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My name is Amelia James. I have known about WeRelate for sometime.... being a big fan of the Allen County Public Library and not a fan of Ancestry, although I use them all the time : ) Currently my family tree is parked at Elder, Griffin, Greenwood, Starkweather, Thiele, James family My gedcom is pretty messy and definitely not ready for prime time : ) which is one of the reasons I had not pursued uploading it to WeRelate.

The project that I am going to start with here on WeRelate is uploading a transcript of [From Gille Chriosd to Gilcrest] by Robert Alexander Gilcrest, 1924. A newfound cousin, Waynne Blue James, sent me a pdf of the book, which is only 79 pages. I was thrilled, as I had thought the only copy was in Library of Congress (the book was published by the author's son and, I assume, not widely circulated) I didn't realize that the Family History Library had a copy on microfilm.

Regardless, I have often seen the book quoted as a source, but have never been able to see the actual text. (thanks again Waynne : ) As it was written by the brother of my great-great grandmother, it very much pertains to my family. My intention is to upload the transcript and then create a separate tree containing all that are mentioned in the book. Then I will upload that gedcom to WeRelate. I have already checked and none of the Gilcrest's (or Gilchrists) seem to be on the wiki yet.

so, that's my plan : )