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Bankstons of Red River County [24 July 2012]

Welcome aboard WeRelate -- I think you're going to find this is a different sort of genealogy site than you've probably been used to. Regarding the Bankstons, I ought to say up front that I'm not connected to them -- not directly. I spent 30+ years on the staff of the Dallas Public Library, began doing serious genealogy back in the '60s, and did a good deal of research on my ex-wife's family, the Jacksons, who were from Red River. Micajah's wife, Sarah, was a gr-gr-however-many-gr-aunt of my wife. I got particularly interested in old Red River, though, and did a master's thesis on the area. We used to go up there every year, to the "grave working" at Lone Star Cemetery, which was on Calvin Jackson's land, and I talked to the old folks and took lots of notes. And I spent probably several hundred hours at the courthouse over the years. I'm now remarried, retired, and living near Baton Rouge, and I haven't physically been back to Clarksville in more than a decade. But now I'll have to go back through my tons of notes and see if there's anything on the Bankstons I neglected to post.

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