Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p486


Volume 4, Page 486

where he was selectman 1665, as resolute for Mass. jurisdict. as he had
been against it; preach. in 1666, had w. Elizabeth and ch. Samuel, b. 1641
perhaps at E. perhaps at W.; John; Gershom; Ezekiel; Timothy;
Paul; Sylvanus; Ephraim; and Benjamin; yet the order of success. is
conject. d. 16 Mar. 1698, aged near 90, it is thot. His only d. Elizabeth
whose date of b. is uncert. but suppos. a. 1663, m. Richard Tozer the
sec. A plausible case for ano. d. Sarah, was furnish. in Geneal. Reg.
VII. 304, because Paul W. being guardian of those ch. by their own
choice, as appears in Bond, 14, is call. uncle of Sarah and Benjamin
Barnard, ch. of Benjamin and Sarah B. To this in the next vol. of
Reg. p. 48 is repl. that perhaps the w. of Paul was a Barnard, sis. of
their f. and again it may be equal. prob. that their mo. was sis. of the w.
of Paul; so that the chance is two to one against the suppos. Six of
this fam. as Farmer notes, had been gr. at Harv.

    WERMALL or WORMALL, JAMES, Duxbury, had, Deane says, been of
Scituate 1638, but at D. had Josiah, b. 1670; and John, wh. Winsor
adds, m. 9 June 1698, Mary Barrows, and d. 1711 at Bridgewater.
JOSEPH, Scituate 1638, rem. soon to Duxbury, had w. Miriam, ch.
Josiah, Sarah, and perhaps Esther, wh. m. 20 Aug. 1669 as his sec. w.
Jospeh Dunham. JOSEPH, Boston, 1650. JOSIAH, Duxbury, perhaps
s. of Joseph of the same, m. 15 Jan. 1696, Patience, d. of William
Sherman of Marshfield, had Josiah, Mehitable, Mercy, Samuel, and

eldest s. of Stukely, on the freeman's list, 1655, m. 13 July 1667,
Sarah, d. of Thomas Stafford, wh. d. 1669, and next m. 9 June 1670,
her sis. Deborah S. had Amos, wh. d. 1692, without issue; and Solomon,
wh. d. without issue; and three ds. Perhaps he was of Wickford 1674,
and his name may have been by the Conn. Commissnrs. call. Aaron.
DANIEL, New Hampsh. of wh. all that I kn. is, that he join. with most
of the other inhabs. 20 Feb. 1690, in desir. the protect. of Mass. to be
extend. over them. JEREMIAH, Warwick, s. perhaps youngest of
Stukely, m. 27 July 1665, Ellen England, had Jeremiah, b. 7 Oct.
1666; Elenor, 20 Oct. 1669; Pevis? wh. d. Aug. 1673, near three yrs.
old; Stukely, Oct. 1672; and d. 1686; but his will, then made, according
to the strange custom of that jurisdict. ment. four other ch. Josiah;
Samuel; William; and Benjamin, of wh. Josiah had abund. offspring.
RICHARD, Wethersfield 1639-44, rem. to Fairfield, there d. a. 1651,
leav. four ch. John; Daniel; Joanna; and Abigail. His wid. Joanna
m. Nathaniel Baldwin; d. Joanna m. a. 1664, John Weed; and Abigail,
m. a. 1669, Moses Knapp. Tho. both the s. liv. many yrs. at Stamford,
nothing more can be told of either; but they were gone by d. or rem.