Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p617

Volume 4, Page 617

6 July, with Ind. he was slain, near Wheelwright's pond, in Lee, N. H.
In the Magnalia, VII. 75, may be read an acco. of this action, embellish.
as usual, in style, but it is silent a. the d. of his s. John at the
same battle, and we otherwise hear of no such s. I reject. the tradit.
Forty-three yrs. later, a gr. of ld. in Lunenburg, was extorted for these
serv. from the tardy gratitude of the Province. OLIVER, Dorchester, s.
of Enoch the first of the same, m. 1 June 1690, Sarah Baker, had
Thomas; Enoch; Ebenezer; Oliver; Ichabod; John; and Samuel;
and d. 28 Nov. 1706. His. wid. d. 31 May 1712, aged 73. THOMAS,
Cambridge, br. of John the first, long dwelt with him at Dorchester,
where he sett. 1635, and was a very useful man, bring. w. Elizabeth and s.
Enoch, b. prob. in 1635, and perhaps Esther, bapt. here 1635; yet was
not freem. bef. 1635; had also, at D. Ichabod, a. 1637, bef. ment.;
Noah, bapt. 30 Dec. 1638, says Jackson; Sarah, bapt. prob. 19
Mar. 1643; Ebenezer, 1646; and Elizabeth 15 Apr. 1649. Bef. July
1657 he had rem. to C. and gave his est. at D. to his s. Enoch. When
John Eliot, s. of the apostle, was ord. 20 July 1664, the first min. of C.
village, W. was made rul. Elder. He took sec. w. late in his days, Isabella
, a wid. from Eng. mo. of Edward Farmer of Billerica,
whose maiden name was Barbage, of Great Packington in Co. Warwick,
from wh. by one more step of descent, than is giv. in the first art. of
Geneal. Reg. I. came the diligent, judicious, and admired John Farmer,
kn. thro. the length and breadth of N. E. as the author of the Geneal.
Reg. of the first sett. print. at Lancaster 1829. W. d. at Newton, wh.
had been incorp. from C. some yrs. bef. on 6 Dec. 1683; and his wid. d.
at her son's in Billerica, 21 May 1686. Esther m. 16 May 1655,
William Johnson of Woburn; Mary m. Samyel Payson of Dorchester,
says Jackson, but she d. 25 May 1727 in 59th yr. if the gr.-st. tells
the truth, and ano. fate was that of this d. of Wiswall; and Sarah m. Nathaniel

    WITCHFIELD, JOHN, Dorchester, came in the Lion, arr. 16 Sept.
1632, freem. 11 June 1633, rem. with first sett. to Windsor, where his
w. d. 26 Apr. 1659. He m. next, 1662, Margaret, wid. of Edward
of Cambridge, but had no ch. by either. The sec. w. d. a. the
end of June 1669 at Cambridge, where she had, 21 Apr. 1663, made her
will, giving a piece of plate to W. her h. small legacies to the childr. of
Samuel and Lydia, two ch. of her former h. by his first w. to her d.-inlaw
Elizabeth Hayward, wh. is unkn. to me, to Rev. Jonathan Mitchell, Mr.
Samuel Shepard, and Thomas Fanning, ea. £5. to the childr. of her sis.
, first w. of Edwuard Winship, of wh. Joanna, the youngest, was to
have double portion; but the larger part of her est. was for her own ds.
Hannah and Abiah Goffe. This will was dr. by Thomas Danforth,