Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p296

Volume 4, Page 296

Judith, again, 14 Apr. 1685. His w. d. 11 July 1689; and he d. 23
June 1713. He was, says the Diary of Sewall, one of two troopers
impress. on the first outbreak of Philip's war late in June 1675.

    THURSTON or THIRSTON, BENJAMIN, Boston, weaver, perhaps s. of
the first John, m. 12 Dec. 1660, Elizabeth d. of Robert Walker, had Mary,
and Eleazer, tw. b. 24 Apr. 1662; was freem. 1665, one of the founders
of the 3d or O. S. ch. ar. co. 1675, in wh. yr. bef. Philip's war, the Gen.
Ct. made him ens. and he d. 10 Nov. 1678, of smallpox, says his spec.
frd. Ch. Just. Sewall. CHARLES, Plymouth 1643. DANIEL, Newbury,
an early set. hav. gr. of ld. Nov. 1638, whose first w. d. 25 May 1648,
and he m. 29 Aug. foll. Ann Lightfoot, perhaps wid. of Francis of Lynn,
d. 16 Feb. 1666, without ch. giv. his est. to Daniel T. a kinsman, wh.
bef. was call. Daniel jr. DANIEL, Newbury, may have been short time
at Ipswich in 1675, was perhaps the legatee of the preced. and may
have come with him from Eng. m. 20 Oct. 1655, Ann Pell, perhaps d.
of Joseph of Lynn, had Daniel, b. 2 July 1659, unless the yr. be too late
by two, d. at 4 mos.; Hannah, 20 Jan. 1659, says Coffin; Daniel, again,
18 Jan. 1661; Sarah, 8 Jan. 1664; Stephen, 25 Oct. 1665; Joseph, 14
Sept. 1667; Ann, 6 Sept. 1669; James, 24 Sept. 1670; Stephen, again,
25 Oct. 1672, d. soon; Stephen, again, 5 Sept. 1674; and Abigail, 17
Mar. 1678; and he d. 19 Feb. 1693. DANIEL, Medfield, freem. 1678,
may have been s. of John the first of Dedham. DANIEL[1], Rehoboth, m.
16 Dec. 1681, Hannah Miller, had Sarah, b. 2 Jan. 1683, posthum. tho.
we kn. not the exact time of his d. DANIEL, Newbury, s. of the sec. Daniel,
by w. Mary had Daniel, b. 26 June 1690; John, 12 June 1692; Mary,
7 Jan. 1694; Benjamin, 4 May 1695; Hannah, 26 Jan. 1698; Martha,
27 Nov 1699; and Jonathan, 16 Mar. 1701. His will was pro. 27 Feb.
1637. * EDWARD, Newport, m. June 1647, Elizabeth d. of the first Adam
, had Sarah, b. 10 Mar. 1648; Elizabeth Feb. 1650; Edward, 1 Apr.
1652; Ellen, Apr. 1655; Mary, Feb. 1657; Jonathan, 4 Jan. 1659;
Daniel, Apr. 1661; Rebecca, Apr. 1662; John, Dec. 1664; Content,
June 1667; Thomas, 8 Oct. 1671. Perhaps his d. Rebecca bec. sec. w.
of Weston Clark. He is on the list of freem. 1655, was rep. of Providence
1663, but ret. to N. His d. Elinor m. 1674, George Havens of
Portsmouth, R. I. JAMES, Newbury, s. of Daniel the sec. by w. Mary,
had Hannah, b. 15 Nov. 1694, d. at 7 yrs.; Dorcas, 20 Oct. 1696;
Abner, 28 Feb. 1699; and Phebe, 20 June 1702. JOHN, Salem 1638,
had gr. of ld. 1640, possib. but not prob. the same as JOHN, Dedham,
wh. was of Wrentham in Co. Suffk. a carpenter, came in the Mary Ann
of Yarmouth, 1637, aged, says my transcript of a rec. in Westminster
Hall, 30, wh. should be 36, for by the parish reg. Wrentham, I find
he was bapt 13 Jan. 1601, and that would better agree with the age of