Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p518


Volume 4, Page 518

Feb. 1671, d. soon; Samuel, 26 Jan. 1673; and Joseph, 21 Dec. 1676.
I have foll. the spelling of Mr. Felt, but may easily believe the name
was Witham.

    WHITING, GILES, Hartford, or the town above, or the town below,
excus. from train. 1643, paying 1s. every train. day for support of
drums and colors; but I kn. not that any thing beyond Trumbull, Col.
Rec. I. 99, can be seen of him, exc. that he was a propr. of Norwalk
1654. JOHN, Salem, s. of William of Hartford, b. prob. in Eng. tho.
Goodwin, 330, makes the date 1635, of wh. I much doubt, bec. 30 Sept.
1654, when he should have been of yrs. of legal discretion, agreem.
relat. to distrib. of est. of his f. was sign. by him as well as his elder br.
and Mr. Fitch who had m. his mo. and the gr. friends, Webster and
Stone, in wh. the f. had confid. After receiv. his A. B. at Harv. 1653,
and A. M. 1655, was a tutor at the coll. but soon call. to the pulpit at S.
in aid of aged Rev. Edward Norris, and from 1657 to 1659, acc. Felt
II. 626, preach. there, but he would not sett. and went to Hartford,
where he was ord. 1660, as collea. with Stone, and was adm. freem. May
1665. Rev. Jospeh Haynes succeed. S. a controv. soon sprang up betw.
him and W. a bapt. of infants, of wh. the import may, I suppose, be
gather. from a letter of famous John Davenport, June 1666, to Gov.
John Winthrop, in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. X. 60-2; and Trumbull, Col.
Rec. II. 120. The result is more intelligib. a new ch. was gather. and
1670, W. was made pastor, and serv. until his d. 8 Sept. 1689. He had
m. at Cambridge, a. 1654, Sybil, d. of deac. Edward Collins of the
same, had Sybil, b. 1655, prob. at C.; John, 1657, prob. at C. d. young;
both bapt. at C.; William, 1659, bapt. at C. says Mitchell's Reg. 19
Feb, 1660; Martha, 1662; Sarah, 1664; Abigail, 1666; and Samuel,
22 Apr. 1670. In 1673 he m. sec. w. Phebe, d. of Thomas Gregson of
New Haven, and had Thomas, b. 1674, d. soon; Mary, 1676, d. at 13
yrs.; Elizabeth 1678; Joseph, 1680; Nathaniel, 1683, d. young; Thomas,
again, 1686, d. young; and John, again, 1688, who was a merch. at
Hartford, and d. unm. at 27 yrs. He had been appoint. chaplain, Aug.
1675, for the troops in Philip's war, and d. not as Trumbull says, in
1700, but as bef. said. his wid. m. 1692, Rev. John Russell of Hadley,
but aft. his d. went to her s. Joseph, at New Haven; and d. 19
Sept. 1730. Sybil m. Alexander Bryan; Martha m. 25 Dec. 1683,
Samuel Bryan; both of Milford; Sarah m. 19 Mar. 1685, Jonathan
Bull of Hartford; and Abigail m. Rev. Samuel Russell of Deerfield,
aft. of Branford. JOHN, Lynn, s. of Rev. Samuel of the same, may
have gone, soon after his gr. at Harv. to Eng. and "was intend. for a
Physician, but bec. a preach." says Mather, "first at Butterwick, then at
Leverton in Lincolnsh. where he d. a godly conformist." Magn. III.