Transcript:Signatures Vestry Tax Petition, Rowan, NC, 1756



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Intermediate Source:Adams, Wendy, 2009. THE NOTTINGHAM SETTLEMENT, A NORTH CAROLINA BACKCOUNTRY COMMUNITY. MS Thesis, Indian University.
Intermediate Source:[ Appendix B: Complete List of Rowan County Signatures on 1756 Vestry Tax Petition
Original Source:English Records, Granville District, Papers from the Marquis of Bath’s Library in Longleat, Warminster, Wilshire, England, 1729–1780 (microfilm, North Carolina Department of Archives and History, Raleigh).


Alphabetical list
(Original Spelling)
possible alternative surname
First NameLast Name
Richard Anderson
Richard Anderson
Cornelius Anderson
Jerimiah Baly Baily
John Biggs
Eli[a]s Brock
J____ Brown
James Brown
Jas. Carson
John Conger
Jonathan David
Hanery Dowland
John Drake
Benjamin Drake
Alexander Dug_hlis Douglas
James Elleson
John Gardner
Mathew Hanen
Benjamin Hard_ing Harding
James Hays
Jonathan Hunt
John Hunt
John Knox
Peter Kuykendil
Samuel Lowery
William Lynn
Issack McCullough
Jacob McKinney
James Mclough
James Miler
Daniel Mince
William Moor[i]s Moore
Benjamin Morrell
Robert Patrick
William Patrick
John Patrick
Abraham Prise
Josiah R___avall Roundsvall
David R__[sava]ll Roundsvall
Benjamin R__savall Roundsvall
Allan Robenet Robinnet
Jesper Robent Robinnet
Benj. Roberson Robertson
John Robeson Robertson
William Robeson Robertson
William Robe[r]son Robertson
Samuel Shin_
Henry Sloan
George Smith
Andrew Smith
James Smith
John Smith
John Smith
John South
Aaron Vancleave
Jacob Vanpool
Joshua Whitehead
William Willey