I am currently researching the Morris Family. I think that the Morris and Cashon/Cashion families were quite close and I am using this lead to find my Great Great Grandfather.

I am looking for information on my Great Grandmother Parthena E. Davis (5 December 1850, Tennesee) and my Great Grandfather Joseph Marshall (28 August 1854, Tennesee). Parthena is said to be a second cousin to Jefferson Davis.

I am also looking for William Morris of North Carolina. There are several of these -- William Morris being a very common name. This one is a rock mason, and was born circa 1829.

I would also like information on Frances Manerva Williams of Walker County, Georgia. Especially information on her Mother Mary Camp.


It seems our only famous relative is Daniel_Boone. Through my Mothers Father.

My wife is the sixth great granddaughter of Samuel Wormwood.

My Sister and her Daughter-in-law's Mother were born only miles apart. It is a small World, or at least a small country.

My other Niece-in-law has a very interesting family tree that starts here.

If evidence can be found for this marriage, I can join the Mayflower Society.

I am also related to the Van Voorhees family through Mary Voorhees.



I have not taken a DNA test but here are the lines:




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