Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p490

Volume 4, Page 490

Mosley's comp. Dec. 1675. * FRANCIS, Salem, freem. 5 Nov. 1633, a
friend of Roger Williams; but whether he came with him, or when, or
whence he came, is unkn. nor have we the date of this join. the ch.
He was rep. at the first Gen. Ct. that was attend. by dep. but was unfortunate
in his w. wh. was punish. by the bilboes, tho. her offence was, as
Felt presum. Eccles. Ann. I. 341, "of a religious character," and he
fell into the impractica. notions as to the duty of separat. of chhs. and
went to Providence with Williams, there was one of the founders of his
ch. but in few yrs. disagreed with him, and symboliz. with Gorton,
Wicks, Holden, and others, rem. with them to ld. a little down the Bay,
purchas. from the Ind. now Warwick, was denounc. by the authority of
Mass. seiz. and brot. prison. to Boston, by Ct. sentenc. Nov. 1643, as in
Rec. II. 52, to be kept at labor in Dorchester, with suffic. irons to prevent
escape; and liberat. at last, thro. fear of his influence over his
keeper's relig. sentiments, wh. under threat of death he was prohibit.
from attempt. to pervert, d. bef. June 1645, leav. no issue. FRANCIS,
Plymouth, stands in the tax list for Jan. 1633, but not in that of next yr.
nor is more told of him in any place within my knowledge, unless he be
the same, as was call. at Duxbury, Francis West. JOHN, Salem, join.
the ch. 1648, being then 17 yrs. old, if the fam. tradit. be correct, wh.
seems very prob. that he came in 1644, aged 13, from Buckinghamsh.
Still we must be careful to doubt in proper places, for the same valua.
testim. notes on his gr.-st. "that he was one of the found. of the ch. in
Reading." Now we kn. the falsity of this, for he could be only 14 yrs.
old on that event. He had rem. to Reading, prob. bef. m. and his early
ch. were carr. to Salem for bapt. they were Sarah, b. 15 July 1656, bapt.
10 May 1657; Mary, 25 May 1659, perhaps d. very soon, certain its
bapt. is not found at Salem first ch.; John, 9 Mar. bapt. 29 Aug. 1661;
and Elizabeth bapt. Oct. 1663; Stephen, b. a. 1665; and perhaps Samuel,
and Thomas, as Eaton in Geneal, Reg. II. 48, indicates. In 1691 he
was adm. freem. and d. 1723. MATTHEW, Providence 1644, may be
the same man call. Matthew West. STEPHEN, Reading, s. of John, had
Stephen, and d. 1753 aged 88. See Geneal. Reg. I. 278. THOMAS, a
London merch. had engag. in plant. a col. in 1622 at Weymouth, but
his sett. were very incompet. persons, much disqualif. by former habits of
life and charact. the next yr. on visit to the country, he was dishearten.
and gave up his hopes, went home, and in the gr. civ. war, d. at Bristol.
Of this name Farmer notes fifteen gr. in N. E. coll. up to 1834, of wh.
I find only four at Harv. and one at Yale. Oft. it is writ. as the sound
was Wesson.

    WESTOVER, JONAS, Windsor, 1649, rem. to Killingworth, freem.
1658, is found in the list 1669. By w. Hannah, m. 1663, had Margaret,