The history of the descendants of John Ernest and Sarah (McMAHON) BARLOW

Maternal Ancestrial Database

From a relationship with a nurse, a son was born to my father. This child was born in 1974. My understanding is in Portland, Oregon. His mother met my father at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio, where he was an instructor. My father gave her a choice - As a nurse "she knew what she could do" (abortion) or their relationship would end. She chose her unborn child. The child may have been adopted by the man she married. I wonder what he looks like, does he have a family and was he ever told about his biological father. As much as I'd like to search newspapers for his birth and correspond with him, I'd not want to cause upset in his life if he does not know the truth. The same year as his birth, I gave birth to my first child.

I've been asked several times why I don't work on my father's lines. The answer to this is that others have been working on those lines for over 100 years and are still researching those lines.

In 1990 my attitude towards genealogical research was "They're dead, leave them that way". My maternal grandmother, whose home I was raised in, dabbled in research. She told me many stories of her family. I decided to assist her in 1990 for a couple of weeks. I learned her Aunt Julia had a child that died young. I wanted to know about the child. Because I couldn't imagine a young woman not marrying again after having a child and shortly afterward loosing her husband, I continually looked too late for the birth and death of the child. It took me two years until I found her death record. In the meantime, I assisted others by researching free for their families, so that I could learn more about the research processs. Result-I caught the genealogy bug. :-)