Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p103

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Volume 4, Page 103

Thomas, 10 Sept. 1686; John, 26 June 1688; and James, 26 July
1690; his w. d. 17 July 1718; and he d. 10 Sept. foll. aged 74. His
eldest d. Elizabeth m. Jeremiah Clark. JAMES, Dartmouth, 1684, was, perhaps,
br. of the preced.

    SIVERNS, JOHN, Lynn, had John, b. 22 Mar. 1684. Perhaps this
may be Severance of Salisbury.

    SKATE, JOHN, Weymouth, 1658, is nam. by Farmer; but I find no
such name, unless it mean him wh. at Boston had, by w. Sarah, John,
and John, again, b. 25 Apr. 1660. See Scate. It may be the same
person as the foll.

    SKEATH, JOHN, Boston 1674 liv. long, as from his will of May
1700, pro. 22 Jan. 1708, is clearly discern. It gives to w. Sarah, ds.
Sarah Bradshaw, Rebecca Allen, Mary, and Joanna S. beside
Joseph, and Hannah, and makes w. and d. Mary excors. See Scathe.

    SKEEL, JOHN, Stratford, m. Hannah, d. of Roger Terrill of the same,
had John, and Hannah, bapt. 10 Nov. 1678, of wh. John d. soon; John,
again, Nov. 1679; Thomas, 23 Apr. 1682; Eliz. 20 Apr. 1683; Abigail,
9 May 1686; and Ephraim, July 1689; had rem. to Woodbury
1682; perhaps even bef. any of these ch. Hannah m. 3 Mar. 1697,
Benjamin Hicock.

    SKEETH, WILLIAM, of Charlestown, or Woburn, d. a. 1672, for his
inv. was then ret. in Middlesex by Lawrence Dowese and Josiah Convers,
wh. were of those two towns.

    SKELLING, THOMAS, Salem 1643, had then, says Felt, a gr. of ld.
But. prob. that was inadeq. inducem. to leave Gloucester where he had
liv. some yrs. and by w. Deborah had Deborah, b. 22 Aug. 1640, or
1648, rem. perhaps, to Falmouth 1651, and own. est. in Maine; but was
soon back, yet d. at F. 1667; in his will, of 14 Nov. 1666, nam. s.
Thomas and John. See Skilling. THOMAS, Falmouth, eldest s. of the
says Babson, m. 1654, Mary Lewis, d. of George of the same,
had John, and Benjamin, and d. at Salem, 30 Dec. His wid. m.
Jotham Lewis; and next a. Wilkins, says Mr. Willis, and in 1732 was
of Salem 78 yrs old.

    SKELTON, BENJAMIN, Salem, nam. 1639, when his s. John was bapt.
and NATHANIEL, Salem 1648, when his s. John was bapt. are in the list
of sett. but not ch. mem. Strange as it seems, no more is told of either;
and to larger or less credulity must be left the opin. whether one or
both were ch. of Rev. Samuel. SAMUEL, Salem, came from Co.
Lincoln, in 1629, arr. with w. and ch. three or four, in the George, 29
June, in co. with Samuel Sharpe, hav. sail. 4 May from Isle of Wight.
He was b. 1584, bred at Clare Hall, Cambr. Univ. where he had his
degr. 1611 and 1614; nam. by the Gov. and Comp. at London to be of
the Counc. to Capt. Endicot, wh. they appoint. Gov. of the Planta. as
they heard that E. had "formerly receiv. much good by his ministry;"