Raner and Winnie family connection and research

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Crossville, Cumberland, Tennessee, United States
Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee, United States
Deerfield Township, Warren, Pennsylvania, United States
Eldred, Warren, Pennsylvania, United States
Corry, Erie, Pennsylvania, United States
Steuben, New York, United States
Allegany, New York, United States
Cayuga, New York, United States
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1820 - 1910


Raner and Winne relations?

Jeremiah Raner, son of Joshua and Hannah (Vangilder) Raner and sister to Almira Raner, enlisted in Company B of the 86th New York Infantry, as did Louis Winne and his son James N. Winne. Jeremiah Raner, his mother Hannah and sister Lurinda were near neighbors to the Winne family in both Stueben and Cayuga counties in 1850 and 1860 (and 1855?). Both families traveled back and forth between the two counties and stayed within close range of each other.

Louis Winne married Eunice Raner.

Peter Winnie in Genesis, TN

Facts, Folks, and Photos of Cumberland County, Tennessee

Peter Winnie lived in Genesis, TN.

from "Genesis" by Lenora Goss Elmore (p.219): "One of the early settlers, Peter Winnie gave land for a cemetery where Winnies, Hyders, and Stevens are buried." Louis Winnie is buried in this cemetery.

Is Peter why Louis and Eunice went down to Genesis, TN and Crossville, Tennessee? Were they related? When did Peter die?

1870 Eldred, Warren County, Pennsylvania Winnie's

Though Eunice and Lewis are nowhere to be found, there are Winne's living in Eldred in 1870. (Louis' brother Henry M. and family.)

Migration research

I can find no trace of the Louis & Eunice (Raner) Winnie family between 1860 to 1871. I know that their daughter was married in Pennsylvania in 1871 and apparently had a few kids there, and that Louis bought land in 1871 in Knox County, Tennessee. Why did they drop through Pennsylvania? And are they hiding in the Warren County census somewhere?

Lizy Dewillegar

Dewillegar affidavit
Dewillegar affidavit
In the witness section of Eunice's pension application for her son, James, an Eliza Dewillegar said she knew Eunice since James (Eunice and Lewis' first born) was 3 months old.

In the 1880 census from the 6th district of Crossville, Cumberland, TN, living with Louis and Eunice is Lizy Dovelger, "sister". Census recorders weren't the most accurate in their descriptions; I've had ancestors in the past be described as brothers or sisters when in fact they were in-laws. The information that I have on Lewis' family does not include a sister Lizy, or any sister at all, actually. So to whomever she may be related - whether she's a sister or a sister-in-law, I'm trying to track her down and hoping she will lead me to much more information. Besides, it's fun.

1880 in Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee

Living with Lewis and Eunice, age 67.

1870 in Deerfield, Warren County, Pennsylvania

There is an Eliza Dawilager living with the family of James Brown as a servant. She is 56. Josephine Winnie and Joseph Bassett were married in Corry, Erie County, Pennsylvania around 1870. Louis Winne and son John were in Knoxville, TN in 1871.