Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p60


Volume 4, Page 60

Traesr. of the Province of Maine 1649, capt. in 1653, major in 1656,
supersed. in 1663 by William Phillips, being in 1662 a magistr. next to
the right worshipf. Henry Josselyn. He had w. Alice, no. ch. went home
prob. seven yrs. later, and liv. long, yet came not again to our side of the
ocean, I presume, but d. in Eng. 1681 or 2. His name is not includ.
with. those the royal commisnrs. honor. in giv. office, wh. might seem to
prove his abs. tho. special reason may be, his tenderness for Quakers.
* NICHOLAS, Charlestown, s. of Nicholas the first, was a major, dism. in
July 1669, by the Country Court, from that office, as a Quaker, but his
nearer neighb. contin. to trust his goodness, made him rep. 1696, and he
prob. had s. of the same name, and no little hesitat. is felt in distinguish.
one from the other.

    SHARP, CHARLES, New Hampsh. 1684. JOHN, Dover 1663. JOHN,
Westerly 1668. JOHN, Boston, by w. Martha had Robert, b. 1665;
and prob. others. He was s. of Robert, liv. at Muddy riv. now Brookline,
was lieut. of that comp. of Wadsworth at Sudbury fight, Apr. 1676,
that was near. cut off to a man. A let. of his, writ. few wks. bef. his d.
in Geneal. Reg. X. 65, is worth read. Dr. Pierce, in his Hist. of the
town, says, "the s. of this lieut. S. afterwards lost his life in an expedit.
against the Ind. in Canada." JOHN, Cambridge, merch. had w. Elizabeth wh.
d. 9 Mar. 1699, in her 25th yr. as the inscr. of her is giv. by Harris,
wh. tells no more of him. RICHARD, Boston, freem. 1674, d. 5 Aug.
1677. ROBERT, Braintree, came in the Abigail, perhaps, 1635, from
London, aged 20, had John, b. 12 Mar. 1643, and may have been at
Rehoboth the same yr. but certain. bot. in 1650, with Peter Aspinwall,
the large farm of William Colborn at Muddy riv.; had Mary, bapt. at
Roxbury, 5 Dec. 1652, and elder d. Abigail, b. a. 1648. He d. Jan.
1655, his inv. in Geneal. Reg. VIII. 276, being of 19th of that mo. tho.
Farmer had it July 1653; and his wid. Abigail, bec. sec. w. of Nicholas
[1]. SAMUEL, Salem 1629, came, with Rev. Samuel Skelton, in the
George Bonadventure, emb. in Apr. of this yr. with a duplicate of the
chart. of the Col. by the Gov. and Assist. of Mass. betrusted to him, and
they appoint. him to be of the counc. to capt. John Endicott, Gov. of
their planta. with three min. Higginson, Skelton, and Bright, beside the
two Browns, John, and Samuel, and Thomas Graves, the engineer.
But as they were requir. to be under oath, and that was prob. never
admin. (see Endicott); and as he was chos. an Assist. at the Gen. Ct. in
London, 20 Oct. foll. (when Winthrop was chos. Gov. in lieu of Cradock
then resign.) but never took the o. of qualificat. being on our side of the
water, and Ludlow was chos. in his place, at the Ct. 10 Feb. aft. I have
not giv. him the designat. of that rank. Aft. the governm. was transfer.
hither, he desir. adm. freem. 19 Oct. 1630, and was adm. 3 July 1632,