Horatio Gates Trout Golden Wedding Anniversery 9-11-1899
Horatio Gates Trout Golden Wedding Anniversery 9-11-1899


About myself

My name is Michael J. Trout. I go by "h0riz0n" on the internet. The name comes from horizon dragon a mythical dragon I invented in my days playing Dungeon & Dragons as a child. It was a creature focused only on acquiring & seeking the truth, and it became a metaphor for my soul, spirit and passion. I now live in Japan with my amazing wife “princess” Katusko... not only is she the only woman I have kissed in Japan, but the first time we kissed on September 5 the region experienced two earthquakes we were so involved in our kissing that we didn’t feel the earth shaking beneath us! I live a simple life modeled after many great philosophers that I respeact. I do what I want and have no desire for wealth or material things(outside my computer, ipod, books on tape and of course what my wife wants). I teach English conversation to kids, which hardly can be considered a job because it’s too much fun and I write and philosophize on metaphysics. I have many books I want to undertake, but lack the aptitude to write them and I will probably spend my life musing about doing so… Like my German forefathers did in America, I too have made the bold move to bring our genetic lines to Asia. My great grandfather was a methodist minister and I too find spirituality very important to my life. I wander if I inherited the gene? There's little that I dislike about Japan and I often muse about quite the oposite on my blog. I truly love living in the region of Japan where Zen Buddhism was founded, it somehow fits my temperament. Genealogy is important for the future generations I hope to leave behind before I re-enter the great distributed unconsciousness of existence.

Research overview

I am researching my genealogy lines; specifically: Trout line. (see Line #33, 8, and 2) out of Northumbland County, PA. I recently, through a 25 Marker DNA test, identified my direct line to Balthazar TRAUT, Sr. of Colebrookdale Twp, Berks, PA and to The Brethren Trout's). I hopes to use my 25-marker Y-DNA test to link Balthazar TRAUT, Sr. to even earlier known TRAUT line. The following is my research statement:


To connect with humanity and history by understanding the legacies and challenges of my ancestors


  • To reach as far back as possible into the origins of my ancestors and to build a detailed historic family tree to pass down to future generation to build upon.
  • To uncover the mystery behind Hester Pursel.
  • To use the research as a way to connect my future “Asian” children to their western/Germanic heritage by demonstrating how western history was very relevant to them being born
  • Help establish a wiki geneology website to help me facilitate my vision and goals. (see below)


One of the greatest challenges facing individuals, families and their communities is the homogenization and destruction of cultures via the pop culture movement and globalization. Divorce has become an epidemic along side drug addition and quick fixes. I believe that by connecting with the foot prints that brought us to our present, can be a means to help strengthen a family/world heritage. History is meaningless if it doesn’t connect to us and there is no better way than to do so via family genealogy. This can be accomplished by uncovering our ancestors’ journey and sharing them in our bedtime stories with our kids and their future generations. For example: The early German line Trout’s were, in many ways, what we would call religious fundamentalists and participated in the very first adult submersion baptism in America. Knowing that inherently has made me a more sympathetic and open-minded individual, because I see my legacy as a founding member of the whole fundamentalist "born again" movement that is sweeping the country. I also ponder if my profound quest and exploration into the question of the meaning of God comes from a epigenetic religious legacy passed down. These questions become even more evident when you start to take into account the lastest epigenetic discoveries and the whole question of passed down traits.

Idea is to help establish a wikigeneology] website where one can start to build a database of history's of our ancestors. Not only will this serve as a means to unite all the independent genealogy webpages, it will also become a people driven genealogy webpage that is updated, cross referenced daily and will serve to help ignite the fire under genealogy and connect humanity with its history.

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