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William Ramsey / Reuben Wilhite

  • 944386 Green Co marriage abs (w/index) 1780-1855 (at LARFHC), look for RW+MY 3/12/1794, look for other Wilhites, Ramseys
  • then follow up on Greene Co marriage certs in 1148701 (1780-1809) and ff
  • also look at Burgner's will abs 1783-1890 (976.891 P28b)
  • find marriage of RW2+EJ abt 1824 in Greene/Cocke/Polk? birth of Keziah abt 1826
  • find marriage of KW+WR, said Reliance, Polk Co, TN 1842/43
  • get add'l DAR apps

Horace E. Ray (Notes)

tried finding birth cert in Shepherdstown, Jefferson, WV films (829325, 829326), but struck out

  • put out inquiry on surname boards
  • look at Jeff Co related Source pages
  • 249913 (court recs index by name Q-Z)
  • 1838372/2-3 (birth index)

James Maurice Carter

born 31 May 1903 in Ohio. where exactly? parents James Sr and Dora Clarke?

Karmelich / Uglesich

get started!




  • 991801
    • #2[>76] c 26 Oct 1679 John so John Chatses
    • #3[>218] m 19 Oct 1697 John Chatt & Alice Cartington
  • 991802
    • #1 - m 1 Jun 1657, Thomas Cartington & Jane Dinninge
    • #1[~30] - m 19 Oct 1697, John Chatt & Alice Cartington
    • #1 - c 9 Mar 1672, Alice do Thos Cartington
    • #1[>34] - c 26 Oct 1679, John, son of John Chatses
  • above all done. looked at all bapts from 1673-168408, found no other Chatts (or Chatses) (did find couple Chester)
  • who was Joseph Chatt's wife? (m 14 Dec 1816)
  • did James R Chatt have a child in Eng? a wife? (Frances c 7 Mar 1865)


  • 252518 (Allendale OPR: birth James, Frances, many others)
  • 252522 (Allendale OPR: marriage Joseph/Maria)


  • look at All of the Above I by Richard Baldwin Cook, with ancestry of Oliver Swaine Taylor, including much bio detail, apparently from notes handed down through Oliver's son Charles
  • check out Mary Gye, an ancestor of Oliver Swaine Taylor's mother Bridget Walton (ancestry given in the Cook book referenced above), who is said to descend from Henry III of England; look for the term "gateway ancestor"; see NEHGS genealogist Gary Boyd Roberts book The Royal Descents of 600 Immigrants; see this blog
  • look into New Englanders in the 1600s by Martin Hollick, said to be authoritative modern NEHGS scholarship on colonial NE families, correcting much misinformation propagated earlier
  • follow up on Parsons book available on Google, with ancestry of Catherine Gould Parsons, mother of Edward Payson Taylor
  • who is Mary Taylor, buried 10/12/1881 at Greenwood in same lot as my Taylors and Holts
  • good stuff on for colonial families


Clean up the tree, it looks like there are missing links (or they got disconnected?). The tree has the original immigrant William Comstock down a couple generations, but then there seems to be a gap, until Aaron Comstock, the son of Lydia Comstock and unknown father.