Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p350

Volume 4, Page 350

    TUTTLE, TUTTEL, or TUTHILL, DAVID, New Haven, s. of William, a
prpopr. 1685, in 1687 put under the care of his br. Thomas, and d. 1693,
without ch. EDWARD, Boston, freem. 1690. ELISHA, Boston, freem.
1690. HENRY, Hingham 1637, came with w. from some place in Co.
Norfolk, freem. Mar. 1638, was made constable 1640. JOHN, Ipswich,
came in the Planter from London 1635, aged 39, with w. Joan, 42; and
ch. Abigail, 6; Simon, 4; Sarah, 2; and John, 1; besides Jane Giddings,
20, and her h. George, 25, wh. are kn. to be call. ch. of T.
They had prob. liv. at St. Albans, in Hertfordsh. and had emb. 2 Apr.
to be join. four days aft. by sev. others of the same names in two fams.
He was freem. 13 Mar. 1639, rep. 1644; and prob. had more ch. on our
side of the ocean, as Simon (perhaps in place of him wh. d) and Mary.
After few yrs. he went home, was estab. to advantage in Ireland, whither
in 1654 his w. foll. He d. 30 Dec. 1656 at Carrickfergus, whence his
wid. in 1689 writes to George Giddings as her s. and so call. also John
and Simon, and John Lawrence. His d. Sarah m. 1 Feb. 1654, Richard
Martin. JOHN, New Haven 1640, appoint. constable 1642, had, says
the careful town rec. Samuel, b. 9 Jan. 1660; Sarah, 22 Jan. 1662;;
Daniel and Mary, tw. 13 Apr. 1664; and Elizabeth 21 Nov. 1666, wh. all
were bapt. the yr. foll. but the blunder. ch. rec. has all with false dates,
23 inst. of 24 Mar. for the first, wh. is a slight affair but abominable
for the youngest, said to be bapt. two days bef. she was b. JOHN,
Southold, L. I. went prob. from New Haven with Rev. John Youngs,
a. 1641. He was liv. 1681, had John, b. 16 July 1635; Joshua; and
James. It is suppos. he was from Saxlingham, Co. Norfk. JOHN, Dover
1642 or earlier, d. late in 1662, leav. wid. Dorothy, one d. m. s. John,
ano. d. and s. Thomas, all perhaps minors. The last was k. 1664 by the
fall of a tree. The younger d. was perhaps Dorothy, wh. m. 1 Sept.
1686, Samuel Tibbets of D. JOHN, Boston, s. prob. of Richard, m. 10
Feb. 1647, Mary, d. of Edward Holyoke, had Mary, b. 18 Apr. 1653;
Rebecca, 17 June 1660; and Sarah; liv. at Rumney Marsh, perhaps
rem. to Lynn, and may be the freem. there of 1671, possib. that lieut. of
the corps of cavalry, wh. was disch. 1673. Mary m. 4 Dec. 1678, Caleb
Carter; and Sarsh m. Joseph Newell, both of Charlestown. JOHN, New
Haven, perhaps eldest s. of William, brot. by his f. under 4 yrs. of age
in the Planter, m. 8 Nov. 1653, Catharine Lane, had Hannah, b. 2 Nov.
1655; John, 15 Sept. 1657; Samuel, 9 Jan. 1660; Sarah, 22 Jan.
1662; Daniel and Mary, tw. 13 Apr. 1664; all bapt. Mar. 1666, but
the day in Geneal. Reg. IX. 363, is wrong; and Elizabeth b. 21 bapt. 25
Nov. foll. and all in right of their mo. besides ano. later, David, 15 Nov.
1668. His inv. is of 12 Nov. 1683. Hannah m. 7 Nov. 1672, Samuel Clark;
and Sarah m. 10 Sept. 1685, John Hummerston. JOHN, Southold, L. I. s.
of John of the same
[1], m. 17 Feb. 1658, Deliverance King, had John, b. 14 Feb.