Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p66


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Volume 4, Page 66

none. Some have writ. the name Shae. THOMAS, Charlestrown, perhaps
had w. Mary, adm. of the ch. July 1645; had John, b. 4 Mar.
1648, whose bapt. would fail to be found in the rec. hav. large gap
aft. 1642; rem. 1656 to New London, and in 1658 was of Stonington,
made freem. 1666, in the town list of 1669 call. sen. wh. permits us to
suppose he had s. of the name. The governm. of Conn. in 1675 gr. to
his w. a hundr. acres, so that we may presume he was late. d. THOMAS,
Concord 1663. WILLIAM, Salem 1657, then was a serv. of Thomas
Palmer, m. 23 Nov. 1668, Elizabeth d. of George Fraile of Lynn, had Samuel,
b. 19 Feb. 1670, d.soon; William, 25 Sept. 1672; Elizabeth perhaps
Jan. 1677; Israel, July 1680; and in his will of 1 Jan. 1722, pro. 30
Dec. 1726, he names ano. w. Mary, and other ch. beside those three, viz.
Ebnezer, Daniel, Benjamin, and Margaret. Elizabeth had m. a Stockwell.
Of this name, the gr. in 1834 were mark. by Farmer as fourteen at
Harv. one at Yale, and ten at the other N. E. coll. The first eight at
Harv. were min.

    SHAWSON, GEORGE, Duxbury 1638, says Winsor, rem. bef. 1640, to

    SHEAFFE, EDMUND, Boston, came from Cranbrook, Co. Kent, but
when is unkn. nor is any thing told of him, but that he m. Elizabeth d. of
Sampson Cotton of London, had Rebecca, Elizabeth and Sampson, but no
dates of b. are giv. exc. 1650 for the last nam. ch. aft. d. of his f.
JACOB. Boston, came with his mo. and Rev. Henry Whitfield, wh. m.
one of his sis.; went first to Guilford, where he was one of the seven
pillars for constitut. the ch. wh. to us appears strange, as he was so
young, and unm. yet his relat. with the pastor will expla. if not justify,
this distinct. He was b. at Cranbrook, in Kent, on the ch. reg. there
call. s. of Edmund, b. 4 Aug. 1616, and prob. cous. ger. of the preced.
In 1643 he rem. to Boston, and was engag. soon to m. the only ch. of
Henry Webb; and in the rec. of our Gen. Ct. II. 46, we read this
unusu. favor: "Jacob S. and Margaret Webbe are permit. to join in m.
tho. but twice publish." He had Elizabeth b. 1 Oct. 1644; Sarah, 14 Sept.
1652; Ebenezer, 4 Feb. 1654; a ch. whose name is not told, 25 July
1655; Mehitable, 28 May 1658; and Jacob, posthum. 23 July 1659.
In 1648 he was chos. to the ar. co. and the inscript. on his tomb in the
old gr.yd. tells, that he d. 22 Mar. 1659, aged 42, only ch. then liv. being
Elizabeth and Mehitable. His wid. m. Rev. Thomas Thacher of Boston,
long outliv. him, and d. 23 Feb. 1694, in 68th yr.; Elizabeth m. 7 Sept.
1660, then under 16 yrs. Mr. Robert Gibbs, and 20 Mar. 1675, m. Jonathan
Curwin, and d. 29 Aug. 1718; and Mehitable m. Sampson Sheaffe.
He seems to have the largest est. of any that hitherto had d. at B. His
mo. Joanna d. at Guilford, July 1659. SAMPSON, Boston 1672, merch.