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Dead ends. Lost records… And then the uncanny researcher who when she enters the library, walks the stacks and pulls out a treasure-filled book on a whim. That’s me, occasionally.

Big nose to sniff things out
I started genealogizing when I was 12, tagging along with my mom and her mom into libraries, sitting in the stacks and smelling old books. To entertain me, they let me choose an ancestor to look for; when I chose Phebe Davis, who married Benjamin Sackett around 1754, they wondered why I wanted to look for the needle in the haystack. I hunted her for 12 years before I found reference to her in George Holcomb's diary, many versions of which are online, and one of which, at The Sackett Family Association, references the death of "Old Widow Sackett." However, I just found out that the entire 1200 page diary is in the future going to be sold on CD by the Stephentown Historical Society, though the timeline is not yet determined. (And in 2010 I discovered that Weygant attached the wrong Daniel Sackett to Benjamin and Phebe and they aren't my ancestors afterall. Oh well, I got to traipse about in cool cemeteries looking for their ornate gravemarkers.)

I have just over 3100 people in my The Master Genealogist (TMG) database. Tiny successes keep me going.


This is a paragraph my grandmother (who started us all on genealogy) and I thought up:
It's True! I had to grin and Barrett the other Knight I watched you chase the bird that was Moulton. You were Runayan and Perkins in a fogg and making a Noyes with a Bell. However, you smelled like a Rose tho you were Eaton Pike. Wynont take Youer Brown Carr and Hubble down the road of genealogy toward a Phetterplace Mundy, Cutting the Oates that grew by the Marsh, not the Beach, Sackett them and put them in the Barnard, and take that Fairchild with you.


I'm willing to do lookups for the books and journals I have, namely:

  • Indexes to Irish Wills 1536-1858, W.P.W. Phillimore & Gertrude Thrift (eds.), Indexes to Irish Wills, 5 vols (1909-20) *new*
  • Descendants of Hugh Mosher and Rebecca Maxson through Seven Generations, revised edition (Chamberlain and Clarenbach, compilers)
  • Barr, F. Richard, transcriber. "Church of the Assumption, Syracuse, NY, 1844-1860 Baptisms." TreeTalks, December 2006. (available for sale at Central New York Genealogical Society, partially available to search at Sound-based Database Index to Journal)
  • Kingston New Hampshire Early Families, Patriots & Soldiers (Kathleen E. Hosier)
  • Jackson, Mary S. and Edward F. Jackson. Marriage and Death Notices from Seneca County, New York Newspapers, 1817-1885. Bowie, Maryland: Heritage Books, Inc, 1997.
  • Savage, James. A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England. 1860-1862; Digital reprint, Columbia, Maryland: Archive CD Books USA. 2005.

Research Interests


Daniel Sackett b. 1788

  • Which Daniel Sackett is Benjamin and Phebe (Davis) Sackett's son?

Turns out my Daniel Sackett most likely isn't related to Captain Sackett and Phebe Davis. The will of Daniel Sackett of Troy contains evidence that the Daniel of Troy who married Sarah Pardee was actually the son of Captain Benjamin, as opposed to my Daniel Sackett who married Abigail Smith.

Update 27 July 2011: Based on the Surrogate's Record of Benjamin Sackett (d. 1826, husband of Phebe Davis), Daniel Sackett of Troy is his son: Daniel was the administrator, and he was also referred to as Benjamin's son. So my Daniel is orphaned.


  • using wiki platforms as practice management software in a legal environment
  • copyright issues
  • records management
  • old text-based computer games as new media literature

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