Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p487

Volume 4, Page 487

bef. 1700. ROBERT, Warwick, s. of Stukely of the same, is among the
freem. of 1655 in Haz. II. 372, by w. Catharine had Catharine, b. 6
May 1664, at W.; Zorobabel, 13 Apr. 1666; rem. to Portsmouth or
Newport, and had Dinah, Feb. 1670; Mary, 2 June 1672; Samuel, 18
Sept. 1672; and Robert, 2 Apr. 1678. He had connex. with the Wickford
planta. 1674. STUKELY, Salem 1636, impres. with views of the
Bapt. by Roger Williams, he was, with his w. excommun. 1639, with
W. and others, and they had gone, 1637, to Providence. Aft. the establishm.
of the rights of Gorton and assoc. Wescott rem. to Warwick
1648, was one of the freem. 1665, and there resid. I judge, until
the end of his days, 12 Jan. 1678. His ch. were Damaris, Amos,
Jeremiah, Robert, and Mercy or Sarah. He is the first nam. grantee
in Roger William's deed to his assoc. Damaris m. Benedict Arnold;
and Mercy or Sarah m. Samuel Stafford. WILLIAM, Wethersfield

    WESSON. See Weston.

    WEST, BENJAMIN, Enfield 1686, m. 14 Mar. 1692, Hannah, d. prob.
of Elias Shaddock, had Hannah, b. 24 May 1693; rem. to Middletown,
there had Benjamin, 1 June 1696; Mary, 1 Apr. 1699; beside Abigail,
23 July 1716; and perhaps others. The name of his w. is read Shattuck
by one; but ano. calls it Haddock, and conject. of a skilful antiq.
makes it to be Hadlock, perhaps d. of James. * EDWARD, Lynn 1637,
of wh. all I can say is, that Farmer quotes Lewis 64. * EDWARD,
Medfield, freem. 1672, was, I presume, of Sherborn few yrs. aft. a lieut.
1682, selectman 1684, and rep. 1689. EDWARD, Dorchester, freem.
1673, wh. may seem only a repetit. of the name of the freem. of the yr.
bef. call. of Medfield, for none with this is heard of at D. The succeed.
ages owe much to the heedlessness of Seer. Rawson. FRANCIS, Duxbury
1643, was one of the first proprs. of Bridgewater 1645. Baylies
H. 254. HENRY, Salem, freem. 1668, was a saddler. His w. Eliz. d.
of George Meriam of Concord, bore to him Eliz. 22 June 1665;
Samuel, 25 Jan. 1667; Susanna, 16 Nov. 1668; Henry, 14 Jan. 1671;
Eliz. again, 4 Mar. 1673; and Mary, 22 Feb. 1676; and d. 26 Aug.
1691, aged 50. In 1693, he was empower. to take acco. of strangers
com. to the town. JOHN, Ipswich 1648. JOHN, Saybrook, or other
places in its neighb. may be he wh. came in the Abigail, 1635, from
London to Boston, aged 11 yrs. in 1649 was fin. �10. for sell a gun to
an Ind. but four other reputa. men were equal suffer. for the same misdemean.
He was employ. 1663, by the Col. to survey the bounds betw.
S. and Killingworth. * JOHN, Saco, was of gr. jury 1640, sw. alleg. to
Mass. 1653, sold his est. in few yrs. to maj. Pendleton, and d. betw. 29
Sept. 1663, the date of his will, and 5 Oct. next, when it was pro. It