Wetherall family tree and history-related websites

From Patronymica Britannica, a dictionary of the family names of the United Kingdom, Google Books (accessed 4 Mar 2013)
p. 374:
WEATHERALL. See Wetherell
p. 378:
WETHERALL. WETHERELL. WETHERILL. Almost all of the families of this name trace to the county of Durham, and there is little doubt of their derivation from Wetheral, co Cumberland, remarkable for its priory.

From Wetherell, Frank E. Families from Village Wetheral:
p. 3 - Brand's History of Newcastle-on-Tyne, Vol. 2 page 384 states: John Witherhold was bailiff of Newcastle in 1259 and continued in office for two years. This early spelling of the name indicates its derivation; it is the name of the place where the family first settled and was a "Keep" or "Stonghold" to which the cattle, weathers, etc. were driven for safety during the time of the Scotch invasion (1173). Witherhold, later Wetheral, was and still is, near Carlisle, County cumberland, near the Scotch border. Shortly after the Norman Conquest a Prior of Benedictine Monks settled and built there. The ruins of the Monastery are still to be seen.