Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p351

Volume 4, Page 351

1659; Elizabeth; Henry, 1 May 1665; Hannah; Abigail; Dorothy; Deliverance;
Daniel, 23 Jan 1680; and Nathaniel, 10 Nov. 1683. He had
sec. w. m. 28 May 1690, Sarah Young; and d. 12 Oct. 1717. JOHN, Q N
Dover, s. of John first of the same, fill. many offices, town clk. 30 yrs.
selectman, rep. and judge of C. C. P. had. John, b. a 1671; Thomas, 4
Apr. 1674; James, 7 Apr. 1683; and Ebenezer; beside two ds. and leav.
large est. d. 1720. In his will calls w. Mary, ch. Ebenezer, and Mary; Thomas and John, s. prob. of John, wh. had been k. by the Ind. 17
May 1712; John, and Nicholas, s. perehaps of Thomas, wh. had d. 26 Apr.
1699, in the Bay of Campeachy, and Elijah and Phebe, ch. of James, wh.
d. 1709; beside John and Peter Hayes, wh. must, I think, have been ch. of
John. Mary was w. of John Wallingford, m. 6 Dec. 1687; and I find reason
to diffr from Mr. Quint, wh. supposes that she was the same wh. m.
Hayes. JOHN, Ipswich, s. perhaps of the first Simon, m. 3 Dec. 1689,
Martha Ward, perhaps. sis. of Samuel, had Martha, b. 1690; and Mary,
7 July 1696; and he d. 26 Feb. 1716. JOHN, Boston, freem. 1690.
JONATHAN, New Haven, s. of William, was in the freemen's list 1669,
by w. Rebecca, d. of Francis Bell of Stamford, had Rebecca, b. 10 Sept.
1664; Mary, 7 Feb. 1666; David, 14 Nov. 1668 tho. this is manifest.
wrong, for next comes, in less than five mos. Jonathan, 6 Apr. 1669;
and David on the same 14 Nov. 1668, is, by the same author, giv. to
John; Simon, 11 Mar. 1671; William, 25 May 1673; and Nathaniel,
25 Feb. 1676. His w. d. 2 May 1676. He was propr. 1685. JONATHAN,
Boston, freem. 1690. JOSEPH, New Haven, s. of William, propound.
for freem. 1669, m. 2 May 1667, Hannah, d. of Thomas Munson,
had Joseph, b. 18 Mar. 1668; Samuel, 1 July 1670; Stephen, 20 May
1673; Joanna, 13 Dec. 1675; Timothy, 30 Sept. 1678, d. soon; Susanna,
20 Feb. 1680, d. young; Elizabeth 12 July 1683; and Hannah, May
1685 wh. may have d. soon; and ano. Hannah came in her place. He
d. 1690, aged, says Dodd, 62, when he could be only 50, if the s. o William.
His wid. m. 1694; Nathan Bradley, and d. next yr. He was
prop. 1685. JOSHUA, Southold, L. I. s. of the first John of the same,
had Joshua. NATHANIEL, New Haven, s. of William, propr. 1685,
may have been some yrs. at Woodbury, there had Mary, bapt. May
1683; Ephraim; Hezekiah; Isaac, b. 3 Feb. 1698; Temperance and
Ann; d. 20 Aug. leav. w. Sarah, and nam. in his will all those
ch. exc. the first, wh. was, perhaps d. At New Haven the rec. names
Ephraim, b. 20 July 1683, and Temperance, 24 Nov. 1684; and first rec.
the m. 10 Apr. as one reads or ano. Aug. 1682, with Sarah Howe, eldest
d. of Ephraim. So that the order of ch. taken above from Cothren
must be incorrect, and possib. one of the names. RICHARD, Boston,
came in the Planter, from London 1635, aged 42, call. husbandman;