Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p489


Volume 4, Page 489

ho. and lot, she hav. aft. the d. of her h. that power. JOHN, Dover

    WESTBROOK, JOB, and JOHN, were of Portsmouth early, perhaps
from Co. Surrey in Eng. both petnrs. for Mass. protect. in Feb. 1690.
John was there in 1665, a selectman in 1697, and prob. f. of that col.
Thomas, wh. in the expedit. of 1720 to Kennebeck, hoped to have
seized Father Rasles at his mission of Norridgewock.

    WESTCAR, JOHN, Hadley, fin. for sell. liquor, 1665, was a trader, m.
17 Oct. 1667, Hannah, d. of Francis Barnard, petitions against imposts
1669. He had no ch. was in 1673 license. to practise physic and surgery,
but d. 1675, aged 30 yrs. His wid. m. Simon Beaman.

    WESTEAD or WESSTEAD, WILLIAM, Saybrook, there purch. ho.
June 1679, then said to be from Charlestown, where was not in the
yr. bef. any man of that name, as head of a fam. but he is call. mariner,
and so prob. was unm. bef. rem. to S. had Samuel, b. 20 May 1683;
and Eleanor, an elder ch. d. 20 May 1684.

    WESTERHOUSEN, WILLIAM, New Haven 1648, a merch. from New
Amsterdam, took o. of fidel. 18 Oct. 1648, had Willielmus, b. 13 June
1650; and rem. bef. 1656, prob. on acco. of the war betw. Eng. and his
native country, for a final n in his name betray, his origin. He had
good est.

    WESTGATE, ADAM, Salem 1647-62, mariner, by w. Mary had
Robert, b. 1 July 1647; a s. without name, 15 Apr. 1650; Thomas,
12 Feb. 1654; Joseph, 30 Apr. 1657, d. at 2 yrs.; Mary, 14 Feb.
1660, d. at 2 yrs.; and Benjamin, 26 July 1662, d. in few days.
DANIEL, Stamford, propound, for freem. 1670. JOHN, Boston, was a
single man when adm. of the h. 12 Sept. 1640, ar. co. 1641, went home,
I suppose, bef. tak. w. for in the rec. of the ch. 26 Sept. 1647 is his dism.
"on desire of the ch. of Pulham Mary in Norfolk, Eng." and in May
1677 was of Harlestone in that Co. Thence he had writ. to capt. Lake,
5 Apr. 1653, to inq. if the report of the d. of his former teacher, John
Cotton, was true.

    WESTLEY, WILLIAM, Hartford 1638, an orig. sett. tho. not orig.
purchas. was excus. from watch, in 1646, perhaps on acco. of age. No
fam. is heard of, but he left a wid. wh. was assist. by the ch. at Hadley,
bec. she had been of their party, bef. they rem. from Hartford.

    WESTMORELAND, JAMES, Boston 1652, says Farmer, but no more
is kn.

    WESTON, EDMUND, Duxbury, came in the Elizabeth and Ann from
London to Boston, 1635, aged 30; m. a d. of John Soule of the same,
as Winsor suppos. and had, perhaps, Elnathan, Samuel, and John.
The informat. is little. EDWARD, in Philip's war, was a corpo. in