This template is used with Template:1900-UScensusData. This holds the actual content of the census enumerations.

It is not an error that there is no beginning or ending table codes: {| |}. The Template:1900-UScensusData holds the beginning and ending table formatting marks. Please do not add them to this template.

Note that there is a hard return after the end row mark. This is so that if you're adding more than one row, it will appear on the next row instead of a continuation of the first row.

Example (with this template's usage in bold):
{{1900-UScensusData|Residence=Mead, PA|Row={{1850-UScensusRow|Dwelling=412|Family=412|Name=Jabez B. Sackett|Age=48|Sex=M|Color= |Profession=Farmer|Value= |Birth=Massa|Marriage= |School= |Illiterate= |Disability= }}{{1850-UScensusRow|Dwelling=412|Family=412|Name=Jabez B. Sackett|Age=48|Sex=M|Color= |Profession=Farmer|Value= |Birth=Massa|Marriage= |School= |Illiterate= |Disability= }} }}

Results in:

1850 U.S. Census Population Schedule. Residence: Mead, PA.{{{CiteLink}}}
Dwelling Family Name Age Sex Color Profession Value Birth Marriage School Illiterate Disability
412 412 Jabez B. Sackett 48 M Farmer Massa
Mary do 48 F Housekeeper Massa

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