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Pages for living people [20 August 2011]

Hello. I notice that you have been updating pages. It's nice to have someone working on them. However I see a problem in that you have been creating new pages for living people. We ask that you please do not do that. WeRelate's policy is that we do not have pages for living people. When you create such a page, it is just an unnamed, empty shell and is no use, but it can cause problems. Working in a shared space requires different habits from working on your desktop program. If you wish to note information such as that a couple had five children, please just put a note in the big text box, rather than creating pages for dummy people. Thanks and enjoy WeRelate. --Judy (jlanoux) 08:58, 20 August 2011 (EDT) (WeRelate volunteer)

Images [21 August 2011]

Thank you for adding the nice images. Can you identify the football players in the group shot? If so, could you put the information in the caption on each person's page? Also on the Image page, there is a capability to identify the individuals by adding a note to their faces. The plaque on Katherine Miller Coleman's page is hard to see. It was also be nice to have a transcription on the page. Thanks again. Reply here if you need help with these features. --Judy (jlanoux) 17:48, 21 August 2011 (EDT)

Elizabeth Anna Broadlick/Carlton McLuen [29 August 2011]

Elizabeth is sister of my Husband's Grandfather William Henry Broadlick. Elizabeth and William were children of William H. Broadlick and Nanny Semmens--Beb 10:20, 29 August 2011 (EDT)

William McLuen [8 September 2011]

--Wilma T. 17:04, 8 September 2011 (EDT)

Renaming pages [20 September 2013]

Please do not rename pages for minor changes. Page titles are used for wiki and internet purposes. They must be unique and the creators of WeRelate chose a "single given name" "surname" format rather than a nonsense code such as AGY358e. The page title is used by the system. It creates chaos when they are renamed unnecessarily because different people have different preferences. It may destroy links that others have made to the page. At best it makes it more difficult to maintain them.

The name field on the page is the database entry. You can create additional alternate names if necessary. It is not usually necessary as the search engine is very good with matching equivalent names. It is also not necessary to create an alt name just to add a middle name. The existing entry can be edited to add the middle name. Thanks. User:Jlanoux 8 September 2011

Elizabeth Covington [7 August 2013]

Hi, Erayc, I see you replaced Person:Elizabeth Covington (6) with Person:Elizabeth Covington (8) when you added information about her husband. This left Person:Elizabeth Covington (6) an orphan, without any links to her parents. I've merged the two pages so that neither is an orphan and there are no duplicate pages, plus this at least provides a source citation for Elizabeth's name as a child of her parents. Unfortunately, it's from a complied genealogy, although one that is based on frequently cited sources. Do you have other -- hopefully better -- sources for her information? It would be nice to see them if you do. Thanks, User:GayelKnott 7 August 2013

Thomas Burgess Jr. [12 September 2013]

Erayc- The birth death and marriages for Thomas Burgess Jr. are documented in: Katharine W. Hiam, Burgess Genealogy: Descendants of the Four Sons of Thomas Burgess... (New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, MA, 1997), Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT, 929.273 B912. Please look at page 3.

Kathrine was the great-great grand daughter of the author that you reference and she updated and corrected many of her ancestors mistakes and documented them. Ebenezer's documentation is almost non-existent.

Thomas Burgess Jr. birth: c. 1628 probably in England death: c. 1687 probably in Rhode Island

Roger User:Rgrbrgss 12 September 2013

Family:Isaac Newton and Sarah Belknap (2) [20 September 2013]

You recently added a daughter Margaret to this family for which you put a birth in 1736 Willinton, CT. This despite the fact that one year before this, the family had a child born, as recorded in town records, in Southborough, MA, and the father's will still described him as of Southborough at the time of his death, and despite the fact that his will listed no daughter Margaret. All with no sources. They had a daughter Margaret who was born 1729 in Southborough, but she is thought by Newton Genealogy to have died young as there is no mention of her in the will, as mentioned.

Please provide sources soon, as I believe this changes is in error, and should be undone, unless you can provide evidence to justify they are real, despite the appearances of unlikelihood I have just pointed out. User:Jrich 20 September 2013