Trout-DNA Resarch Project Newsletter 04/01/06


Written and published by Craig Trout.

The TROUT-DNA Research Project Newsletter is published on an as-needed basis to provide project members with updates regarding our DNA project and other TROUT-related items of general interest. Distribution has recently been expanded to also include those TROUT researchers who are currently considering DNA testing or have shown strong interest in otherwise supporting our project.



We are delighted to welcome our newest member, Jon E. Traud of Gold River, which is located on the American River not far northeast of Sacramento, California. Jon is testing at the 37-marker level and is researching his line back to Johannes TRAUD born 13 Oct 1711 in Herbstein, Hessen, Germany. Jon reports that he will provide a research statement once his results start to come in. We are excited to have this line included in our research since several of our lines with REO's (recent ethnic origins) in Germany may link into Jon’s lines also. Welcome Jon, we are truly delighted to have your with us!


A very warm welcome also goes out to Timothy Allen Traut of Ventura, which is northwest of Los Angeles, towards Santa Barbara. Timothy is testing at the 12-marker level to begin to learn more about his TRAUT line. We will post more on Timothy's line once we have additional details. To prevent confusion between Timothy Allen Traut of Ventura and our other member with a very similar name, Timothy Hayden Trout of St. Louis, I will often also include their middle names as we post results and such. Welcome, Timothy, we are truly delighted you have joined us and will do all we can to help you with your TRAUT line research.


Michael Trout, who descends from [[althazar Trout Sr. b. cir 1740 Germantown, PA|Balthazar TROUT Sr. of Colebrookdale Twp, Berks, PA] (Line #8) via son John W. TROUT of Northumberland County, PA (Line #33) has submitted an interesting research statement, which in addition to discussing his own line, also suggests the idea of expanding a “WikiTree” site on the popular Wikipedia site on the Internet. For those of you not familiar with the concept, the Wikipedia site is an on-line encyclopedia composed of user-submitted articles.

  • If you would like to see an example of Michael's propsoed “WikiTree” family data postings, see [1] (NOTE: Michael has subsequently moved his research to WeRelate)
  • Also see Michael's explanations on TROUT GenForum to here.

The following is Michael's research statement as currently posted on our website:


  • To connect with humanity by understanding the legacies of our ancestors


  • To reach as far back as possible into the origins of my ancestors and to build a detailed historic family tree to pass down to future generation to build upon.
  • To uncover the mystery behind Hester Pursel and her estranged husband John W. Trout
  • To use the research as a way to connect my future “Asian” children to their western/Germanic heritage by demonstrating how western history was very relevant to them being born
  • Help establish Wikigeneology. (see below)

Statement: One of the greatest challenges facing individuals, families and their communities is the homogenization and destruction of cultures via the pop culture movement and globalization. Divorce has become an epidemic along side drug addition and quick fixes. I believe that by connecting with the foot prints that brought us to our present, can be a means to help strengthen a family/world heritage. History is meaningless if it doesn't connect to us and there is no better way than to do so via family genealogy. This can be accomplished by uncovering our ancestors’ journey and sharing them in our bedtime stories with our kids and their future generations. For example: The early German line Trout’s were, in many ways, what we would call religious fundamentalists and participated in the very first adult submersion baptism in America. Knowing that inherently has made me a more sympathetic and open-minded individual, because I see my legacy as a founding member of the whole fundamentalist "born again" movement that is sweeping the country. I also ponder if my profound quest and exploration into the question of the meaning of God comes from an epigenetic religious legacy passed down. These questions become even more evident when you start to take into account the latest epigenetic discoveries and the whole question of passed down traits.

Idea is to establish Wikigeneology website where one can start to build a database of history's of our ancestors. Not only will this serve as a means to unite all the independent genealogy webpages, it will also become a people driven genealogy webpage what is updated, cross referenced daily and will serve to help ignite the fire under genealogy and connect ancestors with history.

If you are interested in joining in this endeavor please contact him at: mjtrout AT gmail DOT com.


Robert T. “Bob” Trout of Lehigh County, PA is researching his Jacob TROUT, Sr. line (see Line #24) out of Earl Twp, Berks, PA, and hopes to use his 12-marker Y-DNA test to link Jacob TROUT, Sr. to an earlier known TRAUT line. The following is Bob's research statement: “When I first started in tracing my roots, I never realized that it would become so addictive and really enjoyable, as well as fascinating. I started with my grandfather on my father's (Howard Edward TROUT, Jr. 1913-1981) side because I did not know him. Since my father never talked about him, I never even knew my father was a “junior.” I found my grandfather (Howard Edward TROUT, Sr. 1881-1923) and my grandmother (Ida L. nee HEFFLEGER TROUT 1878-1950), as well as my father's brother (Francis Lincoln TROUT 1916-1920) who died when he was only 4 years old. They’re buried in Fairview Cemetery in Bethlehem, PA.

I was 10 years old when my grandmother Ida died, so I could not talk to her about my ancestors. I looked up Howard Sr.’s obituary and that was where I found his parents, Abraham TROUT 1850-1927 and Sara nee KERPER TROUT 1858-1947. Then with the help of the Internet and friends, I was able to find the my next generation, Benjamin TROUT 1823-1889 and Harriet nee RETGEN or REDCLAY TROUT circa 1828-after 1880, then on to my next generation, Abraham TROUT 1802-1884 and Elizabeth nee REITENAUER TROUT circa 1799-1841, son of Samuel TROUT 1782-1858 and Magdalena nee HARTLEIN TROUT 1782-1864, son of Jacob TROUT, Sr. Abt. 1735-1761, Germantown, Philadelphia, PA, and possible wife Anna Elizabeth nee RAES TROUT circa 1740-before 1813.

But I cannot take credit for finding my line, for it was with the help of Craig Trout and a lady who researched for me on a site and sent me a lot of material. But my line goes back to Jacob TROUT, Sr. circa 1735-1817, or at least it appears that way. My hopes are that Y-DNA testing will get us to Jacob Sr. and maybe to the TRAUT Brethren of Germantown. I am connected with Bill Koehler and we have already exchanged letters. I did not believe that I could possibly find ancestors dating back to the 1700’s. I thought maybe with luck I could go to my great-great grandfather, but never beyond, and now with lots of help, we have gone even further.

As far as my family, there is only my mother, Marian Louise nee GESSNER TROUT 1916- and myself. I having no children and I am the last of my line, although my brother, Richard Edward TROUT 1938-1999, left two beautiful daughters and three grandchildren, and they are the ones I hope will benefit most from this research. I would be interested in corresponding with anyone else also researching my Jacob TROUT, Sr. line. You can reach me at < vietvet66 AT hotmail DOT com >.


Our selected testing company, "Family Tree DNA - Genealogy by Genetics, Ltd," has recently announced a new 59-marker test, plus available upgrades from all lower definition testing levels. In addition, several of the prices for testing levels have dropped slightly. Here is the complete list the new prices:

  • Y-DNA12 $99
  • Y-DNA25 $159
  • Y-DNA37 $189
  • Y-DNA59 $269
  • Y-Refine12to25 $49
  • Y-Refine12to37 $99
  • Y-Refine12to59 $189
  • Y-Refine25to37 $49
  • Y-Refine25to59 $148
  • Y-Refine37to59 $99
  • Y-DNA12+mtDNA $199
  • Y-DNA37+mtDNAPlus $339
  • Y-DNA59+mtDNAPlus $409
  • SuperDNA (y-DNA59+Full mtDNA Sequence) ...$935

As always, we continue to suggest that most new members start at the 12-marker level to determine if they have any matches or near matches, and then upgrade if they wish to have greater levels of definition in terms of likely generations that are related. Of course, members are welcome to test at any level that meets their research needs and fits their budget. As a reminder, if you do upgrade your test, you do not need to do a new cheek swabbing, they simply use your original sample again for a new DNA extract


As members may know from our web site, the TROUT-DNA Research Project is a proud member and supporter of the International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG). In an effort to ensure that we are providing our project members with quality DNA research services and genealogy resources, we requested a ISOGG Peer Review of our research project. We received our results on 03/14/06 and we are very pleased to report that we faired very well in deed. Only very minor suggestions were offered regarding our web site and services, and these have all now been incorporated. In the very near future, we will be honored to post the “ISOGG Peer Reviewed” logo to our site, one of only a handful of sites worldwide that have now successfully completed this new peer review process. Thank you to our project members and associates who have made useful suggestions that have made this very successful peer review possible.


No folks, I have not forgotten, in a future issue, we will introduce famous TROUTs, to include a daring pioneer aviatrix, an early German photographer, a US Congressman, a World Series winning pitcher, an early TV journalist, and a modern day author of river atlases. Infamous TROUTs will include a felon hung in Philadelphia 1779. Do you have any famous or infamous TROUTs you would like to see included? (Thanks Noel for your great information on Bobbi Trout, pioneer female aviatrix)


Members: 17 (USA 12; Canada 1; United Kingdom 1; Germany 2; and Japan 1) Prospects: 3 in various stages of preliminary correspondence TROUT Lines Listed on Web Site: 33 Visits to Web Site: 2,620 (since October 1, 2005) My Appreciation to Members: Beyond Measure! This is a family research dream come true!


In our last issue, I shared the sad news of the passing of my, Harold V. Trout age 92, who passed peacefully in his sleep early on the morning of March 3rd. I was touched by the many kind expressions of sympathy and support that so many of you sent. It meant a great deal to me. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.


If you have not provided a short research statement yet, or you now want to edit or update your current statement, please let me know and I will be pleased to post it on our site! (Members only)

All good wishes, Craig

Craig H. Trout, volunteer Group Administrator TROUT-DNA Research Project

"If democracy is government by representation, then genealogy is history by representation" - Craig H. Trout

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