbell; James Miles' line; Wm. Robinson's corner; Robt. Moffet's line. Teste: Robert ( ) Hunter, Wm. Palmer, Samuel Hunter, John ( ) McCallam.

381Page 183.--1st July, 1760. Jomes ( ) Birk and Lucretia, of Cumberland

County, North Carolina, to Thomas Walker, of Albemarle, £40, 100 acres on Goose Creek, William Campbell's line. Teste: Wm. Ingles, James Bane, Jno. Hawkins. Delivered: Thomas Madison, 11th March, 1763.

438Page 430.--21st October, 1765. Daniel McAnare and Hannah ( ) to

Buchanan and Thompson, executors of Col. James Patton, £100, 390 acres on a branch of Woods River, part of a large tract patented to Col. James Patton; corner land of Wm. Sayers; corner Harman's land. Delivered: William Campbell, December, 1770.

453 Page 311.--18th May, 1767. Thomas Teat (Tate) and Ann to George

Bright, £28, 170 acres in Beverley Manor on the head of a branch of South River; David Hays line. Teste: James Tate, Wm. Campbell, Robert Doak. Delivered: George Bright, November, 1770.

456Page 403.--10th June, 1767. Same to same, £6, two tracts, A containing

200 acres conveyed by Henry Brown to Thomas Walker, 20th August, 1760, on Goose Creek; B conveyed by James Burk to Thomas Walker, 100 acres, William Campbells line.

475Page 85.--16th August, 1768. John Campbell ( ) and Ann ( ) (the

name is also written Mary, but signed Ann) to John Carlisle, £75, 202 acres on the Calf Pasture, part of tract Jacob Clemons formerly lived on, corner William Campbell; also 50 acres joining said land, the way the Big Creek runs, if divided. Teste: J. Murray, William Hamilton, Robt. Brown.

487Page 487.--22d May, 1769. Wallace Harrison to Richard and Peter

Footman, merchants of Philadelphia, mortgage, £453.18.8, on North River Shanandoah, part of tract called the Great Plain, patented to James Wood, 12th January, 1746, 210 acres; also one tract near above, joining dividing line, between His Majesty and Lord Fairfax, and the lands of Michael Neece (Nees), 270 acres, patented to Mary Wood, 27th June, 1764; both conveyed to Mathew by Mary Wood by deed of even date herewith. Teste: William Campbell, Robert Wood, Alexander White.

492 Page 111.--22d May, 1769. Mary Wood, of Frederick, to Alexander

White, Gent., of Frederick, and Elizabeth, his wife, deed gift, £__, marriage between Alexander and Elizabeth, daughter of Mary; on North River of Shanandoah, part of a tract called the Great Plains patented to James Wood, deceased, 12th January, 1746; corner on line between Mathew Harrison and said Alexander White according to the division of said plain made by Robert Rutherford, Daniel Holeman and Thomas Moore; line between His Majesty and Lord Fairfax, 165 acres. Teste: Robt. Wood, William Campbell, Jno. Magill, Jno. McGill, M. Harrison. Delivered: Alexander White, Gent., 28th May, 1770.

493 Page 122.--7th October, 1769. Frances Smith and Anne (Agness, signed

Anne) to Robert Finley, £50, 272 acres patented to Francis, 6th April, 1769, on waters of Catawbo; said Smith's line; William Hutchison's line; Riely's line. Teste: William Campbell, John Tatham, William Preston.

493 Page 152.--22d May, 1769. Mary Wood, of Frederick, to Mathew

Harrison, £__, marriage heretofore celebrated between Mathew and Mary's daughter, Mary, deceased, on North River of Shanandoah, part of a tract called the Great Plain, patented to James Wood, deceased, 12th January, 1746, 210 acres; also one tract adjoining Fairfax's line and the lands of Michael Nees, 270 acres, patented to Mary Wood, 27th June, 1764. Teste: Robt. Wood, William Campbell, Alexander White, Jno. Magill. Delivered: William McDowell, August, 1780.

505Page 24.--20th March, 1770. Hugh Campbell to James Campbell, £5,

5 acres on Andersons Branch of North River of Shanandore, part of a larger tract, Robert Fowler's line. Teste: John and William Campbell, John McPheetters.

507Page 115.--19th March, 1771. David Campbell and Mary ( ) to

James Trotter, £282.10, 234 acres, part of his old survey in Beverley Manor, conveyed to David by Beverley, 28th May, 1741, Pat. Cook's line; also 110 acres conveyed by same to David, 27th February, 1749, corner said Campbell. Teste: William Campbell, Wm. Lockhart. Delivered: Samuel Trotter. 21st October, 1772.

509Page 202.--21st May, 1771. Alexander Campbell and Jean ( ) to

Thomas Steel. £107, 113 acres in Beverley Manor, corner David Campbell. William Ledgerwood and William Campbell's corner; corner William and David Campbell. Teste: William Has. Delivered: Thomas Steel 17th August, 1772.

516 Page 75.--18th March, 1772. John Tate and Mary to James Tate. Teste:

William Campbell. Wm. Livingston. Thomas Tate.

520Page 230.--19th May, 1772. Beverley to John Bunton, £48, 320 acres in

Beverley Manor; corner Wm. Ledgerwood, William Campbell, Thomas Steele; line of the Meeting House Place. Delivered: John Bunton, August Court, 1773.

522Page 363.--18th August, 1772. William Campbell to David Steel, £112;

corner Alexander Campbell; corner David Cunningham (the 80 acres that David Campbell got from his father. Delivered: David Steel, 22d February, 1774.

542Page 42.--11th March, 1775. John Davidson, Sr., and Sarah and John

Davidson, Jr., and Mary to William Campbell, 228 acres by patent 6th April, 1748. Teste: John Peden.

558 Page 19.--26th April, 1773. Privy examination of Sarah, wife of John

Davidson, deed to William Campbell, 12th March, 1779, before George Boswell and Thomas Hewitt.

559 Page 19.--26th April, 1773. Privy examination of Sarah, wife of John

Davidson, deed to William Campbell, 12th March, 1779, before George Boswell and Thomas Hewitt.

561Page 172.--17th September, 1779. Part of 380 acres patented to Robert

Brown, 10th June, 1740, and by him conveyed to James Trotter, and thence to said Samuel Trotter. Teste: John Lowry, William Campble, William Henderson, John ( ) Meglamery.

588Page 378.--Tract left to William Campbell (wife Elizabeth) by will of

his father, Charles Campbell, deceased, part of 400 acres patented to John Anderson, 20th June, 1740, and conveyed to Charles, 1747.

590Page 30.--17th September, 1790. Privy examination of Elizabeth

Campbell, wife of William Campbell, deed to John Voice dated _____