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Image:2005 02 smMsScarlet.jpg

I was born in Tiffin, Ohio and began my "formal" genealogy research in 1980. Although I have always been interested in family and especially have always enjoyed any family stories of "the old days" that my elders would tell me. I have three adult children, all of them married, all living out on their own, and seven grandchildren. We have an "empty nest" and since I work only part-time, I had plenty of time to "play" with my genealogy.

I followed each ancestral line back to the original immigrant and then worked a lot on coming forward to the present day showing all descendants to each. I have over 100,000 folks in my database. I worked on it everyday for about ten years.

My goal was placing the family files online is to make contact with living relatives who might help me to update my information, and just to "get to know" lost cousins.

I have a homepage on the net that is full in additional information. I specialized in information on Wyandot and Seneca counties in Ohio. I am the Webmaster ("mistress") for the Wyandot County OhGenWeb site since 2001. I have over 60,000 photos of tombstones my hubby and I have taken, to document burial listings found in the counties and to preserve them due to vandalism, erosion and neglect. We have visited many counties in Ohio and other states as well see my list at: Kris' cemetery page

Our vacations were planned around visiting cities in states where our ancestors or relatives once lived. Rarely did we drive past a cemetery without stopping in to look for familiar surnames on the tombstones! I was very lucky in that my husband also enjoyed working on our genealogy. We spent many hours in court houses and libraries doing research on our families. Now we have achieved all we wanted to do, and I have been working at a cemetery office as data entry technician. I am putting all their old records into their computer system from 1830's to present day.

I have purchased all the books from the genealogy society's that I belong to, that contain information on my families, such as marriages, births, and census records transcribed. My husband is a Civil War buff and has four shelves of books on that subject alone! My hubby buys me a full membership to each year. Hey, it keeps me home and busy! ha ha

  • Other hobbies:
    • Being a GRANDMA! I have seven grandchildren and they like to come to "Maw Maw's house" to stay overnight. I prefer to only have one of them at a time. I just don't have the energy they do and I get pretty worn out after a full 24 hour visit!
    • Built my own computer, and updated it pretty regularly. My hubby had bought me another monitor for Valentine's day a few years ago. So I had two monitors; looking at one, while entering information using the other one. It was great! Enjoy all electronic gizmos! I have since switched to using a laptop with Windows 10. I can sit in my recliner with my feet up, laptop in my lap and not worry about my ankles swelling from sitting at at desk for 12 hours. This I can take along on vacations, yes, I hate to be away from my computer!
    • Perennial gardening. Although I must admit, as I age I can tolerate less and less weather extremes, and thus prefer to stay indoors in the heat/or Air Conditioning; as needed to be comfortable.
  • Genealogy Software:
    • I started off years ago with Family Tree Maker 4.0. But hated the inability to enter data correctly and the limited ability it had to print books. I like to self-publish my works. I also became very weary of their constant upgrades and wanting more money, only to find little if any change to the software.
    • In 2002 I switched to "The Master Genealogist" which I just love. It can do SO much more than FTM could! Unfortunately the maker of the software has retired and it is no longer available. The problem is that there is still nothing out there that is better so I still use it.
    • GenSmarts -a program that helps figure out what you need to research yet in your software.