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Volume 3, Page 575

came, 1637, aged 26, with w. Alice, 23, and two ch. Alice and Elizabeth a
carpenter from New Buckenham, Co. Norfk. as says that the rec. [See 4
Mass. Hist. Coll. I. 99.] At D. by w. Alice he had Rachel, b. 16 Mar.
1640, d. next yr.; Hannah, 5 Bapt. 9 Apr. 1642; Ephraim, and Benjamin,
b. 23 Feb. tho. the rec. of bapt. has Ephraim and Nathaniel tw. 2
Mar. 1645; and I would gladly tell more if kn to me. An Alice R.
bec. perhaps third w. of John Dickinson of Salisbury. JOHN, Charlestown,
1647-58, may be he wh. rem. to Lancaster, and was k. by the Ind.
early in 1676, on the same day when all the other inhab. gave up their
residences to conflagr. WALTER, Hampton, 1639, had Mary, bapt. 22
Aug. 1641, freem. 18 May 1642, rem. to Ipswich bef. 1666, was aft. of
Andover, but d. in Ipsw. 15 July 1680, in 68th yr. His will names w.
Susan, ch. John, Nathaniel, Mary, Elizabeth and Sarah; beside Elizabeth
Margaret, Susan, Rose, Sarah Sparks, and John Dutch, s.of Mary, w.
of Robert. John, his s. d. 27 Nov. 1709, in 60th yr.

    ROPES, GEORGE, Salem 1637, by w. Mary had George, wh. may
have been among the youngest, and unm. when k. by the Ind. 18 Sept.
1675, at Bloody Brook, in the flower of Essex under Lothrop; Jonathan,
bapt. 5 June 1642, d. at 19 yrs; Sarah, 3 Nov. 1643, d. soon, perhaps,
for the ch. rec. makes Mary, bapt. 3 Nov. 1644; John 4 July
1647; William, 28 Dec. 1651; Abigail, 29 Oct. 1654; and Samuel, 15
Mar. 1657; was constable 1665, and d. June 1670, leav. no will. His
wid. wh. had admin. d. 1691. The d. Mary m. 17 Nov. 1663 John
. JAMES, Boston, by w. Sarah had Sarah, b. 22 Nov. 1680
and James, 30 Jan. 1688. JOHN, Salem, s. of George, m. 25 Mar.
1699. Lydia Wells, had Benjamin, b. 22 Mar. 1670; Lydia, 16 Dec.
1672; Mary, 21 Aug. 1675; John, 3 Sept. 1678; Abigail, 20 Apr. 1681;
Sarah, 23 Feb. 1685; Samuel, 24 Jan. 1687; Elizabeth Nov. 1689; and
Nathaniel 1692, wh. was f. of Nathaniel, H. C. 1745, Judge of the Sup.
Ct. of the Prov. Some of the dates vary from those in the Essex Inst.
RICHARD, Salem, prob. br. of the preced. m. 7 June 1670, Ruth, d.
of John Ingersoll, had Richard, b. 20 Apr. 1674; and John, 16 Aug.
1678. The preced. sent. in Essex Inst. III. 96, is whol. giv. to R. Ross,
wh. would be an easy mistake for Ropes in old chirogr. but I hardly dare
to suppose such an error in a Salem man. SAMUEL, Salem, perhaps br.
of George, sign. petition against impost 1668. WILLIAM, Salem, br. of
the preced. m. 26 July 1676, Sarah Ingersoll, d. prob. of John, had Jonathan,
b. 4 Nov. 1680; Sarah, 9 Jan. 1685; William, 5 Mar. 1686; George, 12 Aug.
1688; Richard, 1690; Joseph, 11 Jan. 1693; John, 24 Jan. 1695; and Ruth.

    ROSE, DANIEL, Wethersfield, s. of Robert, freem. 1665, m. 1664,
Elizabeth eldest d. of the first John Goodrich, had Elizabeth b. 15 Apr. 1665;
Daniel, 20 Aug. 1667; Mary, 11 Feb. 1669; Hannah, 12 Aug. 1673;
Jonathan, 20 Sept. 1679; Sarah, 2 Nov. 1681; Abigail, 14 Sept. 1683;
Dorothy, 3 May 1687; and Lydia, 2 Apr. 1689; was call. 66 yrs. old in
1696, and so maybe presum. to have been b. in Eng. and brot. by his f.