Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p491

Volume 4, Page 491

b. 19 Feb. 1666; Hannah, 8 Apr. 1668; Eliz. 3 May 1670;
Jane, 26 Mar. 1672; and these are all appear. on the rec. but others he
had, as by his will, in 1702, two other ds. and two s. are nam. Jonas,
Jonathan, Mary, and Joanna. Perhaps one or more were not b. at K.
but at Simsbury, where he d. Jan. 1709.

    WESTWOOD, * WILLIAM, Cambridge, where he may have been as
early as 1632, came in the Francis, from Ipswich 1634, had liv. in the
adj. Co. of Essex, aged 28, with w. Bridget, 32, brot. two serv. John
Lea, and Grace Newell, as, being a man of good est. he had made his
explora. here bef. bring. his fam. wh. in the earliest days of the Col.
was judicious; freem. 4 Mar. 1635, rem. with the earliest companions of
Hooker, to Conn. as an orig. propr. of Hartford, and was rep. 1636 at
the first Gen. Ct. in Hartford, Windsor, and Wethersfield, then call. by
the names, carr. from Mass. Newtown, Dorchester, and Watertown,
respectiv. had authty. as the first constable of the Col. from Mass. aftwards
at Hartford 1642-4, 1646-8, and 1650-6, rem. to Hadley 1659,
and there d. 9 Apr. 1669. His wid. d. 12 May 1676; but the name
was not perpet. and his only ch. Sarah, m. 30 May 1661, the sec. Aaron
Cook; and large prop. was giv. to her, and her mo.

    WETHERBEE, JOHN, Marlborough 1675, rem. to Sudbury, by w. Mary
had Thomas, b. 5 Jan. 1678.

Conn. rec. WITHERLY, * DANIEL, New London, s. of Rev. William,
b. at Maidstone, co. Kent, where his f. kept the free sch. 29 Nov. 1630,
m. 4 Aug. 1659, Grace, d. of Jonathan Brewster of the same, had Hannah,
b 21 Mar. says the rec. perhaps by mist. for May 1660; Mary, 7
Oct. 1668; Daniel 26 Jan. 1671; and Samuel, bapt. 19 Oct. 1679; of
wh. both s. d. young; Hannah m. 16 May 1680, Adam Picket; and
Mary m. Thomas Harris, and next, 1694, George Denison. He was a
man of the chief charact. in town for many yrs. says Miss Caulkins,
recorder or clk. 1667, and oft. aft. selectman, rep. 1669, 70, 1, 3, 5-7,
judge of prob. capt. and milt. commiss. and d. 14 Apr. 1719, Two
letters from him to Gov. Winth, announc. apprehens. of instant war
with Philip, may be seen in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. X. 118. JOHN, Watertown,
freem. 18 May 1642, by w. Grace, wh. d. 16 Dec. 1671, aged 75,
he had only Mary, b. prob. in Eng. wh. d. Apr. 1655, aged 20; and he
d. 23 June 1672, aged 78. His will of 9 Jan. preced. gives decent
legacy to Rev. John Sherman, and prop. to kinsm. Ralph Day, and
James Thorpe, of Dedham, with William Price of W. JOHN, Scituate,
s. of Rev. William, had John, b. 1675; William, 1678; Thomas, 1681;
and Joshua, 1683; but the name of w. and other parties are not seen in
Deane. JOHN, Taunton, s. of William of the same, by w. Susanna, m.