Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p349


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Volume 4, Page 349

rem. to Boston, and was one of the founders of the first Bapt. ch. 1665;
would, early in Philip's war, have formed a comp. of volunteers for serv.
against the com. enemy, but, as most of the assoc. were his relig. persuasion,
his and their offers were slighted. As the war grew more
danger. in the foll. spring, he was encourag. by the governm. and had
command on the upper waters of Conn. riv. on 18 May surpris. the Ind.
at the place where the falls have since borne his name
, and gave them a
signal defeat, but on the return he was surround. at Green riv. and the
next day after the Falls fight was k. with fourteen of his men. See
Niles strange. indistinct, in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VI. 184. His w. was
a wid. of Key Alsop, and ch. were, prob. by ano. perhaps Frances.
not all b. in Boston, at least only Prudence, 12 Oct. 1665, is to be found
in the rec. yet his will made 10 Feb. 1676, as he was sudden. call. to the
war, pro. 21 July foll. provid. for w. Mary and childr. without nam.
any, tho. he refers to his eldest d. Farmer notes that eight of this
name had, in 1834, been gr. at Harv. eight at Yale, and six at other
N. E. Coll.

    TURNEY, BENJAMIN, Concord, had Rebecca, b. 16 Feb. 1640; Sarah,
11 Dec. 1641; and Ruth, 28 Jan. 1644; was freem. June 1641 rem.
to Fairfield, there had Benjamin, and d. 1648. His inv. is of 6 June in
that yr. and ch. were Mary, 17 yrs. old; Robert, 15; Judith, 13; Ann,
11; all prob. b. in Eng.; Rebecca, 8; Sarah, 6; Ruth, 4; and Benjamin,
3. His wid. Mary, perhaps mo. of all the ch. m. Joseph Middlebrook,
wh. had also, rem. from Concord to F. Mary the d. m. in 1649, Nathaniel
, Rebecca m. Stephen Sherwood of Greenwich; and the other
ds. were m. BENJAMIN, Fairfield, s. of the preeced. d. 1694, prob. for
his inv. was present. in Nov. of that yr. leav. wid. Rebecca, and ch. Benjamin,
22; Robert, 20; Rebecca, 18; Thomas, and Sarah, 15; Jemima,
8; and Jonathan, 4. JOSEPH, Stamford 1687-1701, of wh. no more is
told, hardly seems to be any connex. of the Fairfield fam. ROBERT,
Fairfield, eldest s. of Benjamin the first, of wh. by his will of 31 Dec.
1689, and inv. 17 Jan. foll. we learn that he had w. Elizabeth s. Benjamin
and Robert, and seven ds. Elizabeth, Mary, Ruth, Martha, Rebecca, and the
ws. of Joseph Jennings and of Ephraim Wheeler, call. s.-in-law, while
the ws. are not nam. and perhaps were d. He was capt. some yrs. later
than freem. 1664.

    TURPIN, THOMAS, Isle of Shoals, fisherman, bot. in Dec. 1645, with
Richard Cummings, all the planta. of Francis Williams of Portsmouth.
WILLIAM, Providence, was the first sch.-master 1684.

    TURVILL, THOMAS, Newbury 1668, a tanner was engag. in the controv.
betw. Mr. Parker and mem. of his ch. taking the side of
the min. d. 22 May 1677, leav. no ch. His wid. Judith d. 11 July 1689.