These charts last updated 2 Apr 2010 were put here in the hopes that they provide a quick overview of my research. Not all of this has been input into WeRelate.

These five charts start with various grandparents of my spouse and I, to avoid living people. In my experience, these charts span some of the toughest years to research in the United States: before 1850 when the census starting listing household members, but not yet to the period of the 1600's which historians and genealogists have studied extensively; and in addition, this was a period affected by the beginnings of the Western migration into areas without established governments and record keeping.

My research does often extend back many generations beyond what is shown. I have chosen to limit my research to persons who lived in the United States for now. In the future, I may follow lines overseas, but as I have no shortage of things to research at the present, I have no immediate plans to expand my focus. (For those that are good at counting, the missing grandparents are not included because there are too few generations post-immigration to justify a chart.)

"Wisconsin" Branch

This chart represents a migration from various England, Massachusetts and New York locations to Wisconsin.

James Richardson
Abt 1770 Scot-? Canada
A. B. Richardson
1834 NY-1929 WI
Christian Outterson
Abt 1796 Scot-1884 Canada
Frank Richardson
1861 WI-1954 FL
William Phipps
1807 Eng-1887 WI
Elizabeth Phipps
1834 Eng-1909 WI
Elizabeth ?
1810? Eng-1900 WI
F. J. Richardson
Joseph Anderson
1755 MA-1839 NY
Harvey Anderson
1797 MA-1859 WI
Hannah Packard
1764 MA-1846 NY
Warren B. Anderson
1827 NY-1897 WI
Grinman Austin
1773 RI-1834 NY
Betsey Austin
1798 MA-1859 WI
Sarah Hawley
1777 NY-1813 NY
Josephine Anderson
1863 WI-1933 WI
John Randall?
Phineas Randall
1787 RI?-1851 WI
Marietta Randall
1832 NY-1911 WI
Samuel Sherman
1756 RI-1822 NY
Ruth M. Sherman
1795 NY-1849 PA
Sarah Sawyer
1761 RI-1832 NY

"Michigan" Branch

This chart is the migration of some families from Rhode Island and New York, mostly having Quaker roots, and ending in Michigan. Obviously, there are still many open research questions here. (LI=Long Island)

Adam Harkness, Jr.
1750 RI-1826 MA
David Harkness
1779 RI-1845 MI
Thankful Sherman
1756 MA-1824 MA
Daniel? W. Harkness
1825 NY-1850 MI
Daniel Willis
Mary Willis
1784 LI-1850 MI
Phebe Marvin
1763 LI-1795? LI
Edwin Harkness
1850 MI-1919 MI
Sarah ?
1828 NY?-1853 MI
Lillian Harkness
Sidney Field
Jennie M. Field
1858 MI-1931 MI
Mary Olmstead

"Pennsylvania" Branch

These families are from Lehigh and Berks counties of Pennsylvania.

David? Reimert
William A. Reimert
1852 PA-1935 PA
Isaac Miller, Jr.
1803 PA-1855 PA
Mary Miller
1833 PA-1882 PA
Hannah Sontag
1807 PA-1883 PA
William A. Reimert
1877 PA-1920 China
Daniel Follweiler
1788? PA-1865 PA
Daniel Follweiler
1818 PA-1863
Rebecca Straub
1797 PA-1875 PA
Jane Follweiler
1851 PA-1912 PA
Andreas Reitz
1791 PA-1867 PA
Polly Reitz
1824 PA-1897 PA
Anna Maria Oswald
1791 PA-1868 PA
Kathryn Reimert
Christian Schneider
1750?-1821 PA
Johannes Schneider
1792 PA-1864 PA
Susanna Beck
1753-1831 PA
Daniel Snyder
1834 PA-1900 PA
Jacob Hausman
1764 PA-1831 PA
Barbara Hausmann
1796 PA-1851 PA
Catherine Mosser
1766 PA-bef. 1831 PA
Mary Snyder
1874 PA-1968 PA
Jacob Ettinger
1782-1828 PA
Jacob Ettinger
1812 PA-1894 PA
Phillipina Schmidt
1781-1864 PA
Sarah Ettinger
1844 PA-1921 PA
Jonas Ebert
1791 PA-1877 PA
Juliana Ebert
1825 PA-1913 PA
Maria Bachman
1798 PA-1887 PA

"Texas" Branch

This is a southern branch, migrating from Virginia and the two Carolinas, through Tennesse, and then G.T.T. (Gone To Texas) during the Panic of 1837.

Charles King, Jr.
1763? NC-1819 NC
William King
1786? NC-1825 TN
Elizabeth Rhodes
1763? NC-1793 NC
John R. King
1816 TN-1898 TX
George Petty
1767 NC-1840 TN
Rachel Petty
1791 SC-1872 TX
Lydia Harrington
1773 NC-1852 TN
John E. King
1858 TX-1904 TX
John Wheeler
1761 MA-1845 NH
John Wheeler
1786 NH-1867 TX
Abigail Flint
1763 MA-1813 NH
Ruth E. Wheeler
1825 TN-1910 TX
Daniel Milner
Abt. 1767 SC-1797 SC
Martha Milner
1793 SC-1836 MS
Martha Wood
1770 SC-1840 TN
John A. King
Samuel McIntire
1763 MD-1827 DC
Solomon McIntire
1797 DC-? VA
Rebecca Hersey
1765 MD-1808 DC
Eldridge W. McIntire
1834 VA-1916 VA
Joseph Clark
1752 VA-1839 VA
Eunice Clark
1798 VA-? VA
Ann Haynes
1758 VA-1807 VA
Hester G. McIntire
1863 VA-1897 TX
William Estes
Abt. 1743 VA-1828 VA
William Estes
1783 VA-1851 VA
Frances Golding
Abt. 1750 VA-?
Lucy M. Estes
1840 VA-1910 VA
Isaac Moore
?-1833 VA
Martha Moore
1805 VA-1880 VA
Hannah ?

New England Branch

The merging of a Massachusetts family with a Maine family, both having New England roots back to first half of the 1600s.

Jesse Kendall
1756 MA-1817 MA
Paul R. Kendall
1792 MA-1845 MA
Elizabeth Raymond
1760 MA-1848 MA
Nathan Kendall
1824 MA-1871 IL
Nathan Nickerson
1763 MA-1849 MA
Jane Nickerson
1796 MA-1852 MA
Sarah Nickerson
1761 MA-1823 MA
George M. Kendall
1863 IN-1936 IL
Samuel Reed
1754 MA-1812 MA
Stephen Reed
1790 MA-1847 MA
Anna Shaw
1760 MA-1844 MA
Abby J. Reed
1827 MA-1912 IL
John Moore
1754 MA-1832 VT
Jerusha Moore
1791 MA-1861 MA
Mary Bruce
1755 MA-1825 VT
Grace Kendall
Edward Skillin
1784 ME-1844 ME
Thomas L. Skillin
1815 ME-1895 ME
Eunice Libby
1791 ME-Bef. 1829 ME
Thomas J. Skillin
1843 ME-1912 IL
Johnson Libby
1797 ME-1845 ME
Eliza Ann Libby
1822 ME-1875 ME
Eveline Tyler
1798 ME-Bef. 1880 ME
Abbie E. Skillin
1875 ME-1958 IL
Jeremiah Deering
Abt. 1769 ME-1852 ME
William Deering
1812 ME-1878 ME
Molly Sawyer
?-1857 ME
Abby F. Deering
1844 ME-1933 IL
Daniel Larrabee
1782 ME-1864 ME
Betsey S. Larrabee
1821 ME-1893 ME
Mary Quimby/Quinby
Abt. 1793 ME-1863 ME