Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p537


Volume 4, Page 537

who had rem. to New York, on the conq. in 1664, by the Eng. had
Martha; Mary; Richard, H. C. 1689; Elizabeth; and William. His w. d.
at Boston, Nov. 1671; he d. in London, or on his way thither, to recov.
the est. of the fam. as tradit. goes.

    WHITTINGTON, EDWARD, Andover, had, says Abbot, gr. of ld. 1673.

    WHITTLESEY, ELIPHALET, Wethersfield, s. of the first John of Saybrook,
m. 1 Dec. 1702, Mary Pratt, had Mary, b. 1 Oct. 1703; Hannah,
13 May 1711; and Eliphalet, 10 May 1714; perhaps others.
JOHN, Saybrook, where was gr. to him the right of a ferry over Conn.
riv. still enjoy. by his descent. m. 20 June 1664, Ruth, d. of the first
William Dudley of the same
, had John, b. 11 Sept. 1665; Stephen, 3
Apr. 1667; Ebenezer, 11 Dec. 1669; Joseph, 15 June 1671; Josiah,
21 Aug. 1673, d. young; Jabez, 14 Mar. 1675; David, 28 June 1677;
Eliphalet, 24 July 1679; Ruth, 23 Apr. 1681; and Sarah, 28 May
1683; but Cothren enlarg. our knowl. by Samuel, Y. C. 1705; and
exchanges Sarah for Elizabeth He d. 15 Apr. 1704. His wid. d. 29 Sept.
1714. Cothren, from whose large gather. is deriv. part of his detail,
believes that he was first of the name on his side of the water, and
that he came a. 1650, and bec. a tanner and shoemaker. Of course, he
was then a ch. JOHN, Saybrook, eldest ch. of the preced. had John,
Hezekiah, and David, but in Cothren, neither the name of their mo. nor
any date of b. is found. JOSEPH, Saybrook, br. of the preced. had
Joseph. SAMUEL, Wallingford, was s. prob. the youngest, of John the
first, had Samuel, Y. C. 1729; and Chauncey, Y. C. 1738; but that
the name of w. date of m. and of subseq. b. could not be ascert. to
enrich Cothren's geneal. is hardly reputab. for the clerg. of Conn.
STEPHEN, Saybrook, s. of the first John, m. 14 Oct. 1696, Rebecca, d.
of Abraham Waterhouse, had Stephen, b. 25 Sept. 1697, d. young;
Rebecca, 20 Nov. 1701; Sarah, 31 Aug. 1704; Samuel, 18 July 1710,
perhaps or prob. Y. C. 1729; and Ambrose, 13 Jan. 1713. None of
this name is found among the gr. of Harv. but at Yale twenty-six are
count. of wh. seventeen have e. bef. l. in the sec. syl.

    WHITTRIDGE. see Whitred.

    WHITWAY, THOMAS, Wethersfield, rem. bef. 1646, to Branford, d. 12
Dec. 1651, and ho. and ld. but of fam. we are ign.

    WHITWELL, BARTHOLOMEW, Boston 1665. WILLIAM, Boston, by
w. Joanna had Samuel, b. 15 Mar. 1653; was an innholder 1659; but
left wid. Mary to admin. his est. 1686.

    WIBORN. See Wyburn.

perhaps of Salem 1639, but was of Providence 1640, a strong
friend of Roger Williams, and oppon. of Samuel Gorton, d. 3 Feb.