Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p517


Volume 4, Page 517

comp. 1665, where he sett. 1639, and is in the freemen's list 1669
m. 9 May 1676, Sarah, wid. of John Gilbert, d. of Thomas Gregson
had Samuel, b. 9 June 1678; and Stephen, 29 Jan. 1681; and d. Sept.
1690. His wid. d. a. 1698, leav. two Gilberts and two Whitehead to
enjoy her est. SAMUEL, New Haven, s. of the preced. prob. by w.
Tabitha had s. Samuel. STEPHEN, New Haven, br. of the preced. had
Stephen, prob. by w. Mary, wh. surv.

    WHITEHOUSE, THOMAS, Dover 1658, m. a d. of William Pomfret, had
Pomfret, to wh. his gr.f. gave est. 26 Mar. 1679; and Thomas; perhaps
more. I suppose JOSEPH in Geneal, Reg. IV. 249 is error for Thomas.
He prayed, 1689, for protect. of Mass. and was liv. says Quint. 1694
Pike's Journal tells of his d. 3 Dec. 1707.

    WHITFIELD, EDWARD, reading 1649, as I learn from Col. Rec. II
283, but as Eaton does not name him, I judge he rem. soon. HENRY
Guilford, came to New Haven in July 1639, with Col. George Fenwick
and his lady, and a ch. of famous John Davenport, who, in a letter of
27 Sept. aft. to lady Mary Vere, tells of the ship, that she was the first
"that ever cast anchor in" that place. See Geneal. Reg. IX. 149
No Doubt he was bred up for the pulpit, but of his place of educ. wh.
are ign. The common acco. of him is, that he was s. of a lawyer, b. a.
1597, sett. as min. at Ockham, a. 20 ms. from London, in Co. Surry, but
others day Ockley or Okely in that sh. a. three ms. from the metrop.
was one of the founders of the ch. at G. yet the establishm. of the ch.
seems to be postpon. to 1643, prob. from the slow growth of the town.
He had propty. eno. and disregard. the fulminat. of Bp. Laud for no
read. the royal proclaim. for sports on Sunday, resign. his place without
dispute, after serv. at the altar near twenty years in his native ld. Later
in the autumn of 1650, he went home, publish. the two foll. yrs. relattions
of the spread of the gospel among our aborig. and d. in the city of
Winchester, it is said, in the office of min. tho. of this I much doubt, if
my construct. of the lang. of letters from his s.-in-law and neph. both
nam. John Higginson, as to his long life, be correct. See 3 Mass. Hist.
Coll. VII. 200, 1 and 4. Commonly it is said he had ten ch. but I kn.
only of Abigail, the first w. of Rev. James Fitch, and Sarah, wh. m.
Rev. John Higginson. JOHN, Dorchester 1634, rem. to Windsor, prob.
next yr.

    WHITFORD, JONAS, perhaps of Salem, may have been s. of Walter
d. 1690. WALTER, Salem, by w. Bridget had Samuel, b. 21 Oct.
1668; and perhaps John, wh. was his admor. return. inv. 19 Sept.

    WHITHAM, HENRY, Gloucester m. m. 15 June 1665, Sarah, d. of Morris
, had Thomas, b. 29 Sept. 1666; Henry, 27 Oct. 1668; John, 19