Trout-DNA Research Project Newsletter 08/06/06


TROUT-DNA Research Project Newsletter 08/06/06 Written and published by CraigTrout AT aol DOT com.

The TROUT-DNA Research Project Newsletter is published on an as-needed basis to provide project members with updates regarding our DNA project and other TROUT-related items of general interest. Distribution has recently been expanded to also include those TROUT researchers who are currently considering DNA testing or have shown strong interest in otherwise supporting our project.

NEW IN THIS ISSUE: We welcome two new members Daniel E. Kelley and Verlan E. Troutt; we announce two new match clusters “C” and “D”; and we announce important merger news at FTDNA.



We are very pleased to welcome new member Daniel Eugene Kelley of Mount Clemens, Michigan, which is just north of Detroit and near the shoreline of Lake Saint Claire. Daniel and his wife Marty are researching his ancestral line through [Londora L. TROUT b. 1859], who we believe was the son of Marcus H. TROUT, son of Line #37 [Levi TROUT of Rockingham County, VA]. Daniel’s line is unusual in that his father, Robert Francis TROUT, was adopted as a small child by his maternal grandparents, Daniel W. and Jennie KELLEY, hence the formal name change in 1925 from TROUT to KELLEY. Regardless of this adoption, Daniel has correctly surmised that he would still carry his father's TROUT DNA, and is now searching with the very able assistance of his wife Marty for his true TROUT origins.

Specifically, Daniel is the son of Robert Francis TROUT KELLEY, son of Lester Earl TROUT, son of Londora L. “Lon” TROUT, son of Marcus H. TROUT, son of Line #37 Levi TROUT. The specifics of Daniel's line, starting with his father, can be viewed here

We anticipate that DNA testing will come back as a near or perfect match with Match Cluster “B” in our study, thus validating this line. Daniel is testing at the 12-marker level and is looking forward to his results. If anyone has TROUT information that may help Daniel and Marty in their research, they would love to hear from you and can be reached at < >.

Welcome Daniel and Marty, we are truly delighted that you have joined our research efforts!


We also wish to extend a very warm welcome to our newest member, Verlan E. Troutt of Conyers, Georgia, which is just southeast of Atlanta. Verlan is just getting a good start on his TROUTT family line, but we have already been able to quickly help him establish his presumptive line back to Line #1, [Johann Wendel Georg TRAUT of Lancaster County, PA]. Many of Verlan’s recent generations are associated with Knox County, Tennessee. His line is interesting in that it has gone through three distinct surname spellings -- TRAUT to TROUT, and finally to TROUTT.

Specifically, Verlan is the son of Verlan TROUTT, Sr., son of Alfred Alexander TROUTT, son of William W. TROUTT, son of civil war soldier George W. TROUTT, son of George TROUTT, son of Jacob Clemons TROUT, son of Hans Nicholas TRAUT, son of Line #1 immigrant Johann Wendel Georg TRAUT of Lancaster County, PA. The details of Verlan’s line, starting with his grandfather Alfred Alexander TROUTT, can be viewed here.

Verlan is testing at the 25-marker level, and it is anticipated that he may be a close or perfect match to Match Cluster “B” in our study. Based on the strength of his documentation, if he does come back as a match, this would add even more weight to the emerging evidence that Match Cluster “B” is actually the true DNA line for Line #1, not the previous reference line we had first identified. If anyone has TROUTT / TROUT / TRAUT information that will aid Verlan in his research, he can be reached at: v_troutt AT bellsouth DOT net.

Again, welcome Verlan, we are truly delighted to have you with us!


When member George Howard Trout’s results recently came back as a perfect 12/12 match with member Douglas Trout’s Line #7, [Henry George TROUT b. 1770 of London, England], it resulted in a third match cluster which we have now designated as Match Cluster “C” in our study. It is the “plum” colored band in our display panel of results. As you may recall from previous newsletters, member George Howard Trout is from Cedar Park, Texas, and member Douglas Trout is from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Douglas is the son of Hector G. Trout who wrote the 1985 “Trout Family History - John Emerson Branch,” which supplements the William H. Trout 1916 history of this same English line of TROUTs that immigrated to Canada, and then down into the Midwestern United States. While based on documentation it was fully anticipated that George Howard Trout of Texas would match this line, finally receiving this perfect DNA match now helps fully validate his traditional genealogy research. Congratulations George!


In a very interesting turn of events, we have also had a surprise match between Line #38 and Line #40 in our study, thus resulting in yet another match cluster we have now designated as “D.” It is the “coral” colored band in our display panel of results. Project member Harry Russell Trout’s Line #38 begins with Frederick TROUT, b. circa 1802, perhaps in Lebanon County, PA. This line is of great interest to us in that it might ultimately link to Line #14, Johannes TRAUT, beer brewer from Lambsheim, Germany, who ultimately settled in Upper Dublin Twp near Philadelphia by 1712. Johannes’ descendants eventually settled in Lebanon County, PA, where Frederick TROUT soon emerges. While intriguing, this is still very circumstantial in weight.

The surprise came when Harry Russell Trout’s Line #38 recently came back as a near-perfect 11/12 match with Timothy Allen Traut’s Line #40, Carl Adam TRAUT b. 13 Jul 1864 in Germany. In that Carl Adam TRAUT did not even immigrate to the U.S. until 1882, some 80 years after Frederick TROUT had been born in Pennsylvania, the two lines must be related at a much earlier generation in Germany. If we can now find Carl Adam TRAUT’s parents in Germany, it would be interesting to work the line on back to see what regions they came from. It would be truly fascinating if we find a link to Lambsheim! Congratulations to Harry Russell Trout regarding this truly intriguing match! Research continues.


Our selected processing labs, Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) of Houston, TX, has recently announced their plans to purchase the German-based company, DNA-Fingerprint, thus adding many future capabilities and expanded processing capacity to their existing DNA processing operations. DNA-Fingerpint, which is based near Berlin, Germany offers many forms of very complex, advanced testing techniques, to even include licked postage stamps or similar DNA sources. Off topic, but they even offer DNA testing for dog breeders. DNA-Fingerprint services will be available to FTDNA members (all members of our TROUT-DNA Research Project), in about mid-September. FTDNA is setting up a new state-of-the-art laboratory next to their Houston offices to accommodate the pending merger and greatly expanded DNA processing services.

The FTDNA press release giving many additional interesting details can be viewed here.

The main DNA-Fingerpint company website can be viewed here.

The list of DNA-Fingerprint services that will soon be made available to TROUT-DNA Research Project members through FTDNA can be viewed here.>

It will take us some time to absorb the details of this huge expansion of available services, but I will highlight those services which I believe will be of greatest interest in future editions of our newsletter. I will be attending the Annual FTDNA Group Administrator's Conference in Houston this November, and I am sure we will learn many more details then, and perhaps even get a detailed tour of the new labs.

In summary... Wow!!


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