Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p61


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Volume 4, Page 61

but had been made rul. elder, prob. in 1630, aft. d. of Houghton. By
w. Alice he had Elias, bapt. 1 Jan. 1637; Edward, 14 Apr. 1639;
Mary, 28 June 1640; Experience, a d. 19 Sept. 1641; Nathaniel, 10
Nov. 1644; and Hannah, 1647; beside the eldest, Abigail (perhaps by
a former w.), wh. m. Oct. 1647, Thomas Jeggles. He d. says Bentley,
1658; but Felt thinks, 1656; and his wid. d. 1667. THOMAS, Boston,
chos. an Assist. 20 Oct. 1629, in London, when the new Gov. Winthrop
was chos. and they came together in the fleet of 1630. On 3 Jan. foll.
his only d. (as from the lang. of Gov. Dudley may be infer.) was tak. from
him, and his ho. burn. 16 Mar. aft. so that we may not blame, however
we regret, his leav. our country forever, emb. 1 Apr. with Sir Richard
Saltonstall and his fam. to go home.

    SHARSWOOD, GEORGE, New London 1666, had George, and William,
perhaps not tw. bapt. 2 Apr. 1671; Mary, 1672; and Catharine, 1674.
He d. 1 May of that yr. and his wid. m. 1678, George Darrow; and
Mary m. Jonathan Hill. WILLIAM, New London, s. of the preced. by
w. Abigail had Jonathan, George, and Abigail, all bapt. Sept. 1700;
and he d. bef. 1705, when George Polly of Philadelphia had m. his wid.
Yet he had other s. William, and James.

1633, was fined, 3 Sept. by our Gen. Ct. for distemper in drink,
but 5 yrs. aft. half of the fine was remit. and he was much more correct
in deportm. d. 1647, and his will was pro. 30 Mar. It names w. Joanna,
s. Richard, br. Theophilus, br. Curwin, and sis. Mary Webster, w. of
John. His wid. m. John Green of Charlestown, outliv. him, and d. 17
Apr. 1673. JOHN, Ipswich, s. of Richard, m. 20 June 1684, Sarah
Younglove, d. of the sec. Samuel of the same, had John, b. 1 Apr. 1685,
d. soon; John, again, 17 Mar. 1687, d. young. RICHARD, Ipswich, s.
of the first John, b. prob. in Eng. by w. Rebecca, perhaps, had Mary,
wh. d. Sept. 1657; Sarah, b. 19 Aug. 1658; Richard, wh. d. 28 Jan.
1664; Ann, b. 21 Feb. 1666; Richard, again; John, and Hannah, or
Joanna, perhaps both; and he d. 13 July 1694. Sarah m. a Rindge.
RICHARD, Ipswich, s. of the preced. d. 16 May 1698, leav. w. Elinor,
wh. was of Daniel Cheney, and only ch. Richard. THEOPHILUS,
Ipswich 1642, was at Haverhill 1646, but back to I. in 1648, had w.
Susanna, and d. 1668. He may have been f. of a William, wh. d. there
a. 1663.

    SHATTON, SAMPSON, as in the valua. Hist. of R. I. by Arnold this
name is giv. four times out of five to the man common. nam. Shotten,
wh. see.

    SHATTUCK, JOHN, Watertown, eldest s. of William the first, m. 20
June 1664, Ruth, eldest d. of John Whitney of the same, had John, b.