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Combined Genealogy.paf does not appear to be a GEDCOM [29 December 2007]

We were not able to import your file, because it does not appear to be a GEDCOM file. Here are some related help topics:

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Combined.ged Imported Successfully [29 December 2007]

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Tibbetts Family.... [30 December 2007]

You seem to have done a couple of gedcom uploads that cross cover the Tibbetts family of Dover Neck. I hit upon the same family in working through the Tuttle family. I was trying to work through the entry in Savage. It's slow going. Anyway, I didn't want to work across purposes. Your GEDCOM uploads seem a lot more complete than what I've put in thus far...--Jrm03063 14:00, 30 December 2007 (EST)

Merge Richard Sears [13 May 2008]

Drew, this is a duplicate of Richard Sears(9) I added the merge link. Can we delete this page Richard Sears (13)--Lrsears 21:06, 12 May 2008 (EDT)

Thomas Roberts' wife [22 April 2009]

Hi Drewwalkerski,

Thomas Roberts' wife was not Mary HOLMES, but Robert Paddock's 3rd wife, Mary TRINE. Refer to the discussion at

Mary Trine m Thomas Roberts 25 Mar 1651 (Plymouth Colony Marriages to 1650 by Robert S. Wakefield) Her full name at the time was Mary TRINE PALMER PADDOCK b ca 1612/13

Neal--Neal Gardner 12:57, 22 April 2009 (EDT)

Bathsheba PARKER [6 January 2011]

Hi ~

Although my evidence is circumstantial, I believe that the parents of Bathsheba PARKER were probably Thomas PARKER (b. 19 Jan 1715/16 Boston) and Bathsheba SMITH (b. 14 Jun 1715 Sudbury, dau. of Dr. Thomas SMITH and his wife Elizabeth). For sure, Bathsheba PARKER's parents were NOT Thomas and Ellen. Someone may have misread the records; in any case, the error has been perpetuated on the Internet ever since.

Thomas and Ellen (____) Parker buried a 9-year-old son, Edwin, in Shaftsbury c. 1862. cf. Elwell, Levi Henry, Gravestone Records of Shaftsbury, Vermont, (Amherst, Mass., s.n.: 1911), 51. [Available at]--REDHEAD37 18:37, 6 January 2011 (EST)

Abigail Woodbury and John Starbuck [20 October 2012]

Hi Drewwalkerski,

Abigail Woodbury b. 2 Jun 1723 in Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island, USA. d/o Nathaniel Woodbury (1697-1741) & Abigail (4) Coffin (1701-1782)

Abigail, w. Peter Calef, w. John Starbuck (s. Paul and Ann, w. Dr. Benjamin Tupper, d. Nathaniel and Abigail, b. ___ __, ____, P.R.38. Nantucket V.R. (Page #619).

Abigail and Peter Calef, m. Aug. 16, 1744.* [Abigail, d. Nathaniel, and Peter Calef [dup. Calif.], s. Ebenezar (Califf) and Elizabeth (Fitch), P.R. 38.] Nantucket V.R. (Pg. #518).

Abigail and Daniel Prior, m. Jan. 18, 1784. [Abigail, d. Nathaniel, and Daniel Prior, s. Jeremiah, P.R. 38.] Nantucket V.R. (Pg. #518).

John (5) Starbuck b. 16 Feb. 1725 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA d. 1755 Lost at Sea. s/o Paul (4) Starbuck (1694-1759) & Ann Tibbetts ( - 1736

John (5) was a whaling ship Captain, son of Paul (4); Nathaniel (3),(2); Edward (1) Starbuck. See: Starbucks All (1635-1985) by James Carlton Starbuck. pg. 255.

John, s. Paul and Anna, b. 16th, 2 mo. 1725. [s. Paul and Ann, C.R.4. h. Abigail (Woodbury) Calif, s. Paul and Ann (Tibbetts) (first w.), P.R.38.] Nantucket V.R. (Page #502).

Best Regards,

Larry Wert 12:47, 20 October 2012 (EDT)